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The Scania G Series is the perfect compromise between the bigger R Series and the smaller P Series . The truck is as versatile as its other two siblings and features the same fluid design that is so appreciated by truckers from all over the world.

Under the hood, the Scania G-Series is powered by either a 13-liter inline 6-cylinder or a 9 liter engine. Thanks to its versatile character the truck is offered in four pre-configured specifications for a variety of applications. The Scania G Series is also available in 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 or 8x4 configurations with Day, Sleeper or Highline cabs.

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Few truck manufacturers can compete against Scania and its biggest rivals usually come only from Mercedes or Volvo Volvo . Scania’s trucks however, have something of their own, and we are not talking only about the design which is the best in the segment. The engines are also among the best, while the build quality is part of the high class as well.

The P series is the small brother of the Scania family and it was designed for delivery transportations and light construction sites. The truck also offers the widest cab range in its class with 5 configurations namely the Short cab, Day cab, Low cab and also two versions of Sleeper cabs.

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One of the most appreciated truck manufacturers from all over the world is Scania. These trucks offer a great value for money and they also have excellent performances combined with low fuel consumption. Their build quality is top notch and they are born to carry massive payloads for long hauls in maximum safety.

The jewel crown of the Scania range is the R Series which competes in the premium 44 tonnes segment against models like the Mercedes Actros orVolvo FH . The R Series was redesigned and upgraded in 2010 when has received both style and technical upgrades. In the same year the Scania R Series was also named the International Truck of the Year. The truck is available in four cab configurations including Day Cab, Sleeper cab Low, Sleeper Cab Normal Sleeper Cab high and Topline.

Scania’s top of the line truck has received new styling updated and engine improvements for the 2010 model year. The V8 engine is offered in four versions: 500, 560, 620 and 730 hp and a maximum of 3500 NM of torque.

The new V8 engine is offered only in combination with Scania Opticruise, either the fully automated version or with a clutch pedal, both featuring the re-designed software introduced recently. The Scania Retarder is an option.

The new V8 truck range receives Scania, model and V8 badges in chrome finish at the front and chrome trim around the fresh air intakes, V8 symbol on sideskirts, distinct front grille in Black Brilliant with special mesh pattern, Xenon headlights (option) with dark surrounds, specially-styled exhaust tailpipe with chrome-finish cover plate on left-hand side.

"This unique combination of performance, transport efficiency, fuel economy, dura-bility and driver appeal means high productivity in all respects. As a result, Scania V8 truck models have the highest resale value in the market. The new styling further builds on this image."

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The Limited Edition Dark Diamond is based on the new Scania R-series and is available with Highline or Topline cabs, fitted with a powerful V8 engine, specified for either Euro 4 or Euro 5. It will be limited to 100 vehicles, each numbered and signed by Sven-Erik “Svempa” Bergendahl himself.

The Scania Dark Diamond features a metallic blue carbon and high-gloss piano black finishes, chrome details, customized exterior graphics and a meticulously detailed interior.

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The 2010 Scania G-series cabs offers drivers more spacious accommodation and additional interior storage space, compared with P-series cab variants that continue to be available on the market. The truck is available in the Day Cab and Sleeper configurations, for rigid or prime mover applications, or Highline Cab on special order.

The G-Series is powered by a 13-liter inline 6-cylinder with 360hp, 400hp, 440hp and 480hp depending on the model. Scania’s 13-liter engines have high torque in relation to power, which means better driveability, effortless cruising and greater fuel economy because the engine is not working so hard at a given engine speed.

The Scania 13-liter engine develops so much torque, up to 2,500Nm between 1,000rpm and 1,300rpm for the 480hp version that it is always able to handle big loads or big roads with ease. In 440hp guise, the engine delivers 2,300Nm of torque, and 2,100Nm from 400hp, while even the 360hp version has 1,850Nm on tap. All deliver peak torque between 1,000rpm and 1,300rpm.

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Scania’s P-Series has been updated with a series of new high-torque 13-liter EGR engines with output ranging from 230 HP to 420HP and 2100 NM of torque.

The Scania P-series offers one of the broadest cab ranges in the market. The range includes short cabs, day cabs and sleeper cabs, as well as low-entry and crew cabs. These cabs can be combined with innumerable chassis options and wheel configurations, including four frame strengths and four chassis heights.

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Scania unveiled today the most powerful truck of all times: the R-series 730. It uses a V8 engine delivering an impressive 3500 Nm and 730 hp. It is based on the modular engine platform and technologies used on Scania’s newest inline 5- and 6-cylinder engines, while also sharing numerous features and components with the existing V8s.

“Scania’s V8 trucks have built a niche of their own in the truck market,” says Henrik Henriksson, Senior Vice President Trucks at Scania. “The majority of Scania’s V8 customers buy for rational reasons. They need the performance, dependability and availability to get their job done as efficiently as possible.”

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Scania’s best selling truck has been redesigned for 2010, both inside and out. And their work has been rewarded as the new R-Series was named 2010 Truck of the year.

On the exterior the 2010 R-Series gets more pronounced horizontal lines and a new vertical theme, new grille, with more distinct horizontal bars, a new bumper with optional LED daytime running lights and high-pressure headlamps and new sideskirts.

For the interior Scania opted for a new dashboard and new materials. Also customer can choose from a long list of factory options. Ergonomics have been further improved and the storage facilities around the driver enhanced to accommodate all the items that need to be at hand when driving.

The 2010 R-Series receives new fuel tank options and relocated batteries that boost maximum fuel capacity to 1,500 liters on 4x2 tractor units. Various other features further enhance fuel economy and reduce operating costs. A new extra-fast rear axle ratio provides scope for optimum fuel economy without overdrive.

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