Electric Trucks

Electric Trucks

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Aixam is specialized in building only electrical vehicles and besides passenger cars it also commercializes light commercial trucks.

There are two LCVs in Aixam’s Lineup, namely the Mega Multitruck and the e-Worker. The e-Worker is the smaller model and features compact exterior dimensions and a tight turning circle which permits it to deal with the city driving with agility.

Thanks to its robust construction and the practical load bed, the Aixam Mega e-Worker is a versatile LCV which meets the needs of light commercial applications.

The Aixam Mega e-Worker is offered with two wheelbase lengths and a choice of three battery packs. The three battery packs consist of 36 open lead elements of 2v in series for powers of 8.6 kWh, 11.5 kWH and 17.3 kWh.

This small truck also comes pretty cheap having a starting price of only $15,400.

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Not many car enthusiast heard about Smith, but this company it’s building electric vehicles since 1920. Smith is specialized only on commercial vehicles and in its long history it didn’t build electric passenger cars, not even one.

The Smith Newton is a fully electric truck based on the Avia’s D Series . The truck can be used for various commercial applications such as mail and parcel delivery, logistics, retail, highway maintenance, and airports.

The Smith Newton is among the largest battery-electric-powered commercial trucks available on today’s market. It offers a maximum payload capacity of up to 16,280 lbs and is powered by a 120 kw electric motor. The truck is offered with a warranty of 36 months chassis & drive train and 60 months for the hv battery (3 years free replacement and 2 years prorated).

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The Navistar e-Star is one of the most advanced electric commercial vehicles available on today’s market. In the latest years the fully electric vehicles have started to win more and more fans thanks to their green character and the small costs of ownership.

The Navistar e-Star has a maximum payload capacity of up to 2 tonnes and can run 100 miles on a single charge. Designed especially for urban transportation, the Navistar e-Star is a significant step for Navistar as its marks its debut into the electric vehicles segment.

The truck is powered by a 70 kilowatt electric motor producing 102 hp and 300 Newton-meters of torque.

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The trucking industry is continuously searching for new ways to improve the costs of commercial transport and to maximize the productivity.

Siemens wants to redefine the way of commercial transportation and has introduced a futuristic and innovative concept named the “eHighway of the future”. The new idea was presented at the 26th Annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles.

Shortly, this concept’s purpose is to electrify the trucks by using overhead electrified wires for highways, which are similar with those used by today’s city trolleys.

Siemens’s CEO, Daryls Dulaney declared that after they made a detailed research, they think that the idea could be put in practice pretty easy using the existing highways and infrastructures.

To put in practice this concept, the company designed a hybrid diesel electric technology which helps the trucks to run on both fuel and electric power. When the truck detects overhead lines it can automatically attach to them and run on electrical power.

Talking about the new concept Dulaney said: “When most people think of vehicle emissions, they assume cars do most of the damage, but it’s actually commercial trucks that are largely to blame. Freight transportation on U.S. roadways is expected to double by 2050, while global oil resources continue to deplete. And by 2030, carbon dioxide emissions are forecasted to jump 30% due to freight transport alone.”

At the moment, Siemens tests the concept in Germany and there are also plans to bring the project in US with the first locations being the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Dulaney added: “It’s really about creating a more sustainable environment. Already more and more consumers are driving electric and hybrid vehicles. If we can get the commercial freight industry to come on board, we’ll decrease emissions dramatically and improve sustainability.”

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In the latest years everybody has starting to talk more and more about the use of electrical vehicles on a daily basis. Until recently, the electric vehicles were designed only as small passenger cars, but thanks to the advance in technology, now we can also drive electrical vans or even trucks.

Aixam was among the first companies who focused on developing electrical vehicles and its lineup also includes the Mega Multitruck model which is a versatile light commercial vehicle that can deal with a wide range of applications.

Aixam’s Mega Multitruck was designed for those looking for a small and light truck than can serve for short delivery missions with minimum costs. The LCV is offered with both diesel and electric engines and is available in four different body styles with van, pick-up, dropside and chassis cab options.

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The commercial automotive industry is eager to find different ways to cut fuel costs and to lower the CO2 emissions of the big oil burners. If until recently an electric truck seemed to be a fairy tale, today this concept became reality as the new Boulder Electric Vehicle is ready to be delivered to its first customer. The first model was sold to Denver-area Precision Plumbing,Heating & Cooling who declared that they will buy a total of 20 electric trucks from Boulder.

The DV-500 is a 7000 pounds electric vehicle with a loading capacity of two tones and 120 miles per charge autonomy. The DV-500 takes its energy from an 80 kilowatt lithium iron phosphate battery which can be fully charged in only 8 hours. The Boulder DV-500 is the first electric commercial vehicle that has a maximum speed of 70 mph. Despite the fact that the DV-500 is priced pretty expensive at 70.000 US dollars, judging by the fuel savings and low taxes, Precision Plumbing’s Tom Robichaud expects to save between $6,000-$8,000 per year for every vehicle used.

Boulder Electric Vehicle plans to expand its truck lineup and besides the new 500 cubic DV-500, the company has already started working on a bigger 1000 cubic foot truck.

Source: Daily Camera

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