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The 7.5t trucks fills an important gap in the supply industry as they are only slightly bigger ’than a 3.5 tons van but they can carry twice as much. Moreover they also have a relatively narrow width and short wheelbases which makes them easy to maneuver around the city.

An important member of this segment is the MAN TGL which is the lightest truck built by the German manufacturer. Thanks to its performances it even received the Truck of the year award in 2006 and today is available in a wide range with models between 7.49–12 tonnes. The MAN TGL comes in 4x2 tipper or rigid form with engines ranging from 150 to 250 HP. The truck is also available in four cab versions including C, L, LX and Crew models.

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The TGM is available with tonnages between 13 and 26 t while the engine outputs range from 240 to 326 HP. The truck was design to deal with tasks in local or long-distance traffic as well as on the building site.

The TGM shares a lot of elements with the TGL model, but has a more purposeful character and is equipped with stronger engines. The TGM is available in four cab configurations including C, L, LX and Crew cab versions. There is no tractor version available and the truck comes only in rigid and tipper shapes with 4x2, 4x4.6x2 and 6x4 axles.

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Trucks are used for a wide range of operations and these vehicles are born to deal with massive payloads and rough conditions. The construction trucks however, usually suffer the harshest treatment, as they have to deal with muddy terrains and unfriendly amount of loads.

The TGS is the most roughed truck in the MAN’s lineup and it was designed for the arduous missions which require strong off road abilities and high payloads capacities.

The truck can be used for both building sites or in short-haul transport as it’s available in a wide range of versions. The MAN TGS range consists of three cab configurations including M, L and LX models.

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MAN trucks are considered by many the best option for long haul heavy duty transportation. The TGX is the biggest truck in the manufacturer’s lineup and has received its latest upgrades in 2007. It is hard to find a perfect truck and all models have both strong and weak points. Compared to its 44 tonnes rivals from Scania and Volvo , the TGX V8 range of engines is weaker while the overall build quality is also inferior. However, the TGX offers one of the biggest and comfortable cabs in the segment and its engines are very efficient. Moreover, the reliability factor and the low cost of maintenance are also worth to be mentioned. The MAN TGX is available in three cab designs - XL, XLX, XXL - and three axle configurations - 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4.

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