SuperRally to make X Games debut in July

When the ESPN X Games kicks off at the LA Coliseum from July 29 to August 1, it’s going to come with a new event that is going to give rally fans something to look forward to. For the first in its history, the X Games will be featuring the SuperRally competition.

If you haven’t heard of the SuperRally, it’s actually similar to Europe’s RallyCross, with the only difference being the use of rally cars instead motorcycles. Sounds familiar, right? According to ESPN, the new SuperRally event will feature 12 drivers doing a number of trial runs to determine grid positions for three different elimination races. The winner of the Elimination heats, as well as the highest seeded driver who has not yet advanced, will battle it out in a four-lap last chance qualifier with the winner of that race competing in the five-lap final race against the winners of the Elimination heat races. Did you get all that?

We’re not afraid to admit that the rules left us more confused and dumb-founded, so we’re just going to visualize a number of races with lots of dirt, flying cars, and the occasional roll-over. After all, that’s what rally racing is all about, isn’t it?


Another extreme event to watch out. I hope a lot more sponsors would join in SUperRally and make a great stunts and great cars to show.

Ok fine, let us call this one an international supercar since you’ve said that some of its parts came from different countries. But I really like such kind of collaboration. I wonder what will be the name of this car?

I can’t wait for the super rally..smiley

There’s just something inherently cool about a big American (OK, part-German, part-Italian, Canadian-built) muscle car going sideways with heaping volumes of tire smoke pouring out the rear fenders. Am I right?

Even if they did, the guys in the video look too stupid to care. Although the people I most wish that took the hit of mercury are the advertisers who thought this was a good idea and in any way a good way to connect with anyone.

I’ll be watching this event on ESPN soon. Haha, X Games are getting bigger each year.

So when is the next super rally event?

This is definitely cool. Hubinette is a classy guy but also an awesome driver. I wish him good luck!

I wonder if ken block also join this competition..

i hope Evo X is also included to the race.

So is this in ADDITION to the normal super special stage? Or a replacement? Hoping it’s in addition too! When are they going to have a proper special stage out of a stadium? THAT would be awesome!

This is in addition to the normal crossover-style super special stage. The Super Rally will be held in the evening after the super special
stage. What isn’t clear is where the super special stage will be held, I would assume it is also at the Coliseum, but maybe not.

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