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NASCAR has long tried to get mainsteam America into watching the racing series. Well, if they had something like this happen more often - provided, of course, that no one gets hurt - they’re ratings would jump straight through the roof.

This race, the Aaron 312 at Talladega, Alabama, had quite a dramatic ending to it and we’re not even talking about the last-second overtake by Brad Keselowski over Kevin Harvick. That dramatic finish wasn’t nearly as hot - literally and figuratively - as Jamie McMurra instigating a middle-of-the-field mishap that resulted in Dennis Setzer’s Dodge Charger catching fire and heading towards the fence.

Like we said, we don’t mind these kind of finishes provided that no one gets hurt. And for the most part, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that NASCAR needs dramatic finishes like this if it hopes to gather more of a following from the mainstream audience.

The only thing missing from this is Ricky Bobby running around in his underpants and crying out to Tom Cruise for help.

Source: ESPN

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