Facts you might not know of regarding an F1 car

Have you ever wondered the intricacies surrounding what goes on in a Formula One car? We can try and come up with a long and detailed account of everything you need to know, or we can summarize all the pertinent facts using a simpler and easier to understand language. Either way, you’ll most likely be surprised at what makes a Formula One car work and to a lesser extent, how much one of these cars are worth out in the market.

Then again, there’s a reason why Formula One is the most prestigious racing series in the world. Check out this quick guide on what makes this Ferrari F1 car what it is and a lot more interesting facts you might not know about an F1 car.

Source: Instablogs


what the heck it’s steering wheel is almost the same price as the new ford focus RS and MazdaSpeed3.

This is a good fact. They even include the price of it’s parts.

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