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The Iveco Stralis is one of the most fuel efficient and cost efficient trucks in the 44 tones segment. The Stralis offers a wide range of models and can carry out many missions thanks to its versatile character.

The Iveco Stralis range includes 3 engines (by 8, 10 and 13 litres), 3 cabins (Active Day, Active Time, Active Space) and 3 heights (short roof, medium roof, and high roof). The AD is the smallest cab configuration while the AS high roof is the biggest and marks Iveco’s entry into the premium ‘big cab’ market, offering one of the most spacious high roof cabs available in the 44 tones segment. The AT (Active Time) model is destined for the single driver missions and fills the niche of medium to long range distribution. The starting price of the Iveco Stralis is 76.000 euro (without VAT) and benefits from a comprehensive two year, unlimited mileage warranty.

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The Iveco Daily was launched on 1978 and even since its debut, the truck became a benchmark in the LCV segment. The body on frame chassis gives it the character of a strong mountain horse and it’s available with both rear wheel drive and four wheel drive tractions, thus offering a higher degree of versatility.

The Iveco LCV has received its latest upgrade in 2011 and besides the exterior style changes, the truck was also fitted with new technologies and stronger engines. The new Daily chassis cab offers a range of different models with a useful payload of up to 4.7 tons. Moreover, the LCV is also available in both cab and double cab configurations.

The Iveco Daily has a starting price of 33.359 euro and a three-year/100,000-mile warranty with services intervals set at 25,000 miles.

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