• 2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV SE

We live in an age of increasing concerns about the environment and the depletion of non-renewable resources (read: fossil fuels) worldwide. Demand is growing for clean, efficient vehicles, and Can-Am embraces this push with the release of its 2015 Commander E LSV SE. Can Am built the side-by-side LSV (low-speed vehicle) with comfort, safety and convenience in mind. Whether you are in the market for a clean nature-exploration vehicle, a grocery getter in a planned community or a really boss golf cart, the Commander E LSV SE is your huckleberry.

  • 2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV SE
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    48V air-cooled electric motor, 3 phase AC induction
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2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV SE Exterior
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In most cases, electric vehicles are lightly built for obvious reasons. Can-Am threw this convention to the wind when they added a dual-level dump bed with a whopping 600-pound carrying capacity. The heavy-duty front bumper looks like it could really lay the smack down, as opposed to just being a Styrofoam-filled plastic body panel so prevalent these days.

Can-Am opted for a hard-top cover that offers more overhead protection than a rag top, and can be removed and installed without the benefit of tools, and it is mounted onto the strong, 2-inch-diameter roll cage. DOT safety belts and web doors round out the passenger safety features, and it comes stock with rear-view and driver-side mirrors, polycarbonate windshield, horn, turn signals and an illuminated license plate holder for road safety and LSV requirements compliance.


2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV SE Exterior
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A tough, all-steel frame serves as the bones of this beast. The gnarly looking but lightweight tires provide plenty of traction on hard-pack terrain, and are mounted onto lightweight, 12-inch rims that collectively keep the unsprung weight low to improve traction. Ground clearance is adequate at 11 inches, and that coupled with the 10-inch suspension travel ensures that you can tackle moderately rough terrain with confidence while not beating the stew out of the driver and passenger.

Additionally, the rear suspension geometry was set up to prevent the camber changes normally associated with ’butterfly style’ suspension systems to provide better traction. The factory doesn’t say it aloud, but this system will also cause the rear tires to wear more evenly than the other style by avoiding riding on the inside edge of the tread when tackling rough terrain or when heavily loaded. The hydraulically actuated front and rear brakes use dual 214 mm discs to control vehicle speed and handle the not-inconsiderable weight of the almost one-ton vehicle, passengers, 600-pounds of cargo weight and an impressive 1,500-pound towing capacity.


2015 Can-Am Commander E LSV SE Exterior
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Proving that electric vehicles do not necessarily have to be ’weak sauce’, the air-cooled, three-phase AC induction 48-volt motor produces a peak output of 30 horsepower, with a sustained-output of 11 horsepower. Juice is stored in the battery bank that is comprised of eight, 12-volt, maintenance-free lead acid batteries, and a clever “regenerative braking” function converts kinetic energy back into electrical energy that recharges the batteries to help extend your range. The motor sends torque to the rear wheels through a direct-drive transmission, and both the motor and tranny are designed to be deadly quiet during operation, making it perfect for nature observation (or game stalking), neighborhoods, and hard core (all terrain?) golfers.


Can-Am offers this ride for $19,399 in a fetching Pearl White paint scheme. It has a six-month limited warranty, and the optional B.E.S.T. extended warranty can extend the protection out to 30 months.

He Said

“I’m no tree-hugger by any stretch of the imagination, but even I can see the benefit of clean, renewable energy-driven vehicles. However, I think that it’s important to realize that the “emissions free” claim is entirely dependent upon the power source that you use to charge the batteries. Unless you are using solar panels, wind generators or some other sort of clean energy source, your power is still contributing to pollution through a coal-fired plant, or worse, nuclear plant. Keep this in mind before buying one of these and then congratulating yourself for being a steward of the environment.”

She Said

My wife and fellow writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "I love that this is an electric vehicle and a no-nonsense vehicle to boot. If Mad Max were a retiree living adjacent to a golf course, this is what he’d drive. If I had a ranch, I’d look at one of these as a way to scoot around the property. It’s quite a little workhorse."


TYPE: 48V Air-Cooled Electric Motor, 3 Phase AC Induction, Peak Power Of 30 Hp, Continuous Power Of 11 Hp
TRANSMISSION: Low Noise Direct Drive, With High, Low, Park, Neutral & Reverse. Parking Brakes Electrically Actuated
DRIVE TRAIN*: Selectable 2WD / 4WD Shaft Driven With Lockable Rear Differential
BATTERIES: (8) 12V, Maintenance Free Lead Acid
FRAME: Steel
CAGE TYPE: 2-In. (5.1 Cm) Diameter, High-Strength Steel
FRONT SUSPENSION TYPE / SHOCKS*: Double A-Arm With Dive-Control Geometry / Motion Control Shocks
REAR SUSPENSION TYPE / SHOCKS*: Torsional Trailing Arm Independent Rear Suspension (TTI) With External Sway Bar / Motion Control Shocks
FRONT BRAKES: Dual 214 Mm Ventilated Disc Brakes With Hydraulic Twin-Piston Calipers
REAR BRAKE: Dual 214 Mm Ventilated Disc Brake With Hydraulic Single-Piston Caliper
TIRES / FRONT*: Maxxis Ceros 25 X 9 X 12 Inch
TIRES / REAR*: Maxxis Ceros 25 X 11 X 12 Inch
WHEELS*: Painted Steel
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