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The Nissan Frontier started its life back in 1997 when it came as a replacement for the old D21 Nissan Hardbody Truck.

The first generation of the Frontier (also known as the Navara) was designed as a small pickup truck which doesn’t offer the same towing abilities as a full sized pickup, but it comes with a better fuel consumption and a high level of versatility.

While the new generation Frontier can be considered a medium sized pickup, the 1997 model came with smaller dimensions and weaker engines being considered part of the small class of pickups.

The first generation Nissan Frontier wasn’t as muscular as the current model, but it was still a solid choice if you were seeking for a trustful and versatile working vehicle.

The 1997 Frontier was offered with various engines option and body styles included regular and Extended cabs. In 2000 there was also introduced a double cab version that was a worldwide premiere for a compact pickup.

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Nissan is among the first companies who started to build pickups and ever since the beginnings its models were highly appreciated.

The Frontier is along for some time now and its capable performances and the famous Japanese reliability have always helped it stay in front of the pack.

The vehicle benefited from a significant upgrade in 2001 when it received a modern exterior style and a supercharged V6.

The vehicle was available in Desert Runner, King Cab and Crew Cab configurations and was offered with both 4x2 and 4x4 drives.

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Next to the Toyota Hilux , the Nissan Navara was for a long time the favorite choice in the pickup segment, thanks to its go anywhere abilities and the good compromise between comfort and practicality.

However, in the latest years many things have changed and The Hilux and Navara are no longer the only players that worth to be taken into consideration.

The pickup trucks segment is now more populated than ever and the Navara needs to compete with strong rivals, like the new Isuzu D Max , Volkswagen Amarok or Mazda BT 50 .

With these threats on its mind, Nissan decided to raise the bar of its iconic Navara and came up with a set of upgrades to spice things up a little.

The new generation Navara was developed together with the Pathfinder which makes it more than a bare bones work horse. The vehicle comes with a wide choice of cab configurations which includes a King Cab model with suicide doors and a standard Double Cab with conventional doors. Unfortunately, there is no single cab option available.

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The new Nissan NV400 is a highly versatile vehicle and it’s available in a wide range of configurations. While until now the company didn’t revealed too many details about its range of factory build NV400 conversions, now it has finally decided to break the silence.

The new Nissan NV400 is now available in six and nine seat minibuses, crew vans and both single and double cab dropside and tipper conversions. Apart from the models listed above the new Nissan NV400 will be also available as a box van, Luton and refrigerated van, plus a 14-17 seat minibus.

Firstly, the NV400 chassis cab is offered in a total of 13 versions with mid or long wheel bases and single or twin rear wheel drive. The NV400 chassis cab is powered by the 2.5 dCi diesel engine which is available in two power outputs – 125 hp and 150 hp.

The NV400 minibus offers space for up to nine people but it’s also available with a six seats configuration. This version has a starting price of £26,575 and comes with a choice of two engines with 100 hp and 125 hp on tap.

Appealing to those seeking for crew transportations, the crew van comes with seven seats and a generous load area. For this version you’ll have to pay not less than £25,565 and you can choose from numerous payloads of up to 1398 kg and both front or rear wheel drive configurations.

There is also a dropside model on offer, with a starting price of £23,365 for the single cab and £25,765 for the double cab. The Nissan NV400 dropside is offered with a choice of either single three seat or a double seven seat cab, front or rear wheel drive and a range of payloads up to 1,462kg.

For those looking for a reliable construction partner designed to go head to head with arduous working conditions without backing down, Nissan offers its NV400 tipper. The tipper’s load deck tilts automatically at 45 degree for easy unloading and comes with a wide range of payloads of up to 1,227kg. This model is offered in two versions with prices starting from £24,765 for the single cab and £27,165 for the double cab.

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The Nissan NP 200 is a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) designed for the emergent markets and is built in South Africa at Nissan’s Rosslyn plant, north of Pretoria. The vehicle was designed for light duty commercial purposes and competes against models like the Peugeot Hoggar and Fiat Strada.

The Nissan NP 200 comes as a replacement for the old 1400 model and it’s powered by a highly efficient 1.6 liter engine which delivers a maximum output of 85 hp and 128 Nm of torque. Thanks to its torquey engine, the vehicle has a maximum load capacity of 800 kg. The Nissan NP 200 is offered with a class-leading warranty of 6 years or 150 000km.

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In commercial vehicle terms, Nissan didn’t manage to get too much attention from the market. Their LCVs had been popular, but it will be too much to say that they’ve put the sales charts on fire. But while in Europe the company has started to receive a better response thanks to its wide lineup of commercial models, in America Nissan still finds it hard to convince it’s buyers about the value of their products.

The Nissan NV Cargo was designed especially for the US market and it’s a highly versatile commercial vehicle available in three versions namely the NV1500, NV2500 HD and NV3500 HD. There are also two height configurations and the vehicle has a storage capacity between 234.1 - 323.1 cubic feet.

The Nissan NV Cargo has a competitive price which starts at $ 25.050 and it’s offered with a choice of two engines including V6 and a V8 units.

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Nissan ’s lineup of commercial vehicles is among the largest you’ll find around, but despite this fact the company didn’t manage to catch too much attention from the buyers. The Nissan NV200 however, was received with better eyes by the market mostly because it has the biggest load area in its class and a good reliability. The vehicle also comes with a spacious and comfortable interior and features a modern and attractive design.

Thanks to its relatively small dimensions, it’s also easy to be driven around town and it has a maximum payload capacity of 771kg. The vehicle has a starting price of $23000 and is powered by a 1.5 dCi diesel which develops a maximum power of 86hp.

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The Nissan Interstar shared the same underpinnings with the previous generations Renault Master and Opel Movano. The vehicle was built since 2003 and it was discontinued in 2011 when it was replaced by the NV400 .

The old Nissan Interstar was replaced at the perfect time, as its design was starting to show its age, and the technology was also starting to rust. The vehicle however, was seen with good eyes and for its time was a pretty good product which offered a satisfactory cab comfort, numerous wheelbase lengths and different body configurations. The Nissan Interstar was available with a 2.5-litre dCi diesel producing 100hp, 120hp and 150hp.

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Together with the Cabstar and NV400, the Primastar completes Nissan ’s lineup of light commercial vehicles. The vehicle was design together with the Renault Traffic and Opel Vivaro and shares the same design and underpinnings with its two siblings.

The Primastar is one of the most versatile models in Nissan ’s lineup and is offered with both long or short wheelbase and two roof heights. Under the hood, the Nissan Primastar is equipped with either a 2.0 liter or 2.5 liter diesel engines which develop 115 hp and 146 hp respectively. The vehicle has a payload capacity of up to 1.2 tones and is priced from $25000.

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The Nissan Patrol chassis cab was built for lightweight duties and features a rugged off road character enhanced by a capable all wheel drive system and the generous ground clearance. With a gross vehicle mass of up to 3400 kg, the vehicle is one of the most versatile chassis cab models available on today’s market and feels like home on any terrain, being able to deal effortless with river crossings, sand dunes or muddy construction sites.

The rear axle of the Nissan Patrol chassis cab can be equipped with either leaf suspensions or with coil springs.

Under the hood the vehicle is equipped with a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine which has a maximum output of 160hp.

The Nissan Patrol chassis cab has a starting price of $50.000 and is available in two trim levels - the DX and the ST.

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