DFSK trucks

Posted on by Serafim 0

Need a compact vehicle that can move you around with some weight at the back with a minimum investment and low costs of maintenance? Of course you do, everyone in the light commercial industry is looking for something like this. Well, you should take a closer look at the DFSK Loadhopper which does exactly that. Probably most of you never heard of it, but the DFSK Loadhopper is sold in UK and has what it needs to be able to make a compelling case for itself.

It’s main fault? It’s Chinese and this says a lot about its reliability. It’s biggest advantage? It’s priced from only $13.000 (excluding taxes) which makes it the cheapest model in its class and also comes with a standard 3 year warranty which should be able to keep you far from trouble, at least for a while. The DFSK Loadhopper continues the story of models like the Suzuki Carry and is basically a rear wheel drive micro LCV equipped with a 77hp Euro 5 (!) petrol engine.

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