2009 International ProStar

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The International ProStar is an aerodynamic class 8 long haul truck designed to deal with heavy payloads and thousands of miles. The truck has a 6x4 or 4x2 axle configuration and is available with a choice of either Day or Sleeper cabs. The truck competes against models like the Kenworth T700, Freightliner Cascadia or Peterbilt 587.

The international ProStar is available with a choice of three MaxxForce engines that are combined with an aerodynamic design and a few efficient technologies to offer one of the lowest fuel consumption levels in the segment.


International ProStar

As most of the highway trucks from the US roads the International ProStar comes with a conventional cab design. The exterior style follows the typical International design language with flowing lines and curved shapes. The truck features an innovative new roof design to optimize slope, while the bumper gaps have been minimized and the hood was lowered to maximize the aerodynamic performances. The company says that thanks to its aerodynamic design the ProStar offers 7% more fuel economy compared to other similarly spec’d trucks in its class.

The front fascia bares a dominant grille with a chromed border and polished vertical stripes. The company’s logo is placed on top and is pretty nicely integrated into the grille.

The hood lines flow elegantly towards the back of the truck while the fenders follow the same aerodynamic line enhancing the dynamic look of the vehicle. We also like the swept back headlights which are nicely mounted into the fenders. The bumper continues the fluid line of the hood and is fitted with two fog lamps and a few air intakes.

Other elements that improve the truck’s aerodynamics are the wraparound windshield, the exterior mirrors, and the optional full length chassis skirts for sleepers.


International ProStar

The International ProStar has a relatively low ground clearance which means that you’ll be able to get in and out without too much drama. The overall design is also pretty catchy and despite the rock hard materials, which are typical for this class of vehicles, the overall atmosphere is more appealing than you’d expect, especially in the Sleeper cab model.

The dash is angled towards the driver and the controls are place pretty close to the driver’s seat hence you won’t struggle too much to reach them. The controls and switches layout is also pretty nicely organized and the same thing is available for the central instrument cluster. The white faced gauges are fairly easy to read and are big enough to be seen even from a mile away. The truck is also fitted with a useful driver information display which includes Bluetooth and an integrated microphone in the headliner.

The pedals, steering wheel and even the gear knob can also be fairly easy used and everything seems well put together. Naturally you won’t complain about head-, leg- or shoulder-room either, as the cab is big enough to permit you to stand on your feet without any limitations.

The air suspended seats come with folding armrest and feature a wide range of adjustments which will help you to get cozy behind the steering wheel pretty fast. We also like the multifunctional steering wheel which comes with tilt and telescoping adjustments for increased comfort. The steering wheel controls include buttons for the cruise control, engine brake, headlight interrupt, marker light interrupt, radio volume and tuning, and the air horn.

The driving position is great and the wraparound windshield offers a superb view of the road ahead. The door mirrors do their job pretty well too and we especially like the operational vent window which can’t be seen at other trucks in this segment.

Engines and transmissions

International ProStar

The International ProStar is available with MaxxForce 11, 13, and 15 engines which can be combined with Eaton Fuller manual or automatic gearboxes.

Equipped with a high pressure common rail fuel system, dual wastegated sequential turbos and a capable heat management system, the MaxxForce engines offer good fuel consumption combined with a strong torque achieved at low rpms. The ProStar’s MaxxForce engines are also constructed using compacted graphite iron which makes them lighter and more resistant.

For improved efficiency the engines also come with the Advanced EGR system which works by recirculating cooled diesel exhaust back into the engine, reducing emissions before they come back out.

For enhanced stopping power and to spare the life of the service brakes, the truck is also offered with a Jacobs engine brake.

International ProStar engines specifications

MaxxForce 11330 @17001250 @1000
MaxxForce 11365@17001250 @1000
MaxxForce 11370 @17001350 @1000
MaxxForce 11390@17001450 @1000
MaxxForce 13410 @17001450 @1000
MaxxForce 13430 @17001550 @1000
MaxxForce 13430 @17001550@1000
MaxxForce 13450 @17001700 @1000
MaxxForce 13450 @17001550@1000
MaxxForce 13475 @17001700 @1000
MaxxForce 13500 @17001700 @1000
MaxxForce 15435 @ 16001550@ 1000
MaxxForce 15450 @ 16001550 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15450 @ 16001550@ 1000
MaxxForce 15450 @ 16001750 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15500 @ 16001650 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15500 @ 16001650@ 1000
MaxxForce 15500 @ 16001850 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15550 @ 16001850 @ 1000

Ride and suspensions

International ProStar

The International ProStar features on- and off-center steering, for better handling, a wide track front axle position for a tighter turning radius and a 4 point air over strut cab suspension for a smoother ride.

On the road, the International ProStar is surprisingly smooth with a comfortable ride and a quiet cab. The turning radius is also among the best in the business, while the steering is very nimble and helps you maneuver the truck without too much drama.

The International ProStar is available with 4x2 and 6x4 axle configurations and the front axle can take up between 12,000 – 14,000 lbs, while the rear one can deal with a maximum load of up to 46.000 lbs.


International ProStar

In the end, the International ProStar is a truck you can’t help but want to drive. It looks as good as it feels, offers decent fuel economy for a highway truck and won’t crack your back after a long journey either.

The cabin is fairly comfortable and has one of the best ergonomy in its class, while the engines are able to do their job without too much fuss and with maximum efficiency. The ride and handling are also worth to be mentioned and the International ProStar is more nimble than many other trucks in its class.

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