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Heavy duty trucks are the strongest “weapons” of any truck manufacturer and they are usually equipped with powerful engines and an ultra resistant frame which serves as a reliable base for the arduous jobs of the vehicle.

In Hyundai’s lineup, the heavy duty league is represented by the HD range of trucks which are available with a plethora of engines, suspensions and wheelbase lengths. All models share the same exterior design and the same interiors.

Thanks to its flexible character, Hyundai’s heavy duty HD series can take many forms and can be used as a Tractor, Dump, Concrete Mixer or Cargo. The Hyundai HD range is offered with a choice of 4x2, 6x2 or 8x4 axle configurations.

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The Hyundai iLoad was launched in 2009 and was seen as a serious evolution in Hyundai’s lineup of light commercial vehicles. Launched in the middle of the big recession the iLoad was sold in pretty good numbers and its modern design combined with a flexible character managed to attract a few fans.

In Hyundai ’s favor reliability played a major role and also the generous five years warranty that comes as standard for the iLoad. The Hyundai iLoad is also priced pretty competitive at 22.500 (excluding VAT). The vehicle is available in crew and panel van versions and is based on the i800 passenger carrier which is equipped with 9 seats.

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The Hyundai H100 is also known as the Porter and is around since 1977. The H100 was initially launched on the Asian market and became the segment leader pretty fast. Being designed as a lightweight pickup truck the vehicle is especially appreciated for its reliable and versatile character.

With both single (4,760-4,795 mm length) and double (5,085-5,120 mm length) cab configurations and available in Deck, Tipper and Chassis Cab versions, the Hyundai HD100 is equipped with an 80 hp diesel engine that develops a peak torque of 170 Nm. The vehicle is priced from $22.700 and comes with a standard 5 Year or 150 000 km warranty.

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The Hyundai HD 120 is a lightweight commercial vehicle with a cab over engine configuration designed for medium duty activities. The truck features a standard full floating cab suspension for a more comfortable ride and has a roomy and spacious cabin designed with practicality in mind.

To be able to cope with a wide range of applications, the truck is offered with a choice of numerous wheelbase dimensions and different GVW (gross vehicle weights) ratings which range between 12,520 – 21320 kg. The Hyundai HD 120 truck is available with two engine options which develop 196 hp or 225 hp.

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The Hyundai HD65, 72 and 78 models share the same design and underpinnings and were engineered as light or medium duty commercial vehicles available with various body options. Thanks to its versatility the Hyundai’s HD series can be used for a wide range of commercial applications which demand a tough and flexible vehicle able to get the job done without thinking twice.

The trucks are available with three cab configurations including the Crew, Standard and the Extended version which ads 300mm of extra carrying space being designed especially for long distance operations.

The truck also offers big load carrying abilities with deck lengths between 5.3 and 6.6 meters depending on the model. The HD series vehicle has various GVW (Gross vehicle weight) ratings including 6.5t (HD65), 7.2t (HD72) and 7.8t (HD78) models.

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The Hyundai HD Series are the lightest trucks built by the company and are available with tree gross vehicle ratings, 4.5, 6.5 and 7.5 tonne. The vehicle is also available with two cab choices and long or short wheelbases.

The Hyundai HD45 is the smallest model in the HD range and is equipped a CRDi diesel engine that develops 80 hp with 167 Nm of torque.

Compared to other trucks in its class the Hyundai HD45 is starting to show its age and the build quality and the fit and finish are also behind other similarly spec’d trucks. On the other hand, the Hyundai HD45 was always appreciated for its cheap maintenance costs and a relatively affordable acquisition price.

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