Conventional Cab

Conventional Cab

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In the latest years the concern for lower drag coefficients and aerodynamic shapes has started to receive more attention than ever and given the continuously rising fuel costs there is no wonder why.

One of the most aerodynamic trucks from the road is the Kenworth T660 which was designed with a slippery shape that defies the air and offers a better fuel economy.
The Kenworth T660 is available with both single and sleeper cabs and is equipped with a range of capable MX engines which develop between 380 – 485 hp.

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The Pinnacle is the biggest truck build by Mack and was especially designed for long haul applications. The Mack Pinnacle was built on the company’s Advantage lightweight chassis which gives it a strong character and generous payload capacities.

The truck features a very comfortable interior and is available with both single and sleeper cab configurations. For enhance versatility, the Mack Pinnacle also offers the possibility of removing the sleeper box of its sleeper models.

The truck is available in axle forward and axle back configurations and is offered with a choice of strong and efficient MP engines.

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The International TranStar is a 8 Class heavy duty truck designed for regional haul and city urban delivery applications. The truck features an aerodynamic design with a conventional cab configuration and the most spacious interior in its class.

The International TranStar line includes two different models namely the 8500 and 8600. The truck is available with both Day and Extended cabs and is powered by MaxxForce 11 or MaxxForce 12 engines.

For an enhanced flexibility, the International TranStar is also fitted with International’s programmable Diamond Logic electrical system which allows for automation of headlights, suspension dump valve, air slide fifth wheels, power door locks and more.

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International PayStar is a sever duty truck built by Navistar and it can be used for a wide range of applications such as heavy hauling, construction or water plowing. The truck is one of the toughest models build by the company and its versatile character is enhanced by a long list of engine options, axles, frame rails and wheelbases. For enhanced flexibility the truck is also available with multiple set-forward and set-back axle configurations which can be choose according to specific needs for different weight distributions.

With gross vehicle weight ratings between 52,350 – 80,000 lbs. and a solid chassis, the International Paystar looks like it was born to attack the toughest challenges with poise.

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The Kenworth T800 is among the toughest trucks built by the company. The T800 has a highly versatile character and is comes in both Day and Sleeper cabs. To be able to deal with its heavy duty missions the truck is equipped with a bunch of strong Paccar engines and features a generous radiator sized from 1,440-1780 square inches. The engines can be mated on automated transmissions which are combined with either rear or front engine PTOs.

Thanks to a solid construction, the front axles can take up to 22,000 pounds, while the twin steer front axles can deal with up to 37,500 pounds. For an enhanced versatility the Kenworth T800 is also available with front drive axles, pusher axles and tags, single, tandem and tridem drives.

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The vocational truck market is highly competitive as the manufacturers try to continuously improve their models in order to keep the truckers satisfied. But apart from the engines, chassis and payloads which play a major role in the trucking industry, there is one thing that is more important than anything else. And that’s the vehicle’s reliability.

Volvo was always appreciated for two things, namely the safety and reliability of its vehicles. This is why the company continues to play a major role on the vocational market as its VHD model is one of the most appreciated and strong built trucks in its segment.

The truck is available in two versions including the VHD Standard and the VHD 430 which is available with both Day and Sleeper cab configurations.

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Kenworth expanded its product line by launching the T470 model back in 2009. The new medium duty truck was designed with a highly versatile character in order to be easy converted for different vocational and municipal applications.

Available in GVW (gross vehicle weight) ratings from 33,000 lbs to 68,000 lbs, the T470 has a typical Kenworth design and is powered by a 9-liter Cummins ISL engine with a maximum output of 345 hp and 1,150 lb-ft of torque. The truck’s front axles are rated between 12,000 - 22,000 lb. while the rear axles come in both single and tandem configurations with a capacity of 21,000 to 46,000-lb.

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The severe duty trucks are a breed of their own. These trucks are built to endure the most arduous working conditions and to get the toughest jobs done without whining. To be able to perform at this level, the vehicles need a strongest chassis, capable suspensions and powerful and reliable engines.

The International Workstar is part of this family and it was designed as a versatile line of severe work trucks, from medium duty to heavy duty applications (class 7 and 8). The truck is available with multiple chassis and suspensions configurations in which make it suited for a wide range of applications including construction, refuse or municipal activities. The International WorkStar is available in five versions namely the 7300, 7400, 7500, 7600 and 7700. All versions use the same platform, but they have different engine outputs, axles and suspension setups.

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The International DuraStar is a medium duty truck introduced by the company in 2002 and is available in three variants, the 4100, 4300 and 4400. All three models share the same chassis, but they have different engines, axles and payload capacities.

Thanks to a wide range of configurations, the truck has a highly versatile character and can be used for a wide variety of applications such as emergency services, towing, flatbed truck or a cargo box truck.

Since its launch, the truck was continuously improved and today comes in 4x4, 4x4 and 6x4 axle configurations with GVWR (gross vehicle weight ratings) ranging between 23.500-60.000 lbs. The International DuraStar is also available in both rigid or tractor configuration and is priced from $75,000.

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Freightliner has made available the Eaton UltraShift PLUS Vocational series automated transmission for the 114SD and Coronado SD models. The UltraShift PLUS transmission was designed especially for vocational applications and features extended low and reverse gear rations which make it perfect even for the most demanding work situations.

TJ Reed, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks said, “With options like the UltraShift PLUS Vocational series of transmissions, we provide our customers spec choices to ensure they can meet the demands of the toughest jobs. Strength, driveability, durability, and flat out bottom line efficiency are the core of our SD Series of trucks. Freightliner Trucks continues to expand its SD Series of products to meet the demands of our vocational customers.”

For maximum performances, the transmission features smooth and fast gear changes and is combined with the company’s shift logic which constantly adapts the gear changes according to the payload, grade and power to offer maximum performances with low fuel consumption. The UltraShift PLUS Vocational transmission also comes with a series of useful features which include hill start aid, auto neutral and automatic, manual and low modes.

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