2005 Volkswagen Worker

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The Volkswagen Worker is sold solely on the South American market together with the bigger Constellation model.

The truck was designed as a basic mechanical work horse which is able to do a wide range of jobs with minimum costs and maximum productivity.

The Volkswagen Worker range is offered with numerous wheelbases including 2,850, 3,300, 3,900 and 4,300 mm lengths with various GVWs (gross vehicle weights) that range between 8 tonne to 31 Tonne. Thanks to its long list of options and body versions the Volkswagen Worker is among the most versatile vehicles built by the German manufacturer.


Volkswagen Worker

Volkswagen ’s commercial vehicles never shined when it comes to exterior design and even its newest models don’t have that “turning head” effect which has started to be seen lately at some vehicles in the segment.

But while Volkswagen ’s European LCVs still have a touch of modern style in their design, the South American Worker is far from being considered anywhere close to today’s design standards, as Volkswagen decided to adopt a pretty basic shape, hence don’t expect to any fluid lines or aerodynamic style.

The truck is not far by looking like a brick on wheels and the cab over engine configuration enhances its rugged character. At the front, we find a dull black grille which reminds us of the old Volkswagen designs.

Depending on the engine power and GVW there are small design differences between the models. The weaker versions come with rectangular main lights which are placed on each side of the grille, while at the stronger versions the lights were placed lower into the bumper and feature a circular shape.

The high ground clearance is another proof for the versatile nature of the Worker and is combined with a heavy duty bumper which was build to resist to various impacts without backing down.


Volkswagen Worker

Hop inside and you’ll find a familiar design which looks pretty similar with the Constellation model. Don’t expect to any soft touching surfaces or futuristic designs as Volkswagen did its best to keep the truck’s costs to a minimum, hence we’ll have to settle with a dull and rudimentary style.

The good part is that the build quality wasn’t affected by Volkswagen rush for low costs of manufacturing and everything is well fitted and looks lasting.

The main controls are placed on the dashboard in a similar way with the old passenger cars built by Volkswagen which makes them easy to reach. You also have plenty of cup holders, cubby holes and different console to keep you things.

The instrument cluster looks at least 3 generations behind, but it’s fairly easy to read and won’t distract you from the road.

The rudimentary character of the truck can be also seen in the basic design of the seats, which are flat and lack any lateral support. Though, they come with a few adjustments which will permit you to find a better driving position.

Talking about driving position, you sit pretty high which gives you a commanding view of the road, enhanced by the gargantuan windshield and the plate sized door mirrors.

Engines and Transmissions

Volkswagen Worker

The truck is offered with a choice of Cummins and MWM engines which develop between 114 and 260 hp with maximum torques of 400 Nm- 900 Nm.

The Cummins engines feature a turbo charger with wastegated designs to optimize operation for improved response across the torque curves. To be more reliable, the engines also come with a forged steel crankshaft.

Regardless of what output you’ll choose, the Cummins units are able to deliver a strong amount of power and are fairly responsive. You won’t complain about their towing abilities either and they are pretty smooth. The MWM engines are also up to the task and can get the job done without whining.

Depending on the model, the truck is offered with Eaton manual Synchromesh transmissions with 5, 6 or 10 speed configurations.
Volkswagen Worker Engines Specifications

8.120MWM 4.10-TCA-EURO III84.6 @ 2400400 @ 1600Eaton FS-4305-C Synchromesh 5 Speed
8.150ECummins Interact 4.0-EURO III110 @ 2500550 @ 1400 – 1700Eaton FS-4305-C Synchromesh 5 Speed
13.170EMWM 4.10-TCA-EURO III125 @ 25000600 @ 1200 – 1600Eaton FS-4205-A Synchromesh
13.180MWM 6.10 TCA-EURO III127 @ 2400600 @ 1700Eaton FS-4205-A Manual Synchromesh 5 Speed
13.180EMWM 4.12 TCE-EURO III132 @ 2200600 @ 1600 – 2000Eaton FS-4205-A Manual Synchromesh 5 Speed
15.170ECummins Interact 4.0-EURO III125 @ 2500600 @ 1200 – 1600Eaton FS-4205-A Manual Synchromesh 5 Speed
15.180MWM 6.10 TCA-EURO III127 @ 2400600 @ 1700Eaton FS-4205-A Manual Synchromesh 5 Speed
15.180EMWM 4.12 TCE-EURO III132 @ 2200600 @ 1600 – 2000Eaton FS-4205-A Manual Synchromesh 5 Speed
17.180MWM 6.10 TCA-EURO III127 @ 2400600 @ 1700Eaton FS 5306-A Manual Synchromesh 6 Speed
17.220Cummins C8.3215 P5-0-EURO III160 @ 2200888 @ 1400Eaton FS 6306-A Manual Synchromesh 6 Speed
17.250ECummins Interact 6.0-EURO III184 @ 2500950 @ 1200 - 1700Eaton FS-6306-B Manual Synchromesh 6 Speed
24.220Cummins C8.3215 P5-0-EURO III160 @ 2200888 @ 1400Eaton FS-6306 A Manual Synchromesh 6 Speed
24.250ECummins Interact 6.0-EURO III184 @ 2500950 @ 1200 – 1700Eaton FS-6306 B Manual Synchromesh 6 Speed
26.220Cummins C8.3215 P5-0-EURO III160 @ 2200888 @ 1400Eaton RT 8908-LL Manual Synchromesh 10 Speed
26.260EMWM 6.12TCAE-EURO III (Turbo Intercooler)191 @ 2500900 @ 1300 - 1900Eaton RT 7608-LL Manual Synchromesh 10 Speed
31.260EMWM 6.12 TCAE-EURO III191 @ 2500900 @ 1300 – 1900Eaton RT 7608-LL Manual Synchromesh 10 Speed

Ride and handling

Volkswagen Worker

The ride is more on the harsh side and the suspension consists of the parabolic leaf springs combined with hydraulic shock absorbers and stabiliser bars. On the other hand, the ride will get better once you’ve put some weight at the back.

The steering is pretty accurate at high speeds and offers a good feedback, but at low speeds it could be considered a bit heavy. The stopping power isn’t as great as other trucks in the business, as the Worker comes with drum brakes at both front and rear.


Volkswagen Worker

If you need a reliable and capable truck, which comes without any fancy (and costly) technologies, that is capable to get the job done with minimum costs, then the Volkswagen Worker could be the perfect choice for you. The truck features a pretty basic engineering with a rudimentary cabin and exterior design. The good part is that the build quality is strong and the engines are up to the task, and are able to deal with almost anything you’ll throw at them.

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