• 2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo

The 2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo was especially developed for those who don’t want to be spotted easily. For 2014 the vehicle received a set of major upgrades which help it deal better with the tougher situations. Its revamped chassis is better suited for the requirements of today’s drivers, while the new FOX Podium high performances shocks were designed to keep your ride as comfortable as possible.

At the heart of the 2014 model year sits a bigger 783 cc SOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder, digital fuel-injected, 90-degree V-twin engine that pumps out 12 % more torque over a broad spread of the rev band and 26% more power than the old unit.

The 2014 model year also gets a stout new tubular-steel front brush guard and new high-intensity LED headlamps.

The 2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo can be yours for no less than $14,299.

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  • 2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo
  • Year:
  • Engine:
    Liquid-cooled, 90-degree, four-stroke V-twin
  • Transmission:
  • Energy:
    Digital Fuel Injection
  • Displacement:
    783 cc
  • Price:


2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534249

A Camouflaged New Two-Seater With A Trophy List of Bold Features

The all-new 2014 Kawasaki Teryx™ Camo’s genuine Realtree® APG™ HD® camouflage graphic treatment is designed to keep it from being spotted easily, but with a massive power increase, a rugged all-new chassis that’s both larger and stronger for 2014 and new premium FOX Podium high-performance shocks, the Teryx Camo can’t help but make a bold statement wherever it goes... and it can go just about anywhere!

The Camo model is built tough for work or play. In addition to its new chassis and larger, more-powerful engine, this rugged Side x Side’s features include a stout new tubular-steel front brush guard and new high-intensity LED headlamps, so you can navigate through dense and dark regions with complete confidence, and the Teryx Camo’s dependability can be counted on to return you safely back to home base.

Special Teryx Camo upgrades include:
• High Intensity LED Headlights
• Handy Cab Roof/Sun Top
• Premium Realtree APG HD camouflaged bodywork

The Teryx Camo side x side’s character-filled, purpose-built 90-degree V-twin is revered for its fantastic sound, stump-pulling power and amazing flexibility. For 2014, it packs more power than ever thanks to a substantial displacement bump from 749cc to 783cc. Those extra cubes generate a whopping 26% more power and 12% more torque right where you need it, in the low- to mid-range, which makes short work of scrambling up steep hills, stomping through mud bogs and crawling over rocks. The 2014 Teryx does all this while delivering better fuel efficiency than the old engine for even more driving time between fuel stops!

Kawasaki’s engineers achieved these goals via optimized camshaft profiles and revised exhaust headers that allow the Teryx’s new engine to consistently deliver exciting power when driving solo, with a passenger, or when carrying heavy loads. And yet the added torque hasn’t upset the Teryx’s super smooth character in the least, as its 90-degree V-twin design retains perfect primary balance to help keep things comfortable for the driver and passenger during long off-road treks.

Routing all that torque and power to the ground is a proven Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), centrifugal clutch assembly and a three-mode electronically selectable 4WD system that features instant access to 2WD, 4WD and 4WD+Front Differential Lock modes for optimum gearing and traction simply by rotating a dash-mounted switch. The CVT is well-known for its quick response and direct engine “feel” in sportier riding situations, and its unique engine braking capability can increase driver confidence on descents, while turning and in rough conditions. So whether it’s climbing a rocky uphill trail, negotiating a wet stream bed, hauling lumber for fixing fences on the farm, or just plain hauling down a wide-open two-track trail, the Teryx has an ideal drivetrain mode to handle it.

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Key Features:

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534248

• NEW Larger 783cc digital fuel-injected 90-degree V-twin offers more power than ever, delivered exactly where a Side x Side needs it most. Even better... it does it all while delivering better fuel economy!
• NEW fully adjustable FOX Podium piggyback reservoir shocks offer excellent sporty control and plush ride comfort
• NEW Super-strong double-X frame design with integrated ROPS cage offers rigidity and durability for the Teryx® side x side’s extra weight and higher carrying capacity
• NEW premium Realtree® APG™ HD® camouflaged bodywork and more aggressive styling are a better match to the natural strength and performance of the new Teryx 4x4
• NEW Secure-latching doors allow quick and easy entry and are camouflaged to match the rest of the Teryx’s durable bodywork
• NEW LED headlamps provide higher intensity lighting for driving in low visibility conditions
• Rigid sun top helps keep Teryx Camo occupants cool in summer and a bit more dry in the winter
• NEW Kawasaki Strong 3 Year Limited Warranty backs-up the premium engineering with the longest warranty coverage in its class
• Kawasaki engineering and construction that is visibly strong, with high-quality welds, large bearings, stout U-joints and a premium look that can only be found on Teryx® side x sides
• Electric Power Steering (EPS) system offers low-effort steering and extra damping at speed and in rough going
• Roomy interior lets the driver and passenger stretch out, while ample cargo space means you can take along plenty of supplies and gear
• Superb off-road ability, including high-grade Maxxis Bighorn 26” tires on 12” rims, 11.1” of ground clearance, a 17-degree break-over angle, and 23.6” water fording depth
• Continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a centrifugal clutch offer sporty performance and the slow-speed throttle precision needed in tricky or slow-speed conditions
• Electronic three-mode transfer case is controlled by a handy cockpit switch and allows instantaneous changes from 2WD to 4WD and 4WD with differential lock for maximum traction situations
• Dual 200mm front discs and a sealed multi-plate rear brake system help provide stopping power
• Convenience features include latching doors, auto-style parking brake, roomy cargo area, full instrumentation, passenger hand-holds, over fenders for mud protection, easy-opening front hood for maintenance and much more
• Multi-function instrumentation offers the driver a host of important information, including speed, hour meter, fuel level and much more.

New more-powerful liquid-cooled 783cc v-twin engine

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534247

• NEW Larger 783cc SOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder, digital fuel-injected, 90-degree V-twin pumps out 12% more torque over a broad spread of the rev band, plus 26% more power, especially in the low- and mid-range, precisely where a Side x Side needs it.
• NEW With 20% improved fuel economy, the new 2014 Teryx goes farther than ever on one tank of gas
• Oversquare (85 x 69mm) engine dimensions and high-flow four-valve cylinder heads contribute to the Teryx’s superb acceleration, low- and mid-range pulling power and overall engine flexibility
• 90-degree V-twin configuration offers perfect primary balance, resulting in low engine vibration and maximum comfort for driver and passengers
• Aluminum cylinders are electrofusion-plated for light weight and excellent heat dispersion – all of which add durability and reliability
• Valve timing, lift and ignition timing are optimized, as is the exhaust system, for a powerplant that pumps out ideal power for a Side x Side
• Piston wall thickness, connecting rod bearing surfaces and crank journal surfaces are optimized for durability
• Engine can be started in gear as long as the brake pedal is depressed
• A heavy-duty liquid cooling system keeps temperatures under control in the harshest conditions, and provides long-term dependability
• Underhood snorkel air intake and massive air box feed the engine plenty of clean air while minimizing intake noise. Easy maintenance design promotes long engine life
• Paper air filter element offers plenty of surface area and excellent dust resistance
• Large-capacity radiator is compact and placed high in the chassis for protection against mud and debris, while a large cooling fan increases cooling capacity, especially during slower going and while towing heavy loads
• Large-diameter cooling-system hoses maximize coolant flow and overall capacity, while the coolant reservoir is located beneath the flip-up front cover for easy maintenance
• Engine weight is reduced via numerous advanced technologies, including lightened crank webs, rare earth magnet usage, a small generator, and paring excess material wherever possible
• An ignition cut-out helps preserve the brake system, by preventing driving while the parking brake is engaged

Digital Fuel Injection System

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534246

• Digital Fuel Injection (DFI®) system offers excellent throttle response and automatically adjusts for changes in temperature and elevation for optimum performance in a wide range of environments
• Teryx’s DFI system is controlled by a 32-bit ECU and continuously monitors coolant temperature, air-intake temperature and pressure, throttle position, vehicle speed and crankshaft angle, to automatically provide the ideal amount of fuel via two 36mm throttle bodies, which include 12-hole fine-atomizing injectors, for extremely stable power delivery regardless of the conditions
• FI system permits easy engine starting at low temperature and utilizes an Automatic Idle Speed Control and Automatic Fast Idle function to help ensure smooth engine warm up
• The high-pressure fuel pump located within the tank features a unique reservoir chamber at the bottom of the pump to help ensure air does not leak into the fuel system
• Specific Teryx-sized throttle bodies, optimized ignition timing and fine-atomizing injectors maximize low- and mid-range torque as well as offer excellent response at higher rpm

New Kawasaki automatic power-drive system CVT

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534245

• Featuring high and low ranges, plus reverse, this advanced and continuously variable transmission provides extremely direct engine feel along with instantaneous acceleration from the centrifugal clutch
• Transmission uses a strong, high-grade, Kevlar-impregnated belt designed to handle the high output of the engine. The drive converter shaft is hard chrome-finished for added durability
• The smooth centrifugal clutch is key to the Teryx’s superior acceleration precision at slow and very slow speeds
• Centrifugal clutch is located between the crankshaft and CVT drive pulley, which eliminates CVT belt shock and contributes to optimal transmission performance
• A large intake duct, located high to keep water and debris out, provides plenty of cooling air to the CVT
• Heat shielding on the exhaust pipe below the intake duct helps minimize CVT temperatures

Underhood snorkel air intake

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534244

• Underhood snorkel air intake and massive air box feed the engine plenty of clean air while reducing intake noise. Easy maintenance design promotes long engine life
• Paper air filter element offers plenty of surface area and increased dust resistance

Selectable four-wheel drive / locking front differential

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534243

• Selecting two- or four-wheel drive is as easy as rotating a switch located on the dash to quickly choose between 2WD / 4WD / 4WD+differential lock
• Limited-slip front differential reduces steering effort under normal four-wheel drive operation, while a convenient dash-mounted knob allows the front differential to be locked to help boost traction in slippery conditions

New stout double-x frame design and wide-body chassis

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534242

• NEW The super-strong double-X frame design bridges each of the boxed sections with cross members that significantly stiffen and strengthen the overall structure, adding durability and reducing flex
• NEW Strong tubular steel cab framework meets SAE J1194, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.4 and 7.5 requirements as a roll-over protective structure (ROPS) and helps protect driver and passengers from trees, bushes and other overhanging obstacles, while also lending extra strength to the double-X frame
• Steel guards protect the engine from rocks and other trail hazards
• NEW Sport-focused suspension has optimized spring and damping settings for high-performance riding and a high degree of comfort with extra passengers
• Wide-body track and new longer 85.8” wheelbase allows the ability to climb over obstacles that would ground longer and lower vehicles and offers a superior ride compared to smaller units with shorter wheelbases promotes secure handling, especially at speed, yet turning radius remains surprisingly tight – 16.7’
• NEW Short wheelbase offers other advantages, including a favorable breakover angle, which allows the Teryx to climb over obstacles without high-centering
• NEW Chassis offers 11.0” of ground clearance, an ideal compromise between sport handling and the ability to clear tough off-road obstacles
• NEW Frame design optimizes front and rear suspension lower A-arm lengths for precise handling and minimal geometry change throughout the suspension’s travel
• Engine and undercarriage guards provide maximum protection from rocks and debris
• NEW Chassis and suspension serve up an ideal balance of bump absorption, taut steering and ride comfort

New fox podium shocks and sport-focused suspension

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534241

• NEW High-performance gas-charged FOX Podium shocks on all-four corners feature remote reservoirs and adjustable spring preload and 24-way compression damping for excellent fade-resistant performance in the toughest conditions
• NEW 8.0” of front and 8.3” of rear wheel travel help provide a plush, controlled ride
• Sport-focused suspension has optimized spring and damping settings for high-performance driving and a high degree of comfort with extra passengers
• Independent rear suspension provides the best possible performance and handling over a wide-range of speeds
• The piggyback reservoirs on all-four shocks help reduce oil frothing under hard conditions by keeping the shocks cooler under strain
• A front torsion bar helps minimize body roll, maximizing chassis performance

High-performance brakes

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534240

• Dual front 200mm disc brakes gripped by rigid-mount 27mm twin-piston calipers provide powerful, fade-free braking and solid feel. To protect against damage and debris, the discs are tucked within wheel recesses
• Premium quality braided-stainless-steel lines provide excellent brake feel and consistency
• A sealed, oil-bathed multi-plate rear brake system provides maximum stopping power in almost any condition along with reduced maintenance due to its completely sealed design
• The sealed rear brake’s compact design contributes to excellent ground clearance

Large 26-inch tires

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534239

• 26-inch Maxxis tires developed specifically for Teryx side x sides provide outstanding traction in many different conditions
• Mounted on durable 12” rims, they are some of the largest tires available in the Side x Side category and provide outstanding rough terrain performance and obstacle clearance

New 600-lb. capacity cargo bed

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Interior
- image 534238

• NEW Strong 28” x 43” tilting cargo bed is both durable and plenty useful, especially with the Teryx’s increased 600-lb. payload capacity
• NEW With standard cargo hooks, the Teryx’s cargo bed helps carry quite a bit of gear, making it highly functional for work as well as play
• NEW Optional Kawasaki Tool Mount System allows for snap-mounting of Kawasaki accessories and/or tools to the bed rails
• Latching tailgate offers easy tool-free removal and features molded-in drink holders

New larger cockpit and more comfortable ergonomics

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534237

• NEW With its massive passenger compartment, the Teryx provides best-in-class shoulder and legroom
• NEW Form-fitting high-back bucket seats are three-way adjustable and feature retractable three-point seatbelts (with a shock absorbing anti-cinch system) to help provide a comfortable ride
• NEW Roomy seating position makes the Teryx easier get in and out of than other sport Side x Sides
• NEW Rear storage compartments offer 182 liters of total storage – the largest in the class – with sealed and latching lids to provide excellent water and dust resistance
• NEW Center tray with tie-hooks provides secure location for small cooler or tool/tackle box
• Hand holds for passenger are standard, making it easier to climb in and out
• A drink holder for each occupant is standard and helps boost comfort on long drives
• Padded sport-style steering wheel is positioned low for comfort

Multi-function digital display

2014 Kawasaki Teryx Camo Exterior
- image 534236

• Standard on all models, the Multi-function Display includes a digital speedometer (mph or kph), clock, dual trip meters plus 2WD/4WD/4WD w/ differential lock indicator, water temperature and fuel-injection warning indicators, digital fuel gauge, hour meter, parking-brake indicator, neutral, reverse and low-oil-pressure warning lights, and much more

New bodywork

• NEW all-new bodywork and more aggressive styling are styling are a better match to the natural strength and performance of a Teryx 4x4
• NEW Secure-latching doors allow quick and easy entry and are camouflaged to match the rest of the Teryx’s durable bodywork
• Premium Realtree® APG™ HD® camouflage coloring gives the CAMO a rugged, purposeful look to match its performance
• NEW Dual high-intensity LED headlights and a pair of 8/27W taillights mean you’ll see and be seen
• NEW Underbody engine guards protect vital components; smooth surface acts as a skid plate, which aids in clearing obstacles
• Strong thermoplastic olefin bodywork looks great and offers a scratch-resistant surface that’s capable of staying good-looking much longer than the cheap plastic bodywork offered by some competitors
• Rigid sun top helps keep Teryx Camo occupants cool in summer and a bit more dry in the winter
• Fender extensions help keep flinging mud at bay
• Strong all-steel front guard helps protect the nose from brush, trail debris and minor impacts
• Forward-tilting front hood assembly offers quick access to the radiator and front suspension components for easy maintenance and suspension tuning

Range / transportbility

• Large 7.9-gal. (30L) fuel tank and excellent fuel efficiency provide workers, campers, hunters and trail explorers the ability to get far, far away and back again
• Even with its wide track and big tires, the Teryx is compact enough to fit in the bed of most full-size pickup trucks

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

• Electrically powered system reduces steering effort, especially at low speeds when turning effort is greatest
• Input from vehicle speed and torque sensors determine the amount of steering assistance required from the system’s motor
• Electric motor’s inertia reduces bump steer and kickback to the steering wheel caused by shocks to the wheels, resulting in a more comfortable and controlled ride


Engine Liquid-cooled, 90-degree, four-stroke V-twin
Valve system SOHC, four valves per cylinder
Displacement 783cc
Starting System Electric
Bore x stroke 85 x 69mm
Compression ratio 10.7:1
Fuel system DFI® with two 36mm Mikuni throttle bodies
Ignition TCBI w/ electronic advance
Transmission Continuously variable belt-drive transmission w/ high and low range, reverse, and a wet centrifugal clutch
Final drive Selectable four-wheel drive w/ locking front differential, shaft
Frame Double-X reinforced design using large-diameter, thin-walled, high-tensile tubular steel
Front suspension / wheel travel Dual A-arm w/ new piggyback reservoir coil-over FOX Podium shocks, with adjustable spring preload and 24-way compression damping / 8.0 in.
Rear suspension / wheel travel Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) w/ new piggyback reservoir coil-over FOX Podium shocks, with adjustable spring preload and 24-way compression damping / 8.3 in.
Front tires Maxxis 26x9-12
Rear tires Maxxis 26x11-12
Front brakes Dual hydraulic discs with 2-piston calipers
Rear brakes Sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc
Overall length 117.3 in.
Overall width 61.6 in.
Overall height 76.8 in.
Wheelbase 85.8 in.
Ground clearance 11.0 in.
Lighting (2) High-Intensity LED headlights, (2) 8 W taillights, 24 W stoplight
Cargo bed capacity 600 lbs., 43.3 W x 27.6 L x 10.4 in. H
Towing capacity 1,300 lbs.
Curb weight 1,558.2 lbs.
Fuel capacity 7.9 gal.
Instruments Multi-function digital meter w/ speedometer, fuel gauge, clock hour meter, odometer, dual trip meter and parking-brake indicator, R/N/P/4WD, water temp and low-oil-pressure indicators
Color(s) Realtree® APG™ HD® camouflage
Warranty Kawasaki Strong 3 Year Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus 12 or 24 months
Price $14,299
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