Video: Ken Block's performance in Day 3 of Rally Mexico a sign of (good) things to come

Just in case you’re wondering, we don’t get tired of seeing rally videos that reek with awesomeness. So it shouldn’t surprise you anymore that we continuously release new videos of Ken Block’s Rally Mexico adventures any time a new video pops out.

After crashing in Day 2 of Rally Mexico, Ken Block spent the third day of the race free of any pressure in regards to doing well. He, together with Alex Gelsomino, were there to wreak havoc and without anything to lose, that’s exactly what the duo ended up doing.

Check it out.


Block’s performance and driving are not that stable as he drives the impreza. Well, I guess it really has to do with the weight of the car.

hat was not a smooth run as he’s driving his Impreza WRX.

That was really pretty cool driving especially with those drifting style pretty awesome. I like it!

Hmmm... Isn’t that ken block is driving a Ford Fiesta? so why is he driving a Ford Focus here? but that was a pretty good start from team moster energy drink.

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