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The third generation Iveco Daily was launched in 2006, but unlike the previous model it didn’t stayed too long around as was shortly replaced by the actual model in 2009.

Just like the previous model , the third generation Daily was also constructed using a ladder frame chassis configuration with maximum gross vehicle weights (GVW) of up to 6.5 tonnes.

After the 2006 facelift, the vehicle benefitted by both technological and style upgrades. The result was a more attractive and efficient van that also offered a fairly comfortable cabin.

The third generation Daily was offered in a wide range of version being available as a panel van, crew cab, chassis cab, tipper and other various body conversions.

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TheIveco Daily is without a doubt the toughest van from the road. The company is specialized in building big trucks and the Daily is the only van in its lineup. Thanks to its rugged character and the heavy duty origins, we can say that The Daily it’s like a big truck scaled down for light commercial purposes. The vehicle is also much stronger than its rivals and features a ladder frame chassis which is a configuration that’s usually used by trucks.

The vehicle has a long history behind it with the first generation being sold between 1978 and 1993. The subject of this review is represented by the second generation that was available between 1993 – 2006.

The second generation Iveco Daily was offered with various gross vehicle weights that ranged from 2.8 tonnes to 6.5 tonnes and had a starting price of $ 27.300.

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The Iveco Vertis was developed entirely in Brazil and is aimed at those who are looking for a versatile medium duty truck. The Iveco Vertis has a cab-over configuration and it’s powered by a modern engine which offers low fuel consumption and is produced by Fiat Powertrain Technologies in Sete Lagoas.

The Iveco Vertis was launched on the Latin American market in 2010 and features a catchy design that also served as a base for the new Leoncino LCV presented in 2011.

The Vertis cab features an aerodynamic style with large air intakes and the large Iveco badge in the centre. The vehicle was developed on a platform of Iveco joint venture in China and integrated with European technologies. It is available in two versions (9 and 13 tons) and is offered with 1 year full warrantee for the entire vehicle plus an extra year for the drive line.

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The Iveco Cavallino is mostly sold on the South American market and was designed to deal with short or regional transportations.

The Iveco Cavallino truck is part of the heavy duty league and it features a cab over engine design. The truck is equipped with Iveco’s Cursor 8 engine combined with a 16 speed SF Over Drive transmission. The engine develops a maximum output of 320 hp and 1200 Nm of torque.

To be able to suit to a wide range of applications, the truck is offered with both day and sleeper cabs and a choice of 4x2 and 6x2 axle configurations.

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The Iveco Leoncino is a light commercial vehicle with a cab over engine configuration designed especially for the African, Middle Eastern and South American markets. The new model was born from the joint venture between Iveco and its Chinese partner Naveco and will be available with gross vehicle weights (GVW) between 3.5 t and 7 t while the engines options will consists of 116 hp and 140 hp diesel units.

When the truck will launched on the marked it will be also offered with a choice of two types of cabs namely a single cab (1,635 mm wide for the 3.5 t model) and extended cab (1,935 mm wide for the 5 - 7 t versions).

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The Iveco Daily is one of the most versatile LCVs from the market and besides the typical van and pickup versions, the model is also available in off road guise.

Thanks to its huge ground clearance (30 cm) and the capable 4x4 system, the Iveco Daily was engineered to be able to conquer the most difficult terrains regardless of what weight is carrying at the back.

Thanks to its utilitarian nature, the Iveco Daily 4x4 can be used in construction and infrastructure maintenance work sites or for special missions such as snow ploughs, fire fighting, emergency and civil protection vehicles.

The off road LCV is offered in short wheelbase (3,050 mm) and long wheelbase (3,400 mm) versions, and is also available as a crew cab. There are two gross vehicle weight versions available, namely the 3.5 t with a maximum load of 2,250 kg on the front axle and 2,800 kg on the rear axle; and 5.5 t with a maximum load 2,450 kg on the front axle and 3,700 kg on the rear axle.

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The Powerstar is the only truck built by Iveco that features a conventional cab configuration. Built especially for heavy duty applications, the truck is offered with a wide range of strong Cursor and Cummins ISX engines which cope great with its utilitarian nature. The engines develop between 450 -560 hp and are mated on a EuroTronic II electronically automated transmission which offers maximum efficiency and easy drivability.

The Iveco Powerstar is available in 6x4 single cab Active Day and as a low-roof or medium-roof Active Time sleeper cab. Thanks to its powerful engines and the strong build quality, the truck’s GCM (gross combination mass) can go up to 90 tones.

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The ACCO is a medium duty truck build by Iveco . The vehicle was designed for the Australian market and is available in a wide range of versions with 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 axle configurations. Thanks to its versatile character, the truck can be used for waste, distribution and construction applications.

The Iveco ACCO has a long history behind and was launched for first time in 1972. Since then, the truck was continuously improved and the latest major upgrade was made in 2007 when the truck received a new exterior design together with improved comfort and efficiency.

The Iveco Acco is powered by a 2010 Cummins ISL-E5 engine which is available with three power ratings, ranging from 260 hp to 315 hp.

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The Eurocargo covers a wide segment which ranges between 6 -19 t. The first Eurocargo model was launched in 1991 and since then it was continuously improved. The range received its latest technical and design upgrades in 2008.

Starting from a maximum authorized mass of 6.0 t, new Eurocargo is available with a choice of either the MLC day cab or the MLL sleeper cab in truck and tipper chassis. At 7.5t drawbar trucks and tippers become available while at 8.0t the MLD crew cab becomes available. The 4x4 Iveco Eurocargo comes with maximum permitted masses of 11.5t and 15.0t, both equipped with either MLC or MLL cabs.

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The Iveco Trakker was designed especially for extreme off road and construction jobs being one of those memorable heavy duty trucks available on Today’s market. The vehicle received its latest upgrades in 2007 when the cab’s comfort was improved and the Cursor 13 engines were added.

The Trakker’s cabin is based on the Stralis and the two models share many common details including the Active Time and Active Day cab configurations. Unlike the Stralis, which was limited to a payload capacity of 44 tonns, the Trakker can carry 72 tonns and it is available in different axle configurations including 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 rigid models, and a 6x4 tractor unit.

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