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Mitsubishi’s medium duty truck was built with versatility in mind and is available in a wide range of version with GVMs (Gross Vehicle Masses) ranging from 10400 kg-24000 kg.

The Mitsubishi Fuso fighter has undergone a full model change in 2009 when it received a more comfortable cabin and a host of technical upgrades to make it able to compete with success against its rivals.

The truck is offered with a choice of two engines which develop 177 or 199 hp with maximum torques of 686 Nm and 785 Nm respectively. The interesting part is that recently the Fuso Fighter’s transmission lineup was completed with an Allison automatic unit which is now offered together with the manual gearboxes.

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Besides its lineup of Detroit engines, Daimler has also added a new transmission designed especially for commercial vehicles.

The new over drive automated transmission was presented at 2012 Middle America trucking show, and has 12 speeds. The unit mixes a classical manual gearbox with a faster computer controlled unit which automatically selects the right gear for maximum performances and efficient fuel consumption.

Talking about the new transmission Andreas Renschler, head of Daimler Trucks, said "It’s not just the heart of the truck it’s the heart of the truck value chain. It’s worth more than 50% of the truck’s value. We are working to optimize the complete powertrain not just the separate powertrain components. We believe that’s what customers want and we believe we understand their needs better than providers of separate components."

For the start the new transmission will be available for the Freightliner Cascadia equipped with the Detroit 15 engine. The new transmission will start to be produced in 2013.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified Daimler Trucks North America’s 2013 lineup as being fully compliant with the new greenhouse gas 2014 (GHG14) regulations. Under the new GHG14 regulations, trucks and buses built in 2014 through 2018 are projected to reduce oil consumption by 530 million barrels and greenhouse gas emissions by 270 million metric tons.

The GHG14 is the first program designed to reduce the fuel consumption and truck emissions from the American highways and was initiated by the Department of Transportation’s Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA).
The most fuel efficient model in Daimler’s certified lineup is the Freightliner Cascadia which features a host of clean technologies that includes Blue Tec emissions technologies and the efficient DD Engines.

Another example of Daimler Truck’s powertrain optimization strategy is the Detroit DD engine line-up that utilizes Daimler Trucks’ best-in-class global processes for powertrain engineering and development. The portfolio includes the Detroit DD13®, DD15® and DD16® engines all equipped with BlueTec® emissions technology, Daimler’s global SCR technology.

Freightliner Coronado SD is a truck designed for severe-duty vocational applications, such as in the construction sector or municipalities. It combines the durability and dependability of the previous severe-duty model with the driver comfort and style synonymous with the new Coronado. The use of new materials like aluminum and fiberglass also contributes to the truck’s high efficiency and payloads.

Every truck has the choice of one of four engines. All three of Detroit Diesel’s flagship Detroit Diesel platform of engines, 400 HP DD13, 560 HP DD15 and 600 HP DD16 are available, as well as the 600 HP Cummins ISX.

The Coronado Severe Duty is made to keep on working even through some of the toughest conditions on earth. The front axles are rated from 12,000 to 22,000 lbs and rear axles with capacities of 23,000 to 70,000 lbs. When you need that extra power to get up the hill, our TufTrac rear axle suspension provides maximum traction in high articulation environments.

Freightliner Trucks - a division of Daimler Trucks unveiled the 2010 Coronado with a new design and new comfort features. At the exterior Coronado receives a smooth stainless steel grille and chrome plated hood handle and for the interior it gets a new dash board with Oregon Burl wood trim.

Coronado is offered with a choice of four engines: 400 HP DD13, 560 HP DD15, 600 HP DD16 and 600 HP Cummins ISX. "The engines are mated to a wide range of Eaton and Allison transmissions. The aerodynamic precision work, coupled with the latest in clean engine technology, enhances overall efficiency, enabling our customers to reduce fuel costs and increase bottom line profits."

"All aspects of the on-highway Freightliner Coronado are designed for continuous use and operation so that breakdowns and downtimes are kept to a minimum."

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Freightliner Trucks unveiled the new Cascadia - a revolutionary new Class 8 truck for on-highway applications. The truck is built on an entirely new platform, receives new styling, a quieter and more comfortable cab, ergonomic controls and exceptional handling.

Cascadia is offered with a choice of three engines: a 560 HP Detroit Diesel DD15, a 450 HP Detroit Diesel MBE 4000 and a 515 HP Detroit Diesel Series 60. Cascadia comes standard with a large, 1625 square inch radiator designed to cool most engine applications for both EPA 2007 and 2010 emission requirements. Or the truck can be uprated to an optional 1750 square inch radiator for engines over 500 HP.

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Daimler has unveiled the special edition Unimog based on the U 4000 truck. With a total weihgt of 8500 kilograms, the Unimog is powered by a 4249-cc four-cylinder diesel unit that produces 218 hp.

The inside of the module measures 4.35 meters long and 2.20 meters wide (standing height 1.95 meters). The roof and walls of the three-point mounted, thermal bridge-free fiberglass-reinforced plastic box are 50 mm thick, standing on a 60-mm-thick floor. All the walls are finished with a 2-mm-thick fabric-reinforced outer layer. The hatches and doors all come with hollow rubber seals and multi-point locks, which help protect the stowage compartments against the ingress of dust or water.

Behind the driver’s seat is the accommodation module washroom, fitted out with a cassette toilet, wash basin and shower. Hot water is provided by a combined Truma gas/electric boiler with a capacity of 10 liters. The corner kitchen is fitted towards the rear and comes with a two-burner gas stove, sink and drainer.

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