Video: Fiat Abarth Trofeo shows us that you can still race on two wheels

Let’s see a Formula One car try and pull this off. In a brilliant display of track and car awareness, the driver of this Fiat Abarth Trofeo somehow manages to lift his car and drive it on two wheels, all the while engaging in a heated battle with a competitor. He even had enough peace of mind to save the car from completely rolling over. Unbelievable!

This is the kind of video that will live in YouTube lore for a long time.


I bet his nerves got into shocked because of the racer behind him.

oh that .. he taught he will won the race, but with that kind of incident all his dreams are broken into pieces. the problem is the car is too light. Good thing that he didn’t flip over and stumble through the wall.

Wow! that was pretty close to crash. You’re a good driver. I like it!

hahaha that was an amazing race, IMO the fiat’s driver doesn’t know how to compensate with the Drift situation that’s why he understeer, and looses control.

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