Light Commercial Vehicle - LCV

Light Commercial Vehicle - LCV

  Light Commercial Vehicle - LCV

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The fourth generation Volkswagen Caddy was launched in 2010 and received a new exterior style, stronger engines and improved dynamics and functionality.

While the first generations of the Caddy were based on a stretched Polo platform, the latest two generations were built using the larger Touran platform which offers more space inside and better dynamics.

The new Volkswagen Caddy continues to have a pretty competitive price which starts from only $21.990. The vehicle competes with strong rivals such as the Ford Ford Transit Connect, Fiat Doblo, Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner, but it has anything it takes to stack up with success against all of them.

To be able to satisfy the need of a wide range of customers the Volkswagen Caddy is offered with numerous engine options and GVWs (gross vehicle weight) of up to 2247 kg.

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The Ford LCF was especially designed to deal with short urban transportations and is offered with a cab over engine configuration which helps it to cope great with the city traffic. The vehicle has been developed as part of the Blue Diamond joint venture and is assembled in Mexico at the joint venture’s Escobedo facility.

The Ford LCF is sold together with the F- Series and E-Series being part of the company’s lineup of commercial vehicles.

The low cab forward LCF also permits you to attach different units for specialized applications such as landscaping, towing and construction.

After it was launched in 2006 as a totally fresh model, the Ford LCF received a few modifications in 2007 when Ford has improved the driver comfort and the ride quality.

The Ford LCF is available with four gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) namely 15,000, 16,000, 17,999 and 19,500 pounds.

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Cabstar. With the UD logo mounted on the front grille, the rebadged model keeps all the technical specifications from its donor and apart from a slightly redesigned grille there isn’t any major difference between the two models.

The new model is known as the UD Condor Light Duty and has a load capacity between 1.15-1.5 tonnes. For the moment the UD Condor Light Duty is available only in Japan and is offered with a choice of 2.5 and 3.0-litre diesel engines. It comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty, while the service intervals are set at 18,000 miles.

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Mazda revealed the new generation of its iconic BT 50 model at the 2010 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney.

Compared to previous generation the new model received a radical makeover together with a bunch of technical upgrades to keep it in trend with today’s requirements.

The new model is available in single, extended and double cabs and features a pretty SUV like design with tasty fluid lines which give it a futuristic appearance.

The new Mazda BT 50 is offered with a choice of 2.2 and 3.2 DOHC diesel engines which develop between 147 and 200 hp.

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Citroen ’s lineup of commercial vehicles is pretty wide and the company has also a pretty healthy experience in this segment.

The Nemo is among the most versatile platforms offered by Citroen and is available in both van and passenger car versions.

With a payload of up to 610 kg and a load volume of 2.5 m3, the Nemo is a pretty practical small LCV. Moreover thanks to its compact exterior dimensions (only 3.86 m long), the vehicle is pretty agile around the city as well. The Citroen Nemo is available with a 1.3 HDi diesel engine which meets the latest Euro 5 emission norms and delivers low fuel consumption.

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The first generation Citroen Berlingo received a very good response from the market and was sold in good numbers. With this success in mind, Citroen decided to keep the van in its lineup despite the fact that has introduced a completely new generation in 2008.

The first Berlingo however is offered to a very affordable price ($17.000) and makes a lot of sense being a bit different that the new model. The Citroen Berlingo First has a maximum payload of 600 kg and is equipped with a Euro 4 diesel engine which develops 75 hp and 170 Nm.

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The Tata LPT was designed to provide solutions to a wide range of urban and regional transportation. The LPT is the bigger brother of the SFC and it has a highly versatile character being available with various wheelbases and engines.

The main advantage of the Tata LPT is its cheap price and the strong workhorse character being also easy to repair and cheap to maintain.

With GVWs (gross vehicle weights) of 5500 kg, 7200 kg, 7500 kg, 8720 kg and 9600 kg and a 3 years warranty, the Tata LPT is a good option if you are searching for a basic and cheap LCV.

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Even if it was introduced in 2008, the latest generation Citroen Berlingo is sold next to its predecessor who is called the Berlingo First. The new generation however is a big improvement over the previous model. Apart from its modern design it’s also bigger and fitted with newer technologies.

The Citroen Berlingo is offered in two body lengths. The standard length model offers 3.3 m3 of load space with a load length of 1,800mm, while the longer version comes with a more generous load area providing 3.7m3 and 2,050mm respectively. The Citroen Berlingo is offered with three gross payloads namely 625kg, 750kg and 850kg.

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Tata ’s range of light commercial vehicles was definitely starting to show its age, but the company was fully aware of this fact and decided to take some action. As a result, it presented a new truck named Ultra at this year’s New Delhi Auto Expo.

The new Tata Ultra was designed to replace the existing SFC range and features a modern design and contemporary technologies.

The LCV will be offered with in a wide range of models with GVW (gross vehicle weights) ranging from 5 tonnes to 14 tonnes. The new Ultra represents a big step forward for Tata, as it has anything it needs to compete with success against the best models in LCV the segment.

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The Tata SFC is a highly versatile LCV built for light commercial applications. Designed as a pickup, the vehicle is available with GVWs (gross vehicle weights) between 3800 kg and 9050 kg.

In its home market the Tata SFC is very successful and it’s specially appreciated for its generous payload capacity, small fuel consumption and the low costs of ownership.

The Tata SFC is offered to a very competitive price ($10.200 starting price) and comes with a service interval of 20,000 kms and a 3 year warranty. The truck is available with a choice of three engines which develop 75 hp, 90 hp and 102 hp.

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