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Mercedes Atego is the perfect truck for distribution work in town. It comes with low fuel consumption, outstanding reliability and superb agility. Customers can order a total of five different cabs for the Atego, and each of these comes with a choice of three different cockpits.

The Atego comes with a choice of 4 and 6-cylinder in-line engines with outputs between 150 and 279 hp. It comes with a choice of three different 6-speed gearboxes or a new 9-speed direct-drive gearbox (with eight forwards gears and one crawler gear). The latter’s hydraulic/pneumatic gearshift ensures easy gear changes. Precise low-speed manoeuvrings is also possible thanks to the low crawler and reverse gear ratios. And servicing is easier, since the gearshift hydraulic oil is maintenance-free for the entire truck service life.

There are four cabs, covering a wide range of applications. The two S Day-Cabs are ideal for town – compact on the outside and spacious on the inside. The two L Sleeper-Cabs have space for comfortable beds – for overnight stops.

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Winning the "Truck of the Year" award in 2009 the Actros is one of the best sold trucks in Mercedes’ line-up. Currently in its third generation, Actros comes with a choice of two, three or four axles and with nine power outputs spanning the range from 320 hp to 598 hp.

Actros is powered by a choice of OM 501 LA and OM 502 LA engines. The six and eight-cylinder units with power outputs from 320 hp to 476 hp, with six 11.9-liter engines and the three 15.9-liter V8 engines with power outputs from 510 hp to 598 hp. This engines can be mated to a new 12-speed Mercedes-Benz PowerShift Offroad automated transmission offered with Power mode, Rocking mode, Manoeuvring mode and EcoRoll mode.

More robust, more economical, even better for mounting bodies and more comfortable - is how the new construction Actros comes across to its discerning customers. They can look forward to a host of improvements that provide the Actros with extra physical protection, make it even easier to integrate new bodies and make the driver’s working day much more comfortable.

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