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Mack’s models are among the best truck’s you’ll find on today’s market and the company was always a leader when it comes to comfort and new technologies.

The company has recently made available a new series of features for the Pinnacle model, designed to increase the driver’s comfort.

Jerry Warmkessel, Mack highway marketing manager declared, “Driver retention is critical, and one way to positively impact that is to improve driver comfort. A comfortable driver is also a more productive, safer driver. We listened to what our customers told us they wanted in their cabs, and we’re delivering it with this series of interior enhancements that result in a more comfortable, productive cab environment.”

Mack’s new features include an optional center storage console with interior lightening and a 12 volt power slot. There is also a new optional ambient floor lightning and a standard rest pedal for the driver’s left foot.

The Pinnacle’s cab will be fitted from now on with a new standard dash-mounted single DIN Mack mDrive automated manual transmission shifter.

Mack has come also up with a series of improvements to the PowerLash and Engine brake controls to improve the driving performances.

Other new features include self-cancelling turn signals and a remote in-dash sleeper auxiliary HVAC switch which is standard for 70-inch and 60-inch sleepers and optional for the 56-inch and 48-inch sleepers.

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At the upcoming Waste Expo (May 1-2) that will be held in Las Vegas, it will take place the Mack Driving Skills Safety Challenge. The contest consists of a challenge between refuse drivers which will need to show their abilities to safely operate refuse and recycling routes. Mack will sponsor the event together with Allison, Bridgestone and Michelin.

The Contest is open for all drivers who poses a valid CLD and will include challenges such as pre trip inspection, turning radius and reverse driving. The competitors will drive a Mack TerraPro model through a closed course and will received marks for safety and accuracy.

John Walsh, Mack vice president of marketing said: “Driving a refuse truck takes special skills to safely negotiate city traffic and residential neighborhoods. The Mack TerraPro model is designed specifically for safety, maneuverability and durability, but the most critical safety component is the driver. Mack is pleased to again be sponsoring the Driving Skills Safety Challenge at Waste Expo.”

The competition will be conducted 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, May 1, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 2, while the winners will be announced at 4 p.m., Wednesday, May 2.

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The Pinnacle is the biggest truck build by Mack and was especially designed for long haul applications. The Mack Pinnacle was built on the company’s Advantage lightweight chassis which gives it a strong character and generous payload capacities.

The truck features a very comfortable interior and is available with both single and sleeper cab configurations. For enhance versatility, the Mack Pinnacle also offers the possibility of removing the sleeper box of its sleeper models.

The truck is available in axle forward and axle back configurations and is offered with a choice of strong and efficient MP engines.

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The Titan is the latest big rig launched by Mack and has made its debut in 2008. The truck was built for the toughest applications and is equipped with the powerful 6 cylinder MP10 which has a maximum output of 605 hp.

The Titan is one of the most reliable trucks from the market and its strong build quality and the imposing design suits perfectly to its rugged character. Thanks to its versatile nature, the Mack Titan is ideal for logging, oil field, heavy equipment and severe, heavy-haul applications. The Mack Titan has a starting price of $147.000 and is available in three trim levels including the Pedigree, Champion and the luxury Rawhide.

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Mack trucks are seen with pretty good eyes by the truckers, thanks to their capable performances and the solid built quality. One of the toughest models built by the company is the Granit which was designed for medium duty refuse and construction applications.

The truck features a conventional cab design and is available with both axle forward and axle back configurations for enhanced versatility. The Mack Granite is available with the MP 7 and MP 8 engine Series which offer maximum outputs between 325-485 hp. Thanks to a solid chassis and a wide area of transmissions and PTOs (power take off) available, the tuck is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of missions. The Mack Granit is also available with a range of nine frame rail options depending on your needs.

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The Mack TerraPro was especially designed for refuse and construction industries and is available in both Cabover and Low entry configurations. The Mack TerraPro Cabover is the best-selling refuse truck in its segment and is based on the MR series. The Mack TerraPro Series was designed to offer multiple driving configurations including stand up, sit down, left-hand, right-hand and dual steering models.

The Mack TerraPro series is powered by the MP7 and MP8 engines which have a horsepower range from 325 to 505 hp. The truck comes with a base warranty of 1-year / 100,000 mile.

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