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Multicar is a small German company that is specialized in multifunctional equipments. Multicar’s lineup consists of three models namely the Fumo, M27 and Tremo.

The Multicar Fumo is a compact and versatile utilitarian vehicle. The Fumo features three attachment points that permits it fast conversions for over 100 possible implements. Thanks to its flexible and versatile character, the Fumo can be converted for various applications with just a few manual operations.

The vehicle is available in both Single and Crew cab configurations and is powered by a 145 turbo diesel engine which is compliant with the latest Euro 5 emission norms. You can also choose between short and long wheelbases or between 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 drive configurations.

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The first generation of the Opel Combo was received with enthusiasm by the market, as it had an affordable price and a highly versatile and practical character.

The main faults of the Opel Combo are its engines which are a half step behind of what we’ll usually find in this segment. But despite this fact, the vehicle is still able to score nice figures when it comes to sales charts and continues to be sold together with the New Combo generation that was launched in 2008.

The Peugeot Combo price starts at $ 17.000 and has a maximum payload capacity of 600 kg while the engines lineup includes two diesels and one petrol.
The first generation of the [Opel-

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The Freightliner Columbia is a medium duty truck designed for short or regional transportation. The vehicle has a highly versatile character and can cope with various medium duty jobs. At the moment the truck is sold in South Africa, New Zeeland and Australia.

Designed to for construction or short haul applications, the Freightliner Columbia offers a light tare weight and ideal axle positioning, being available in 6x4, 8x4 and 10x4 configurations for construction work, and 4x2 or 6x4 for distribution jobs. Furthermore there is also the option of a Day Cab or a 34” Mid-Roof Sleeper.

Under the hood, the Freightliner Columbia is equipped with a Cummins ISLe5 engine which delivers a maximum output of up to 400 hp and 1,254 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to its powerful engine and the solid chassis the Freightliner Columbia can be rated to 40,000 kg Gross Combination Mass.

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The Condor model is part of the past, as at the moment the truck has stopped being manufactured by Freightliner. For its time however, the truck was seen with pretty good eyes thanks to its flexible character and its capable performances.

The truck had a low entry cab configuration designed especially for refuse industry and offered a maximum GVW (gross vehicle weight) rating of up to 98.000 lbs.

To make it cope with tight city streets or congested traffic situations, the truck received a set-back front axle which improved the over-all maneuverability. The Condor was offered with a wide range of Cummins and Caterpillar engines which developed between 275 hp and 375 hp.

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The old Combo model was sold very well and thanks to its success it continues to be part of the current lineup of Opel ’s commercial vehicles.

The new generation was launched in 2008 and came with a radically changed exterior design that took everyone by surprise.

Continuing to bare the practical genes of its predecessor, the New Combo is available in two wheelbases, two heights, two Gross Vehicle Weights (GVWs) and two trim levels, namely Combo and Sportive.

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In the world of trucking there are a few brands which are instantly put into the “not good” category and don’t even get the chance to prove themselves. Of course that everyone loves the well known and proven European models from DAF, Mercedes, MAN and so on, but what about the less known trucks? Are those trucks that bad to deserve to be treated with ignorance?

Let’s take a closer look at Tata’s Novus model, which is part of the heavy duty league and it’s the first Indian truck that passed the 300 hp barrier and went against the legendary European giants.

After has acquired the truck section from Daewoo, the first model launched by Tata was the Novus. The new truck is based on the Daewoo Novus model which is sold in South Korea.

The Tata Novus features a cab over engine configuration and is available in a wide range of version being able to suit various heavy duty applications. The truck is powered by a Cummins C8 engine which develops between 320 and 420 hp.

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The Iveco Cavallino is mostly sold on the South American market and was designed to deal with short or regional transportations.

The Iveco Cavallino truck is part of the heavy duty league and it features a cab over engine design. The truck is equipped with Iveco’s Cursor 8 engine combined with a 16 speed SF Over Drive transmission. The engine develops a maximum output of 320 hp and 1200 Nm of torque.

To be able to suit to a wide range of applications, the truck is offered with both day and sleeper cabs and a choice of 4x2 and 6x2 axle configurations.

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In commercial vehicle terms, Nissan didn’t manage to get too much attention from the market. Their LCVs had been popular, but it will be too much to say that they’ve put the sales charts on fire. But while in Europe the company has started to receive a better response thanks to its wide lineup of commercial models, in America Nissan still finds it hard to convince it’s buyers about the value of their products.

The Nissan NV Cargo was designed especially for the US market and it’s a highly versatile commercial vehicle available in three versions namely the NV1500, NV2500 HD and NV3500 HD. There are also two height configurations and the vehicle has a storage capacity between 234.1 - 323.1 cubic feet.

The Nissan NV Cargo has a competitive price which starts at $ 25.050 and it’s offered with a choice of two engines including V6 and a V8 units.

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Most of the current trucks in Tata’s lineup are rugged and solid vehicles build to deal with the harshest working conditions without breaking down. Besides their proven reliability, the Tata trucks are also pretty cheap and easy to repair which makes them the favorite choice in rural zones or isolated areas.

The SE 1613 is a medium duty truck built for short or regional haul operations and it’s equipped with a Cummins 6BTAA 5.9 liter engine that churns out 125 hp.

Unlike most of the Tata’s trucks which are using a cab over engine construction the SE 1613 features a conventional cab configuration which makes it look significantly different from its siblings.

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The Ford Transit Connect has changed the world of vans forever when it was launched in 2002. It was a bigger alternative for the mini vans and has also managed to steal some buyers form the bigger models from the market.

The Transit Connect was engineered using Ford’s experience in the commercial vehicle segment and it has anything it needs to be considered one of the most capable models in its class. The vehicle is available in two height configurations and you can choose from two diesel engines - 75 hp or 90 hp.

Over the years, the Transit Connect has benefitted from a series of facelifts, but the latest significant upgrade was made in 2002, so the LCV is starting to show its age.

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