Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle - HCV

Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle - HCV

  Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle - HCV

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The Powerstar is the only truck built by Iveco that features a conventional cab configuration. Built especially for heavy duty applications, the truck is offered with a wide range of strong Cursor and Cummins ISX engines which cope great with its utilitarian nature. The engines develop between 450 -560 hp and are mated on a EuroTronic II electronically automated transmission which offers maximum efficiency and easy drivability.

The Iveco Powerstar is available in 6x4 single cab Active Day and as a low-roof or medium-roof Active Time sleeper cab. Thanks to its powerful engines and the strong build quality, the truck’s GCM (gross combination mass) can go up to 90 tones.

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At the 2012 Commercial Vehicle Show held in UK, SDC Trailers presented its first 15.65m double deck trailer. The new trailer is 4.52 high and weights 10,995 kg. For maximum practicality the trailer features four independent load ratchet bays that can be moved vertically by forklift.

The trailer’s chassis was tapered by 360 mm thus offering the 30 degree wheel turn required to achieve 44 tones GVW (gross vehicle weight) at 15.65 m. Until now the company has taken more than 100 orders for longer trailers, with the 15.65m variant in demand.

Paul Bratton, SDC director said “Operators want the space to load an extra four pallets. The split between self-steer rear axle and command rear-steer axle is 60-40. Ordering command rear-steer axles is an extra £4,000 straightaway, and those ordering it tend to be operators who have older yards who can’t get the trailer straight to activate the locking pin for self-steer.”

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Heavy duty trucks are the strongest “weapons” of any truck manufacturer and they are usually equipped with powerful engines and an ultra resistant frame which serves as a reliable base for the arduous jobs of the vehicle.

In Hyundai’s lineup, the heavy duty league is represented by the HD range of trucks which are available with a plethora of engines, suspensions and wheelbase lengths. All models share the same exterior design and the same interiors.

Thanks to its flexible character, Hyundai’s heavy duty HD series can take many forms and can be used as a Tractor, Dump, Concrete Mixer or Cargo. The Hyundai HD range is offered with a choice of 4x2, 6x2 or 8x4 axle configurations.

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The Isuzu Gigamax is the biggest truck built by the Japanese manufacturer and was designed for heavy duty applications. The Gigamax has a cab over engine configuration which is usually typical for the European trucks and comes with a gross combination mass (GCM) of up to 70 tones.

The truck is sold globally and incorporates Isuzu ’s latest technologies being equipped with strong and torquey Euro V diesel engines which develop between 415 and 510 hp. Isuzu was always appreciated for its proven reliability and the Gigamax makes no exception offering a standard 3 years or 500.000 kilometer warranty.

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Every big operator and personal owner is constantly checking statistics about fuel and other different trucking operation costs, but we don’t have the occasion to see too often an exact evidence of what is the average cost of keeping a truck rolling.

In a nearly 700 billion dollars industry such costs are reaching astronomical figures and there is no wonder why there are only a few personal owners which still survive in a sea of big truck operators.

Though, finding the average cost of today’s trucking is not an easy task, as there are different variations in the way companies account various costs and there are also a plethora of different truck models out there.

However, the guys at Easy Lift Equipment decided to go to work and they come up with a pretty detailed infographic were there are shown the biggest costs of operating a big rig.

Only buying a truck is not a cheap investment at all, as a new cab is priced over $100,000, while a trailer will take around $50,000 from your pocket.

The statistics shown in the infograph say that the average yearly cost of keeping a truck on road is $180.000. Most of the money is spent on fuel, as this cost can be found on top of the list with an average of 20.500 gallons of fuel burned by a single truck during a year. This means over $70.000 spent only on fuel alone. The second position is held by the driver’s salary which is an average of $0.36 per mile. Other significant amount of money is spent on maintenance and insurance. For a detailed presentation hit the jump to check the full graphic.

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After Volvo introduced its first ‘downspeeding’ concept with the XE13 powertrain package for the D13 engine, in September 2011, the company is launching two new XE efficiency packages for the 16-liter D16 engine which develops a maximum power of 500 hp with a peak torque of 780 Nm.

The first package was designed for the heavy long combination vehicle segment with GCWs (gross combination weights) of up to 143.000 pounds, while the second package is aimed at tractor semitrailer combinations with GCWs of up to 80.000 pounds.

Ed Saxman, Volvo Trucks drivetrain product manager said, “XE16 directly addresses the needs of two important market segments that historically have had very few fuel-efficient powertrain options. The beauty of Volvo’s XE powertrain is that it delivers the full power and low-end torque needed for higher weight applications while saving fuel by running at a lower rpm.”

For an improved efficiency, the XE16 packages ‘downspeed’ the engine at cruising speeds by 200 rpm or more than traditional specs. The XE16 provides the full torque while running as low as 1,000 rpm to improve low-rpm drivability.

The packages are combined with company’s I-Shift automated gearbox, specialised axle ratios, specific tyre sizes and proprietary software that facilitates communication between Volvo’s integrated powertrain components.

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The International ProStar is an aerodynamic class 8 long haul truck designed to deal with heavy payloads and thousands of miles. The truck has a 6x4 or 4x2 axle configuration and is available with a choice of either Day or Sleeper cabs. The truck competes against models like the Kenworth T700, Freightliner Cascadia or Peterbilt 587.

The international ProStar is available with a choice of three MaxxForce engines that are combined with an aerodynamic design and a few efficient technologies to offer one of the lowest fuel consumption levels in the segment.

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The Western Star 4900 and 4800 were designed with power and versatility in mind. The trucks come with various options available which made them perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, starting with long hauls missions and finishing with vocational jobs.

The trucks are available in five configurations with both Day and Sleeper cabs and also with either set forward or set back axles and conventional or double steer configurations. Under the hood, the Western Star 4900 can be equipped with a choice of Detroit Diesel or Cummins engines which can develop up to 600 hp.

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The Kenworth T700 is basically an improved version of the old T2000 model. The truck features a conventional cab configuration with an aerodynamic design and was engineered to offer maximum performances for long haul and regional operations.

TheKenworth T700 is available with both Day and Sleeper cabs and offers acres of space inside and a good ergonomy. The overall build quality is also good and the truck is among the most reliable units in its segment. The power comes from a Paccar MX engine which develops up to 485 hp and up to 1,750 lb-ft of torque.

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There aren’t many vehicles out there that are able to mix a traditional look with tasteful modern lines. There is however one truck that stands out from the crowd at any time and any place. We’re talking about the new International LoneStar which was launched in 2009.

The truck was designed for long haul operations and features an aerodynamic design that reminds us of those classic hot roads that caused many jaw drops at their time. With GVWR (gross vehicle weight ratings) between 52,350 – 60,600 lbs, the International Lone Star is available with both Day and Sleeper cabs and is powered by either MaxxForce 13 or Cummins ISX15 engines.

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