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The Suzuki Every is a micro van available in both commercial an passenger versions. The model was originally called the Carry, but after a while it was renamed the Every.

The Every is available with both 4x2 and 4x4 configurations and received a series of upgrades in 2007. Unlike other boxy Japanese models, the Suzuki Every isn’t sold only in its home market and it can be found in many other regions.

The vehicle is basically a rebadged version of the Mazda Scrum and it shares the same engines and technologies with its twin. Power comes from a 660 cc engine which is mated on either three of four speed automatic transmissions.

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Suzuki isn’t the first manufacturer that will cross your mind when somebody asks you about pickups. There is no secret that the company didn’t had the necessary know-how to build its own 4x4 platform and in order to spare a serious amount of money, Suzuki decided to ally with Nissan.

The result was Equator, Suzuki’s first 4x4 pickup which is basically a rebadged Nissan Navara (also known as the Frontier). The product is a pretty interesting one, offering a good mix between Suzuki’s core values and Nissan’s reliability.

The Equator price starts at $ 17200 and is available as either a four seat Extended Cab or a five seat Crew Cab. There are two power outputs available namely 152 hp and 261 hp, with 883 kg and 1393 kg payload capacities.

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The Suzuki APV is part of the micro van league and despite its compact exterior dimensions features a pretty spacious cargo area which permits you to transport light loads around the city. APV stands for "All Purpose Vehicle" and the name is perfectly suited for the versatile character of the vehicle which is offered in both van and passenger versions.

The vehicle competes against models like theDFSK Loadhopper , Piaggio Porter or Daihatsu Hijet . The Suzuki APV received its latest upgrades in 2005 and comes with a pretty pleasant interior and a cargo capacity of 3.4 cubic meters. Under the bonnet, the Suzuki APV is fitted with a 1.6 liter engine that develops a maximum output of 91 hp.

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The Suzuki Carry is now out of production, but it was a pretty iconic vehicle produced between 1999 - 2005. The Carry occupied a segment of its own, as at its time there weren’t many micro-vans rolling on the UK’s streets.

The truck was offered in both van and chassis cab versions and was aimed at those looking for a commercial vehicle, with minimum costs of ownership which would also be able to carry some load at the back. The Suzuki Carry was engineered as a small working horse, designed without all the bells and whistles of its bigger siblings.

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