Concept Trucks

Concept Trucks

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According to some rumors, Jeep is planning its big re-entrance in the pickups segment, with the new model being based on the Gladiator Concept revealed in 2005.

The Gladiator Concept was based on the Wrangler model and was fitted with an innovative mid-gate which helped the driver transport longer weights. The mid-gate concept is not new and it’s borrowed from the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup.

The latest pickup developed by the company (the Comanche ) was sold until 1992 and despite the fact that it was a fairly good product it never managed to attract a large number of buyers.

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The trucking industry is continuously searching for new ways to improve the costs of commercial transport and to maximize the productivity.

Siemens wants to redefine the way of commercial transportation and has introduced a futuristic and innovative concept named the “eHighway of the future”. The new idea was presented at the 26th Annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles.

Shortly, this concept’s purpose is to electrify the trucks by using overhead electrified wires for highways, which are similar with those used by today’s city trolleys.

Siemens’s CEO, Daryls Dulaney declared that after they made a detailed research, they think that the idea could be put in practice pretty easy using the existing highways and infrastructures.

To put in practice this concept, the company designed a hybrid diesel electric technology which helps the trucks to run on both fuel and electric power. When the truck detects overhead lines it can automatically attach to them and run on electrical power.

Talking about the new concept Dulaney said: “When most people think of vehicle emissions, they assume cars do most of the damage, but it’s actually commercial trucks that are largely to blame. Freight transportation on U.S. roadways is expected to double by 2050, while global oil resources continue to deplete. And by 2030, carbon dioxide emissions are forecasted to jump 30% due to freight transport alone.”

At the moment, Siemens tests the concept in Germany and there are also plans to bring the project in US with the first locations being the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Dulaney added: “It’s really about creating a more sustainable environment. Already more and more consumers are driving electric and hybrid vehicles. If we can get the commercial freight industry to come on board, we’ll decrease emissions dramatically and improve sustainability.”

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Freightliner revealed a new truck concept at Mid-America Trucking Show in Kentucky. The new Revolution concept wants to gives us a glimpse of how it will look the future of big rigs in Freightliner’s vision. The truck features a host of innovative technologies and upgrades which make it very aerodynamic, lightweight, easy to maneuver and efficient.

Talking about the new concept, Michael Gatza Senior Engineer, Advanced Engineering at Freightliner trucks said: “We reconfigured key powertrain components, incorporated new technologies, and integrated a raised roof to reach a new level of innovation.”

The Freightliner Revolution concept is powered by a Detroit DD13 engine mated on a lightweight manual automated transmission.

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