Can-Am created the Commander E LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) for comfort, safety, and convenience. It runs without gas, produces no emissions*, and is ultra-quiet. Tour the neighborhood, do your shopping, or go explore nature. It’s up to you. *Produces no emissions while running.

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  • 2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV
  • Year:
  • Engine:
    48V air-cooled electric motor, 3 phase AC induction, peak power of 30 hp, continuous power of 11 hp
  • Price:

2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV Key Base Features:

2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV
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• Double A-Arm Front Suspension with Dive-Control
• Torsional Trailing Arm Independent (TTI) Rear Suspension
• On-Demand Lockable Rear Differential
• Adjustable Driver’s Seat & Tilt Steering
• Dual-Level Cargo Box
• Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.)
• Heavy-Duty Front Bumper & Mudguards

2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV Key Package Features:

2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV
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• 26-in. Maxxis Cerros† tires on 14-in. cast-aluminum wheels
• LSV Options

2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV Features and Benefits:

2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV
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Industry-Leading Performance
This vehicle doesn’t use gas and produces no emissions, making it the perfect for touring the neighborhood, shopping, or exploring nature, all powered by a 48-Volt air cooled eclectic motor.

Zero Emissions
The 48-V air-cooled electric motor, AC induction, provides peak power of 30-hp. Coupled to a regenerative braking system, it recharges your battery power.

Low Noise Direct Drive Transmission
Equipped with an efficient, yet simple system, the Can-Am Commander™ Electric reduces drive noise for a super quiet ride.


2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV
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Precision-Engineered Handling
An on-demand lockable rear differential provides better handling on the road, and is also turf ready. But when conditions call for it, the differential can be locked for maximum traction.

Better Steering Feel
The Can-Am Commander’s Double A-arm front suspension is designed with dive-control geometry that works to eliminate diving under heavy breaking and rough terrain. The front end features 10-in of travel and five-way preload-adjustable motion-control shocks.

Eliminates Scrub and Camber Changes
The only independent rear suspension that eliminates scrub and camber changes, meaning the wheels pivot up and down rather than in a butterfly motion. This ensures the vehicle moves only in the direction you point it. Reconfigured for improved traction and optimal transfer of power to the ground.

Better Control
The Can-Am Commander™ Electric rear differential offers easy steering and improved turning stability, and is turf friendly. However, when conditions warrant, it can be locked for maximum traction.

Lightweight Tires and Wheels
With excellent traction on hard pack terrain and suitable for high operating pressures, these tires are installed on wheels featuring a strong lightweight construction.


Rider-Focused Design
Tilt steering and the driver’s seat easily adjust to fit a range of drivers and driving styles. The multi-function gauge includes speedometer, current, instantaneous power consumption, and odometer.

No Tools Required
Premium seating with a full backrest, lumbar and shoulder support and side bolsters for lateral support during aggressive riding. Tilt steering and an adjustable driver’s seat are easily adaptable to a range of drivers and driving styles. No tools required.

Exclusive and Versatile
The industry’s most versatile and usable cargo box design has a 600-lb cargo capacity, dual storage levels, anti-rust box, and tilt-assist dumping. Cargo box with two levels separated by a removable, water-resistant panel, that offers an upper and lower bed with their independent tailgate.

Standard Anti-Theft System
D.E.S.S. is the industry’s first standard anti-theft device. Electronic code in key must match code in ECU to start. Can-Am side-by-side vehicles come with two different keys. One limits top speed to 44 mph (70 km/h); the other has no limitations.

Superior Protection
A heavy-duty front bumper offers a beefier look and functionality. Plus, mudguards create an extra layer of protection for the occupants.

Automotive Inspired Features
Equipped with center and driver side mirrors, polycarbonate full windshield, horn, turn signals, and DOT safety belts, the Can-Am Commander™ Electric LSV complies with Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) qualifications. (See your local transportation regulations for details.)


TYPE 48V air-cooled electric motor, 3 phase AC induction, peak power of 30 hp, continuous power of 11 hp
TRANSMISSION Low noise direct drive, with high, low, park, neutral & reverse. Parking brakes electrically actuated
DRIVE TRAIN* Selectable 2WD/4WD shaft driven with lockable rear differential
BATTERIES (8) 12V, maintenance free lead acid
CAGE TYPE 2-in. (5.1 cm) diameter, high-strength steel
STEERING WHEEL ADJUSTMENT Adjustable tilt steering
FRONT SUSPENSION TYPE / SHOCKS* Double A-arm with drive-control geometry / Motion Control shocks
REAR SUSPENSION TYPE / SHOCKS* Torsional Trailing arm Independent rear suspension (TTI) with external sway bar / Motion Control shocks
REAR SUSPENSION TRAVEL* 10 in. (25.4 cm)
FRONT BRAKES Dual 214 mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers
REAR BRAKE Dual 214 mm ventilated disc brake with hydraulic single-piston caliper
TIRES / FRONT* Maxxis Ceros† 25 x 9 x 12 in. (63.5 x 22.9 x 30.5 cm)
TIRES / REAR* Maxxis Ceros 25 x 11 x 12 in. (63.5 x 27.9 x 30.5 cm)
WHEELS* Painted steel
DRY WEIGHT* 1,914 lb (870 kg)
L X W X H (IN)* 118.3 x 58.6 x 72 in.
L X W X H (CM)* 300 x 149 x 183 cm
WHEELBASE 75.8 in. (192.4 cm)
GROUND CLEARANCE* 11 in. (27.9 cm)
TOWING CAPACITY 1,500 lb (680 kg)
CARGO BOX CAPACITY Total: 600 lb (272 kg)
Upper: 400 lb (181 kg)
Lower: 200 lb (91 kg)
COCKPIT STORAGE Glove box: 4.5 gal (17.2L)
INSTRUMENTATION Multifunction digital gauge: Speedometer, voltage, current, instantaneous power consumption, odometer, trip and hour meters, rear differential status, gear position, ECO™ mode, seat belt and 4x4 indicator, diagnostics, clock, auto shut off and state of charge
ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.™ )
LIGHTING 240-W from four 60-W projectors with tail lights / brake light
DC OUTLET Lighter type in console, standard connector in the back (15-A)
• 26-in. Maxxis Ceros tires
• 14-in. cast-aluminum wheels
• Heavy-duty front bumper
• Rugged bed rails
• Mudguards
• Polycarbonate full windshield
• Horn
• DOT safety belts
• Center and driver side mirrors
• Flasher kit
• Illuminated license plate holder
• 2WD with lockable rear differential
FACTORY 6 months limited warranty
EXTENDED B.E.S.T. available from 6 to 30 months
COLOR Pearl White
PRICE $18,099

*Base Model Specifications

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