Isuzu trucks

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The Isuzu N-Series range consists of 17 models and the NKR is the smallest model in this lineup. The NKR 3.5 chassis cab range was launched in 1993 and in 2008 has received a bigger cabin and a new 3 liter common rail turbo diesel engine. The engine was tweaked in 2009 to respect the Euro 5 emission norms and is mated on a five speed gearbox.

The Isuzu NKR is available in two cab configurations and three chassis including the NKR-S Dropside, the NKR-S Tipper and the NKR-T Tipper with twin rear wheels. The most capable of these three models is the NKR-S Dropside as it has the biggest payload with 1,400kg. The other two Tipper models can carry 1.180 kg and 1.034 kg respectively.

The Isuzu NKR competes in the 3.5 tones segment with models like the Renault Maxity or Toyota Dyna and it service intervals are set at 10,000 miles.

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