Volkswagen trucks

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The Volkswagen Transporter range cab was launched for the first time in 1950. Since then it was continuously improved and today is one of the most capable commercial vehicles from the market. The model received major style and technical modifications in 2003, to be able to compete with success against models like the Ford Transit or Opel Movano . The most recent upgrade was made in 2010, but most of the changes were made under the bonnet and the overall designed remained mostly the same.

The Volkswagen Transporter chassis cab is available in both long and short wheelbases with either front or all wheel drive configurations and comes with a choice of single or double cabs.

With gross vehicle weights between 2.8-3.2 tones the vehicle has a starting price of $20.204 and is available with two diesel engines with maximum outputs, ranging from 85bhp 1.9 TDI to the 174bhp 2.5 TDI.

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The Volkswagen Crafter is built on the same platform as the Mercedes Sprinter and shares a lot of common elements with its conational sibling. The Volkswagen Crafter, was introduced in 2006, and was designed for the 3 to 5 tonne segment. Basically, the Crafter is the third generation of the Volkswagen LT truck, which was around since 1975.

There are three wheelbases available from 3.25m to 4.33m, three roof heights (low, high and extra high) and four body lengths, from 5.24m to 7.34m. And, with a load space that ranges from 7.5m3 to 17m3 the Crafter is capable of carrying payloads of up to 2,693kg. The Volkswagen Crafter is also available in both Single- and Crew-cab configurations and has a starting price of $36.000.

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