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The passenger car based vans are the perfect solution for those who need only a minimum load volume but better comfort and driving dynamics than a normal full-sized van.

One of the smallest vans of these types is the Citroen C2 Enterprise that was sold between 2005 – 2009. The vehicle is also the smallest commercial vehicle in Citroen’s lineup and was received with interest by couriers companies or security firms which need to transport dogs or other small items.

The vehicle has a maximum payload of 330 kg and is powered by a 1.4 liter HDI unit which delivers 70 hp. The Citroen C2 Enterprise may be the smallest car based van in the segment, but it’s also the cheapest, with a starting price of $15.300.

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When it was launched for the first time, the Citroen Dispatch was hard to be put in an existing van category as it was situated somewhere between the big panel vans and the small ones. However, thanks to its mixed personality, the Dispatch was able to offer a perfect mix between maneuverability and load capacity.

The current model is a huge step forward compared to its predecessor. Yet despite its old age the previous model was a fairly capable vehicle that was able to cope great with the arduous demands of commercial duties.

The original Citroen Dispatch was offered with a choice of two diesel units namely the 1.9 HDi and 2.0 HDi and was sold between 1996 and 2006.

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In the recent years we’ve had the occasion to see the big panel van segment making a big step forward in terms of design and technology.

The older models however, were far from offering the comfort and performances found at today’s vans and the Citroen Relay made no exception.

Its rugged exterior lines were a solid statement about its highly utilitarian character, but the interior wasn’t as bad as expected and for its time it was in fact a pretty attractive environment.

Yet, the Relay was a fairly capable partner and despite its faults it was able to get the job done with dignity.

Similarly with the current generation , the old Relay shares the same underpinnings with the Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato and had a very competitive price, with the cheapest version starring from under $12.000.

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Citroen ’s lineup of commercial vehicles is pretty wide and the company has also a pretty healthy experience in this segment.

The Nemo is among the most versatile platforms offered by Citroen and is available in both van and passenger car versions.

With a payload of up to 610 kg and a load volume of 2.5 m3, the Nemo is a pretty practical small LCV. Moreover thanks to its compact exterior dimensions (only 3.86 m long), the vehicle is pretty agile around the city as well. The Citroen Nemo is available with a 1.3 HDi diesel engine which meets the latest Euro 5 emission norms and delivers low fuel consumption.

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The first generation Citroen Berlingo received a very good response from the market and was sold in good numbers. With this success in mind, Citroen decided to keep the van in its lineup despite the fact that has introduced a completely new generation in 2008.

The first Berlingo however is offered to a very affordable price ($17.000) and makes a lot of sense being a bit different that the new model. The Citroen Berlingo First has a maximum payload of 600 kg and is equipped with a Euro 4 diesel engine which develops 75 hp and 170 Nm.

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Even if it was introduced in 2008, the latest generation Citroen Berlingo is sold next to its predecessor who is called the Berlingo First. The new generation however is a big improvement over the previous model. Apart from its modern design it’s also bigger and fitted with newer technologies.

The Citroen Berlingo is offered in two body lengths. The standard length model offers 3.3 m3 of load space with a load length of 1,800mm, while the longer version comes with a more generous load area providing 3.7m3 and 2,050mm respectively. The Citroen Berlingo is offered with three gross payloads namely 625kg, 750kg and 850kg.

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Except for a few minor modifications, the Citroen Relay shares the same design and technology with the Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato . The vehicle is available with a wide range of options and was designed as an efficient and light commercial vehicle. There Citroen Relay is available as a dropside, panel van, box van, crew cab, tipper and freezer, and comes with both leaf and air suspension configurations. The Citroen Relay is priced from $ 18.800 and has a generous payload capacity that can go up to 4 tones.

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Citroen has announced that at the upcoming Commercial Vehicle Show (April 24 -26) will present the facelifted versions of its Dispatch and Berlingo LCVs. The new models received both style and technical modifications and also a few interior upgrades.

Together with the new models the company will also showcase the latest Euro 5 Nemo, Berlingo XTR+, two Relay Enterprise panel vans and a Relay Specialist tipper.

Scott Michael, Citroën’s Commercial Vehicle Operations Manager, said: “The 2012 Berlingo and Dispatch ranges offer further fuel economy gains and emissions reduction benefits. These improvements will put the Berlingo and Dispatch models even further ahead of their competitors.” The 2012 Citroen Dispatch is available in standard and Enterprise trim levels with a choice of 1,000 or 1,200kg payloads.

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The Fiat Scudo was launched for the first time in 1996 and is a highly versatile commercial vehicle being available in both van and chassis cab versions. The Fiat Fiat Scudo received a major facelift in 2004 when it shared the same platform with the Peugeot Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch. Despite its “van nature” the Fiat Scudo offers a car-like feeling inside with a surprisingly level of comfort for a commercial vehicle.

The Fiat Scudo has a starting price of $21.000 and is offered with a choice of four engines which develop between 90 hp-165 hp. The vehicle is also offered with a wide range of configurations which include panelled or glazed body, short or long wheelbase, 2 interior lengths, high roof or standard roof, load space of 5, 6 or 7 m3, cab with 2 or 3 seats, mechanical or air suspension and double cargo doors or tailgate.

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