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The Ford F-150 was for a long time, America’s best selling pickup. Unlike the actual generation which can be considered both a life style vehicle and a work partner, the older Ford F-150 models were designed mainly as utilitarian work horses.

The 2004 generation was sold until 2008 and compared to the previous version it was built on an all new platform which gave it better driving dynamics and off road abilities. Apart from the upgraded underpinnings, the 2004 model had also received a set of exterior modifications the most obvious, being the adoption of the stepped driver’s window from the Super Duty trucks and the completely new front fascia.

The 2004 Ford F-150 was available in regular-, extended-, and crew-cab body styles. All versions have four doors and are 6 inches longer and 4 inches wider than their predecessors. The powertrain lineup includes two engine choices, namely a 4.6 liter and a 5.4 liter, both mated on an automatic transmission.

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The old generation Ford Fiesta van was far behind the current model, but despite this fact it still managed to make a compelling case for itself.

The previous model was sold between 2003 - 2008 and was based on the three door version of the Fiesta passenger car. The Ford Fiesta van looked pretty good and was fairly agile around town, offering a pretty ergonomic cabin as well.

There were two basic engines on offer namely a 1.3 petrol and 1.4 diesel. For those looking for sportier performances Ford also offered a 1.6 liter engine that was the quickest in the range.

The Ford Fiesta van was priced from $ 15500 and payload capacity varied from 512 kg to 543 kg depending on the engine.

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The F-150 is one of the best known pickups produced by Ford and its part of the famous F Series which is around for 60 years.

The F-150 is also one of the best sold trucks in the United States and was designed as a tough work horse able to tackle any kind of terrain with poise. Thanks to its versatile nature the F-150 is also able to deal with a wide range of applications and can be used for family transportation as its available in both single and double cab configurations.

Since its inception, the Ford F-150 was continuously improved and the latest models have anything they need to keep their head up against their competitors with dignity.

The 2011 Ford F-150 comes with a choice of four engines including a 3.7 liter, 5.0 liter, 6.2 liter and 3.5 liter units which develop between 302 and 411 hp. When proper equipped, the vehicle is able to tow 11.300 lbs and has a maximum payload of 3120 lbs.

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The Ford Ranger has arrived to its third generation and its latest upgrades were made in 2011. The new model features a new exterior design and also improved driving dynamics and upgraded engines.

The latest generation Ford Ranger was developed to be suited for both personal use and commercial applications offering a better compromise between comfort and utility.

In order to raise its new Ranger to the expectations of modern buyers, Ford decided to completely redesign it from the ground up. The company says that the vehicle is completely new and it’s available in a wide range of body styles including regular cabs and double cabs. Depending on the version, the Ford Ranger’s maximum payload ranges from 1.090 kg to 1.309 kg which is slightly above average.

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The Ford Ranger is around from some time now, and when it was first launched in 1992, it managed to attract a lot of interest thanks to its generous size and payload capacity which placed it slightly ahead its competitors.

The Ranger’s rivals however, didn’t remained long time behind and after a pretty short period of time they’ve recovered the lost ground and came up with better products.

The battle between the Ford Ranger and its rivals continued over the years, and the year 2006 brought a new set of cosmetic and technological upgrades for the American pickup.

Though, despite the fact that the Ranger remained on top of the sales charts, its old platform never managed to catch up with the high standards imposed by its Japanese competitors which are currently the segment leaders when it comes to quality and performances. Even American pickups from Chevrolet , Dodge and GMC are positioned slightly ahead of the Ranger.

Leaving apart the cons, Ford Ranger is offered in two cab configurations (Standard and SuperCab) and two bend length options at a pretty competitive starting price of $ 21.700. Two wheel-drive models can tow 750kg unbraked or 1600kg braked, while four wheel drive Rangers can deal with up to 3000kg braked.

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The old Ford Ranger sold between 1999 – 2006 and was designed mainly as a rugged workhorse, unlike the modern version (launched in 2011) which can be also used as a family vehicle in its spare time.

Between the old Ford Ranger and the Mazda B Series there was a very strong bound as both models shared a lot of components technologies. However, despite the resemblance with its Japanese sibling, the Ranger kept its unique American character.

The Ford Ranger competes with the likes of Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux , Mitsubishi L200 and Isuzu Rodeo , but unlike its rivals who were fitted with strong diesel units, the old American Pickup was offered only with a two 2.5 liter unit which developed 84 hp and 109 hp.

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The new GS Ute is the ultimate work horse for those who seek a reliable tool which apart from its utility, it’s also able to offer spirited performances.

The vehicle was developed by Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV), bringing back to life the 30 years old badge of the iconic XW GS.

This beauty is sold on the Australian market and has a starting price of $49,950. If you consider this price tag expensive, take a fast look under the hood. There you’ll find one of the best V8 beasts you’ve probably ever seen and then you’ll realize that this car is not far for representing a bargain.

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The Ford Escort van was a small economy car sold between 1991 – 2002 and offered a perfect blend between economy, practicality and performance. The vehicle was based basically the van version of the subcompact Escort model, and thanks to its efficiency and versatility has managed to win a lot of fans.

The Ford Escort van never had the pretention to be considered anything else than a rugged work horse and it wasn’t as charming as some of its more upscale rivals. However, thanks to its strong build quality and the simple mechanics it represented the perfect choice for those seeking a hard working and reliable partner for light commercial duties.

The vehicle benefitted from noticeable changes in 1996 when it received a few exterior modifications and upgraded engines. The latest facelift left the car with a 1.3 liter petrol engine and a 1.8 liter diesel. The petrol unit however was dropped in the favor of the diesel engine that was now available in both standard and turbo versions.

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There are many vans on today’s market and you have plenty of models to choose from. But one model however, had always stood out from the crowd.

The Ford Transit is one of the most appreciated vans in the segment thanks to its proven reliability and the tight pricing.

The fourth generation of the Transit was sold between 2000 - 2006 and despite the fact that it didn’t represented the huge evolution that everyone expected, it was still a highly capable workhorse build on the solid foundation of the previous model.

The Ford Transit was represented by a 1.2 tonnes payload capacity, low running costs, easy repairs and a wide choice of body styles.

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The Ford Transit Connect has changed the world of vans forever when it was launched in 2002. It was a bigger alternative for the mini vans and has also managed to steal some buyers form the bigger models from the market.

The Transit Connect was engineered using Ford’s experience in the commercial vehicle segment and it has anything it needs to be considered one of the most capable models in its class. The vehicle is available in two height configurations and you can choose from two diesel engines - 75 hp or 90 hp.

Over the years, the Transit Connect has benefitted from a series of facelifts, but the latest significant upgrade was made in 2002, so the LCV is starting to show its age.

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