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LDV isn’t known my many people but it’s a UK company specialized in manufacturing small commercial vehicles. While at the moment the company builds only the LDV Maxus LCV, in the past its lineup of products also included the Convoy which was discontinued in 2005.

The Convoy was never a huge success, but has helped the company to survive until 2008 when the production was stopped. Luckily the company was rescued in 2009 when the assets were sold by administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers to China Venture’s firm Eco Concept.

But while the vehicle was behind its competitors when it comes to build quality, comfort and power, the Convoy managed to win some adepts thanks to its generous payload capacity and the affordable price.

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LDV is a small British company that currently builds only light commercial vehicles. The company had some hard times when it was hit by the recession and has struggled a long time to remain alive. Until recently all its models were also far behind the competition and the company’s future was heading towards a black hole.

Recently however, the story has changed and it seems like the company has finally a winner in its hands. While the new LDV Maxus still has its faults, it is by far the best LCV ever built by the company and has a huge potential to revive LDV from its ashes.

The LDV Maxus is available in a wide range of body versions including combi, van, minibus, chassis cab and van models.

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