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The FIA has made some more rule changes to Formula One , even though this year’s season has been pretty amazing. The FIA’s World Motor Sports Council has just approved some changes that will take place in the 2011 season, starting with the banning of all F-duct. Instead, they will allow a movable rear wing.

Adjusting the wing isn’t allowed in the first two laps, but after those are complete, if any car trails another by less than a second, the wing can be used to allow higher speeds.

"The driver may only activate the adjustable bodywork in the race when he has been notified via the control electronics that it is enabled. It will only be enabled if the driver is less than one second behind another at any of the pre-determined positions around each circuit. The system will be disabled the first time the driver uses the brakes after the system has been activated," read the FIA statement.

The minimum weight has also been raised, from 620 kilograms to 640 kg. This will help make way for the KERS system. There is also no passing on the last lap of the race when the safety car comes in.

The 107% rule has been brought back, after its eight-year hiatus. They hope that this rule will help the backmarker situation that is in the sport at the moment.

The tire war is officially over and Pirelli has been made the official tire supplier of F1 for three years. Bridgestone will be stepping down, even though the teams and Bernie had asked them to stay. So, after a 19-year absence from the sport, Pirelli is back.

The next race is Sunday, tune into BBC1 or the Speed Channel for full coverage.

Source: BBC
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While the USF1 project may be dead and gone , there is still hope for an American team in Formula One . A bid by a group of American investors to enter F1 met with teams and Bernie Ecclestone to advance their talks over the weekend.

Autosport first broke the news. The team is being led by Parris Mullins, the advisor to YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley during his involvement at US F1, last month.

Mullins was in Montreal last weekend for the Canadian Gran Prix to try and advance their talks about the future. He has made clear that the group will look to take over a current team and not bring in a new one. Speculation has already linked the group with Sauber and Toro Rosso because of his personal links with Ferrari . Yet, Mullins says he is totally open-minded about the issue.

When Mullins spoke with Autosport, he said “Over the course of these three days progress has been huge. There was only so much I could do from the US anyway, and all the right people are here congregated in to one area.

"I made a lot more progress this weekend than what I was expecting, I hope to be making just as much progress between now and Valencia so we will see. The project is moving ahead.

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In one of the most exciting races all season, Lewis Hamilton stormed to victory and his second win of the 2010-racing season.

Hamilton, who won the last race in Turkey, crossed the line ahead of his teammate Jenson Button, a Ferrari , and the Red Bull pair of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Fernando Alonso finished third in his Ferrari, after he led a few laps in the middle segment of the race.

Starting from pole position, Hamilton led on three separate occasions before taking the lead for good on lap 50. It was his third win at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The race in Canada became a race of the tires and who could make the best use out of the two different sets. Both hard and soft compounds suffered from degradation, far more than anybody had thought. The tire issue helped spur on one of the best races all season, as tire strategy and wear left fans wondering who would come out on top.

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After an amazing win two weeks ago in Turkey, Lewis Hamilton wowed the fans in Canada with a last second dash to the pole in qualifying.

The McLaren driver took the pole away from Mark Webber, to end Red Bulls seven straight poles this season.

Sebastian Vettel and his car, Randy Mandy, were third fastest ahead of Ferrari and driver Fernando Alonso.

The defending world champion Jenson Button was fifth and a surprisingly fast Vitantonio Liuzzi was sixth in his Force India.

The just resigned Felipe Massa was seventh for Ferrari, followed by Robert Kubica and Adrian Sutil. Rounding out the top ten was Nico Rosberg in hisMercedes .

"Its fantastic for the team. It’s the result of continued hard work from the guys. I saw the second to last lap I saw Mark had gone ahead," said Hamilton to the BBC.

"I was so fortunate the guys came on the radio and said I had chance to get another lap in, it’s great to finally strip these guys. It’s a great result and I’m very happy.

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Source: BBC Sport

Toyota may have bid ’sayonara!’ to Formula One, but another auto conglomerate is voicing its interest in joining the racing series sometime down the road, possibly as early as 2013.

It’s already been reported that Volkswagen has made it known of its interest in joining Formula One as an engine supplier under the auspices of the racing series using VW’s ’world engine’ by 2013. Now it looks like the German auto giant is interested in more than just supplying engines; they’re actually thinking of fielding their own team to compete in the so-called ’pinnacle of motorsport’.

According to Volkswagen’s motor racing chief, Kris Nissen, should the company enter the world of Formula One, it could possibly be under the name of one of their brands. "Within the group, for sure, it could be Audi , it could be Porsche and might also be Volkswagen," he said.

For the sake of everyone, let’s hope that if VW does decide to enter Formula One, they’d fare better than some of the recent automakers to try their luck in the sport only to fizzle out when it came time to the actual race. Yes, we’re talking about you, Jaguar and Spyker .

The demise of USF1 fromFormula One even before they got a chance to make the 2010 grid is a microcosm of the level of interest - or lack thereof - Americans have for the sport. However, just because one team crashed and burned faster than we could say ’go’, doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of a US-based team in F1.

According to ESPN, a company named Cypher Group has been formed with the intention of picking up where USF1 left off, that is, fielding a team that can compete in Formula One in the near future. The new outfit has made it clear, however, that their success will hinge on whether they can find the necessary funding to make the F1 application a worthwhile endeavor. Considering that lack of funding doomed USF1’s hopes, we’re not exactly optimistic of Cypher Group’s chances, especially since its been reported that the team will pretty much pick up the scraps left by USF1, holding its headquarters in North Carolina - similar to USF1 - and employing most of the people the worked for, you guessed it, USF1.

The only thing different about Cypher Group - and we suppose this is a good thing - are the notable absence of both Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, the two main proponents of USF1’s failed F1 attempt this year. Whether this new team has a chance to make the grid next year is anyone’s guess, but unless they get the proper funding, we’re really not holding our breaths.

Source: ESPN

Red Bull’s dominance in this year’s Formula One season has led to the unthinkable.

Rumors are circulating within the paddock of a rumored alliance among three bitter rivals with one goal in mind: catch up to Red Bull and knock them off of their pedestal.

According to Autocar via reports from Germany’s Bild-Zeitung newspaper, Ferrari , McLaren , and Mercedes have all joined forces to exchange data on Red Bull in an effort to try and catch the front-runners from running away with the 2010 Driver’s and Constructor’s championships.

Whether this rumor has some legs on it or is merely a stretch for all three teams isn’t why we were all shocked when we found out about it. The mere insinuation that all three teams, especially Ferrari and McLaren, are forging an unholy alliance, is about as shocking a news as we’ve received in the Formula One season. Given the two teams’ acrimonious story, the notion that they’re now working together seems to be as likely as Max Mosley and Jean Todt sharing an afternoon of tea together.

It goes without saying that this rumor is one that we’re going to take a close look at it to see whether there’s some (shocking) truth to it. Trust us, it’s as big a rumor as any we’ve heard in quite a long time from the circus that is Formula One.

Source: Autocar UK

We really didn’t see the point of having it in the first place, but ever since Ferrari decided to put some subliminal messaging on the bar code of the Ferrari F10’s engine covers, the team has been under fire. What was the message? Oh, just a little subliminal reference to the tobacco brand, Marlboro. At least as far as the critics were concerned.

For the longest time, Ferrari’s F1 team has been a sponsor of Marlboro, but ever since F1 decided to ban tobacco sponsorships on any of the participating teams, the all-too-familiar Marlboro logo was removed from every Ferrari sponsorship platform, including the car and the driver’s overalls.

So, to avoid any more controversy, Ferrari decided to just get rid of the bar code and the cars driven by both Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in Barcelona was completely devoid of it, leaving only a simple rectangle box to replace it.

While Ferrari denied any type of guerilla marketing with the bar code design, a lot of people - including us - really didn’t see the point of having one there in the first place. And when the talk surrounding the double meaning of the bar code gained more steam, Ferrari just opted to do the prudent thing and take them out completely.

That was probably a good idea, Ferrari, because if it was meant to be some sort of subliminal message, it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.

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Source: Ferrari

The US Grand Prix may finally return to the F1 calendar starting in 2012, but if tentative plans push through, the race might not be held in Indianapolis anymore.

Instead of the Brickyard, Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey has become the favored site to host the US Grand Prix from 2012 to 2016.

According to local reports that surfaced a few days ago, a city spokeswoman has confirmed that there have been preliminary discussions between city officials and their F1 counterparts regarding the possibility of Jersey City becoming the official site of the US GP.

The rumors began gaining steam after documents showing plans for a 3.6 mile track within the 1,200-acre park ended up on the Internet. Jersey City mayor Jeramiah Healy likewise issued a statement that while no plans have been made, Jersey City has nonetheless been approached by Formula One regarding the possibility of hosting future F1 races.

"Jersey City is one of several cities the (F1) are pursuing," the mayor was quoted as saying. "There have been a few, preliminary conversations and this is very much in the exploratory phase. However, this may not be something that is in the best interest of Jersey City or Liberty State Park," he added.

Source: GMM

Changes in Formula One occur just about as often as Charles Barkley chows down on cheeseburgers, so it really didn’t come as a surprise that F1 is on the verge of having a new engine formula that would run for six years starting in 2013.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo, an agreement in principle has been reached to begin using - effective in 2013 - a four-cylinder, 1.5 liter engine that comes with twin-turbo, direct injection, and the KERS system.

In an interview with Autocar magazine at the Beijing Motor Show , Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa said that F1 should take the necessary steps to begin using engines that could also be translated to road-driving conditions. "If F1 has to develop something helpful for real (road) driving conditions, then the best solution is for an engine that is turbocharged and GDI (gasoline direct injection)," he said.

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