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The Ford LCF was especially designed to deal with short urban transportations and is offered with a cab over engine configuration which helps it to cope great with the city traffic. The vehicle has been developed as part of the Blue Diamond joint venture and is assembled in Mexico at the joint venture’s Escobedo facility.

The Ford LCF is sold together with the F- Series and E-Series being part of the company’s lineup of commercial vehicles.

The low cab forward LCF also permits you to attach different units for specialized applications such as landscaping, towing and construction.

After it was launched in 2006 as a totally fresh model, the Ford LCF received a few modifications in 2007 when Ford has improved the driver comfort and the ride quality.

The Ford LCF is available with four gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) namely 15,000, 16,000, 17,999 and 19,500 pounds.

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Ford’s response to Volkswagen Transporter and Renault Traffic is ready to take center stage at the upcoming 2012 Commercial Vehicle Show, as the company has officially announced the debut of its new LCV prior to sales launch later in 2012 in Europe.

The new Ford Transit Custom is based on the Ford Tourneo Custom Concept and except for some minor exterior modifications it bares the same look as its donor.

The company declared that the Ford Transit Custom will be available with a full range of van, combi, and double-cab-in-van models and won’t be sold in North America.

Jesus Alonso, director CV Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe said, “The launch of this new range marks the start of a far-reaching transformation of Ford’s global commercial vehicle range. With more new models set to be revealed in the coming months, 2012 is destined to be a very exciting year for our commercial vehicle business.”

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The Ford Transit Chassis Cab is available with a variety of models and can be converted in a wide range of commercial vehicles from ambulances to tippers.

The lightweight truck was designed to offer a sharp handling around the city and also comfortable long-distance cruising. The cabin is spacious, comfortable and well equipped while the engine range is pretty wide too, with plenty of units to choose from.

The Ford transit Chassis Cap has a starting price of £18,670 (ex. vat) and is available with three wheelbases, four frame lengths, rear- , front- or all-wheel drive, high-traction dual and single wheels and single or double cab style.

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The Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab is the best sold truck in its segment and is build on a solid foundation which is ready to endure the most demanding conditions. The truck received a host of upgrades in 2011 and is available in three cabin configurations including the Regular-, Super- and Crew-cab models.

Thanks to its wide range of body styles, engines and trim levels it will be very easy to find a Super Duty that suits your needs. The engines are also the strongest in the segment, and reward you mind-blowing abilities when it comes to towing power and payload.

Over the years, the truck has been continuously improved and the most recent upgrades have brought a stronger V8 engine into the mix. However, in this segment there are also other worthy competitors who come from Chevrolet Chevrolet or Dodge. The Ford Ford F Series Super Duty Chassis cab has a starting price of $29,570 and is available with GVWRs between 13,300- 19500 lbs.

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The Ford F-650 and F-750 Super Duty Chassis Cabs are medium-duty commercial introduced by Ford in 2000. These are the strongest trucks for commercial use built by the American manufacturer and feature a maximum GVWR of 37,000 lbs. The vehicle is available in two trim levels – XL and XT - and comes with a choice of three cab configurations: Regular Cab, an exclusive four-door SuperCab and four-door Crew Cab, each with a wide variety of seating choices. The truck is also available with 38 wheelbase choices, hence being highly versatile. The trucks have a starting price of $53,345

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There is no secret that Ford’s E-Series lineup dominates more than half of the full-size van market. The dominant figures include about 65 percent share of the cutaway segment, including more than 90 percent of the ambulance business in this category. These figures said a lot about the E Series success reliability and given its reliability it doesn’t surprise us at all.

The Ford E Cutaway series is one of the most versatile commercial vehicles build by the American manufacturer. With GVWRs ranging from 9.000–14.500 lbs, the Cutaway is based on the van version of the E Series van which is around flexing its muscles for almost 50 years. The Ford E Series Cutaway has a starting price of $25,230 and is available with choice of V8 or V10 engines.

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