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The Sprinter is around for a good number of years and during its history it took many shapes. The Chassis cab version of the model is sold very well in Europe and has starting to have a bit of success in USA too.

The Sprinter chassis cab comes with the proven Mercedes build quality and reliability, while its engine are also among the most efficient in the segment. With gros vehicle weights ranging from 2.8 -4.6 tonnes the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis Cab is available with either single or double cabs and has a starting price of $34.820.

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There is a lot of competition in the commercial truck segment and the big manufacturers struggle to make continuous improvements to their products in order to keep them as versatile as possible. One of the most reliable trucks in this segment is the Mercedes Artego which is available in weights of 7.5-16 tonnes.

The Mercedes -Benz Atego range was introduced in 1997. At the beginning all straight-engined rigids built by Mercedes were named Artego, but after the general facelift received in 2005, trucks over 18 tonnes were named Axor .

The Atego is available as a three-way tipper, an all-wheel-drive tipper, a skip loader or even a tipper with a mounted crane. There are also four cab configuration for the Artego namely the Day Cab, Extended Day Cab, Low Roof Sleeper and High Roof Sleeper.

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Mercedes-Benz has presented a new Euro 6 Blue Efficiency engine series developed especially for the commercial vehicles. The new engine series received the codename OM93x and is extremely economical thanks to the long service lives, low fuel consumption, AdBlue and engine oil and long maintenance intervals. The new engines are fitted with variable valve timing, which can be found for the first time in a diesel engine.

The medium-duty OM 934 and OM 936 engines, with four and six cylinders and a displacement of 5.1 and 7.7 litres respectively, cover a power range from 115 kW (156 hp) to 260 kW (354 hp). In the long term, the two engines will replace the engines of the 900 series launched in 1996, with a production volume to date of almost one million units.

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The Mercedes Axor is the smaller brother of the Actros and even there is also a long haul model the truck was built especially for the light construction sites. Unlike its bigger sibling, the Axor is equipped with slightly weaker engines and has a more serene character. The Axor has a wide range of engine options and is available in tipper, rigid and tractor forms. The Axor construction vehicles are equipped with the 180 mm longer, European version of the S-cab which offers plenty of space for daytime operations.

Besides the common three axles semitrailer tractors (4x2 and 6x2) there are also heavy solo trucks available with two axles (4x2 und 4x4) and a gross vehicle weight of 18 t, three-axle variants with 25 t (6x2) and 26 t (6x4) gross vehicle weight and four-axle variants with a GVW of 32 t in an 8x4 configuration as a platform for tipper and concrete mixer bodies. The Axor comes with two years repair warranty available for up to 160,000 km per year.

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The Mercedes-Benz Actros range had a huge success and it even won the "Truck of the Year" award for 2009 and 2012. The vehicle is highly appreciated for its premium cabin and the strong build quality. The Mercedes Actros and Volvo FH are considered the most reliable trucks in the 44 tones segment and the German company also offers the biggest warranties for its parts. Moreover, when equipped with the Euro 6 engines, The Actros is also the most efficient truck in the segment and can be rivaled only by DAF’s models. During its history the German truck has been continuously revised and the latest updates were made in 2012.

The Mercedes Actros is available in both rigid and tractor configurations with 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and 8x4 axles. There are also four different cabs available including ClassicSpace, StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace.

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Its looks have been optimised in the wind tunnel, its technology and engineering are masterful and its cab is a unique combination of workplace and home from home: the new Mercedes-Benz Actros is the new benchmark for premium-class trucks. It reconciles high performance with low fuel consumption, its emissions are lower in pollutants than any comparable vehicle and its has undergone testing of unprecedented intensity. The Mercedes-Benz Actros has taken the motto for the Frankfurt International Motor Show – "The future begins today" – at its word.

Mercedes is celebrating 60 years of Unimog truck with the unveiling of a special design concept based on the U 5000. The "Concept Design 60 Years Unimog" wants to prove that even after 60 years – and including the 26 product ranges during this period – the Unimog is still able to renew itself. And you have to admit that the concept is anything but ordinary.

The design concept is based on the Unimog U 5000 chassis with the coil springs painted red, while the hulk of a bonnet with its typical Mercedes-Benz line and the mudguards are painted in a fresh green. When selecting the colors used, the designers in Bertrand Janssen’s team were inspired by an unusual amphibian, the poison dart frog: Just like the Unimog it is also extremely mobile both in water and on land.

The headlights are like stage lights, which focus the beam of light. The clearly visible, sweeping lines of the frame have been finished with high-grade trims cut from aluminum blocks. The four same-size wheels make a strong optical impression with their five star alu-rim design.

A truck that was already enjoying a great success on the market, the Mercedes Econic has received a long list of updates for 2010: new cab design, folding door that opens 100mm wider, clean-running Euro 4 engines and BlueTec technology, a gas engine, meets stringent ECE R29-2 cab strength safety standard, new suspension tuning and new 13 tonnes drive axle.

The 900-series inline six-cylinder diesel engines deliver between 238 HP and 326 Hp and are suitable for use with biodiesel without any modifications being necessary. The new gas engine, a 6.9 liters M 906 LAG produces 279 hp.

Econis is offered in four different cabs: Fire and Emergency, Refuse collection, high-roof cab (a standing height of 1935 mm, a width of 2280 mm and a length of 2000 mm) and low-roof cab (an interior height of 1485 mm, a width of 2280 mm and a length of 2000 mm).

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Mercedes Zetros is a special off-road truck based on standard production line, all-wheel-drive components from the Axor/Actros series. It will be offered in a three-axle cab-behind-engine truck version (Zetros 2733 A 6x6) and a two-axle version (Zetros 1833 A 4x4). The three-axle model offers payloads from 7 tonnes to 10 tonnes, while the two-axle model has payloads of 4 tonnes to 6 tonnes.

The Zetros’ design is inspired by the GL and G models and features an elegant yet robust radiator grille, side indicators fitted with protective grilles, steel bumper composed of three parts and access steps located behind the front axle, in a position which is as far away as possible from the door hinge assembly.

The truck comes with a standardized cab that meets the highest standards in terms of safety and ergonomic design. Besides three single seats, the cab offers ample storage space for equipment like radio communication, SatNavs, or personal belongings.

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With strong chassis, high durability and high payload, the Axor represents the hallmarks of tractors and rigid trucks used for mid-distance haulage and heavy-duty, local distribution. It comes in two versions: Axor-R and Axor C.

The Axor is available as a two- and three-axle air-sprung semitrailer tractor (4 x 2 and 6 x 2) and as a two-, three- or four-axle tractor vehicle (4 x 2 plus 4 x 4, 6 x 4 and 8 x 4) with 18 to 32 tonnes gross vehicle weight. Under the hood there is a 6.4-liter OM 906 LA unit is available with the output settings 238, 252 and 286 HP, OM 926 LA 7.2-liter engine with 326 HP and OM 457 LA engine with output ranging from 355 HP to 422 HP. This engines can be coupled to a Mercedes PowerShift G 211-12 automated transmission.

Mercedes is offering a range of genuine accessories including a roof-mounted air conditioning unit, which can be fitted to the Actros in place of the roof hatch on the Megaspace or L-cab with high roof. The MB Cool Air 800 can be operated by remote control to keep the cab at a pleasant temperature in all situations. Installation kits are likewise available for the Axor and Atego, as is a protective hood to match the air conditioning unit.

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