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The MB100 is an old Mercedes van sold in Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. The van has a long history behind, but despite being pretty popular on the emergent markets it went out of production in 2004.

The vehicle was built in Korea and shared the same design and technologies with the SsangYong Istana. Unfortunately the only Mercedes part found at the van was the badge, so don’t expect to the same level of reliability and refinement that is usually found at any Mercedes vehicle.

The van was a pretty rugged workhorse built with practicality in mind and was available in both commercial and passenger versions.

Power options included two engines namely a 2.3 liter diesel and a 2.2 liter petrol.

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For a pretty long period of time, the old Sprinter was considered the best van on the market, but in its latest years of existence the German LCV was starting to show its age and some rivals caught up and managed to overtake it.

The previous sprinter was sold between 1995 – 1996 and has managed to conquer the world of big panel vans pretty fast, thanks to its superior technologies and the famous German reliability.

Even today, the used Sprinters hold their value well and you can pay a pretty big price for vehicle in decent condition.

Like the new model , the old Mercedes Sprinter was also offered in various shapes with gross vehicle weights ranging from 2.8 tonnes to 4.6 tonnes with three lengths and roof heights. Mercedes had always lead the way when it comes to modern technologies and the old Sprinter made no exception as it was the first van to come with standard ABS brakes (from 120 versions above). Moreover, since 2003 the ABS was offered as standard equipment on the entire Sprinter range and ESP was also added.

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While there are a lot of vehicles that claim to be the best off-roader, there is only one which truly deserves this distinction.

With GVWs (gross vehicle weights) between 7,5 – 14, 1 tonnes, the Mercedes Benz Unimog is the ultimate off roader and was build from the ground up to never back down regardless of the working conditions.

Built on the strong base of the legendary Unimog, the 3000-5000 series are the biggest Unimogs ever built and are offered with a choice of two cab configuration and two Euro 5 engines which develop 177 hp and 218 hp.

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The U20 is the smallest member of the Unimog family. The truck was launched in 2009 and comes with the typical Unimog versatility. The U 20 is highly appreciated for its excellent maneuverability given by the compact dimensions (wheelbase 2.7 m, overall height 2.70 m, overall width 2.15 m) and its handling qualities in difficult terrain. The Mercedes Benz Unimog u20 can serve as a universal tool for a wide range of applications and thanks to its gross vehicle weights of 7.5 to 9.3 t it can carry massive loads on any terrains.

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TheMercedes Benz Unimog is around for some time now, as it tackles the harshest working conditions since the Second World War. The Unimog is an iconic off roader which has built itself a very strong reputation being one of the most appreciated vehicles in its class.

The Unimog is the smaller brother of the Zetros and is offered in a wide range of versions with different engines and wheelbases. There are two Unimog families available the Unimog 300 - 500 and the Unimog 3000- 5000.

The Unimog 300, 400 and 500 range covers permissible gross vehicle weights from 7.5 t to 16 t, each model coming with a choice of two wheelbase lengths and two engine outputs.

The Unimog 300-500 are offered with a choice of four- and six-cylinder in-line engines from the OM 904 LA and OM 906 LA series.

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Mercedes is planning to extend its trucks lineup with the addition of a new model. The fresh truck bears the name Antos and was specifically engineered for heavy duty short radius distribution applications.

The new vehicle has borrowed many technologies and design lines from the Actros which is its bigger brother, but it features a character of its own and a unique cab configuration that was designed specifically for short delivery purposes.

The Mercedes Antos will be offered with a choice of medium- and short-size cabs and will be available with a range of 13 engines that will meet the latest Euro VI emission requirements.

For the moment, Mercedes revealed only a few details about its new Antos, but the truck will make its global debut in Frankfurt at the Commercial Vehicle IAA in September, so stay posted for more information.

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Mercedes is well known for its nice luxury cars that can move you in full comfort from point A to point B. Everyone likes these cars, as they are like small oases of luxury and make you feel relaxed and safe wherever you are.

The German manufacturer however, has also a darker side. This time the intelligence of its engineers was put to work with the main purpose of constructing the ultimate heavy duty work truck. The result was the Zetros which is the toughest truck built by the company. The vehicle has a bullet proof build quality and it’s so tough, that even if you’ll drive it in the middle of a war zone it will feel just like a walk in the park.

The Mercedes Zetros is available in all-wheel drive, two-axle models with a gross vehicle weight of 16.5 or 18.0 tonnes, as well as three-axle vehicles with a maximum of 25.0 or 27.0 tonnes. The payload for the two-axle models is almost ten tonnes, while for the three-axle models it is 16 tonnes (excluding body weight).

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There aren’t many light commercial vehicles available on the market that are able to stack up with success against the Mercedes Vito. The vehicle is one of the best built models in its segment and is equipped with a range of efficient Euro 5 engines which offer payload capacities between 850 kg -1.125 kg. The Mercedes Vito is also pretty versatile too and comes with numerous body options including van, crew van, temperature controlled and minibus versions. Moreover, there are also available three body lengths including compact, long and extra-long models with standard or high roof configurations.

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The Mercedes Benz Econic was designed as a versatile vocational truck which can serve to a very wide range of applications including refuse, fire and emergency airport services, delivery etc.

TheMercedes Benz Econic received its latest upgrades in 2010 when it was equipped with a more efficient Euro 4 engine with Blue technology and a new folding door with a wider opening.

The Econic is available with high-roof cab (1935 mm height, 2280 mm width and 2000 mm length) and low-roof cab (1485 mm height, 2280 mm width and 2000 mm length).

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The Mercedes Vario is one of the most versatile vehicles built by the German manufacturer. The Vario can be used for a wide range of commercial and construction purposes and is available in many variants which include panel van, box body, tipper pickup and even bus. There are also two cab configurations available which include the standard and the crew cab models.

The model was introduced back in 1986 when it was originally named the Transporter 2. The vehicle received the name Vario in 1996 and since then it was continuously improved and upgraded.

The Mercedes Vario has a starting price of $55.550 and is equipped with a 4 cylinder diesel engine which meets the latest Euro 5 emission standards being among the most fuel efficient units in its class.

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