The Citation Encore+ is an improved variant of Citation Encore and stands out by its versatility, ability to fly long distances, take off and land on short runways, and also carry a large load.
Called the finest light jet ever built, Citation Encore+ was certified by the FAA in 2006 and announced as the successor of the Citation Encore.
Deliveries started in February 2007.
The Encore+ offers to its customers some facilities like: increased efficiency, a new integrated avionics suite, increased payload capability and improved cabin lighting.

  • 2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation Encore +
  • Year:
    2008- 2010
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535B
  • Top Speed:
    492 mph
  • Price:
    3.17 per mile

Cessna Announces:

“We are exceptionally proud to add yet another winner to the popular Citation series of business jets, The Encore+ offers significant improvements in efficiency, crew situational awareness, and payload over its predecessor, the Encore,” said Cessna’s Chairman, President and CEO Jack J. Pelton. “Additionally, as with our other Citation products, Encore+ customers can expect to receive exceptional quality, superior value, and award-winning after-sale customer service.”

Maximum Payload = 2,310 lb

The Citation Encore+ (Model 560) has more facilities than the Citation Encore like: the maximum payload has been increased by 200 pounds and also the avionics are more advanced than at , available on this class of business jet.
The integrated Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite includes many of the same characteristics as the Citation CJ3, CJ1+ and CJ2+, these will help you to find new methods and tools to reduce pilot workload, increase efficiency and boost situational awareness.

The Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and improved Multi-Function Display (MFD) are presented on three 8-inch by 10-inch active matrix color liquid crystal displays.
The copilot’s PFD with second air data computer is standard equipment and will meet reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) requirements.
The Pratt & Whitney PW535B engine, rated at 3,400 pounds of thrust, which shares an architecture similar to the Citation Encore’s PW535A engine, is now equipped with dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC).
Inherent in its name, the Citation Encore+ offers all this and many benefits.
Pilot operation has been simplified because of the new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight deck.
So, the original Encore’s 17-foot-plus cabin (5.28 m), one of the longest in its class, has been newly designed.
Take one look around the ergonomically designed cockpit of the Encore+ and you will realize why this airplane is so highly privileged by flight departments around the world.

Citation Encore + Exterior

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation Encore + High Resolution Exterior
- image 345584

Having an increased performance and range, this aircraft also have 43 cubic feet (1.21 m3) of storage space, so you could store 810 pounds (368 kg) of gear, including large suitcases, golf clubs or several pairs of skis.
The Encore+ wing is designed to give both low drag at high speeds and excellent handling at low speeds.
The Encore+ can take off from runways as short as 3,520 feet (1,073 m) and the airstair entryway offer an easier boarding for passengers. The door’s location also permits for maximum interior-configuration flexibility.
The aircraft is built of high-strength aluminum alloys held together by extensive adhesive metal bonding.
The landings are silky smoothly; no matter the surface because this aircraft has a trailing-link on the main gear of the retractable landing gear that improves the braking system.
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And the list goes on...

Dimensions Citation Encore+
Height 15 ft 2 in (4.62 m)
Length 48 ft 11 in (14.91 m)
Wingspan 54 ft 9 in (16.69 m)

Citation Encore + Interior

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation Encore + High Resolution Interior
- image 345593

The Citation Encore+ is one of the most luxurious and comfortable private jets.
This exquisitely designed interior is large enough for eight passengers to completely relax. The cabin length is 17.3 feet, with a height and width of 4.8 feet each.
 The cabin’s 14 large windows (11x15) contribute to the feeling of openness.
 With the Encore+ you will have the flexibility to carry more fuel or an extra passenger; there is a lot of storage space internally and externally, in the cabin - 655 pounds (297 kg) of baggage, in the forward closet, in the tail cone, across from the aft lavatory and a ski tube in the aft baggage compartment. Total luggage area measures 71 cubic feet.

Cabin Configuration

Having undergone considerable upgrades, the Encore+ cabin standard configuration is of two and eight passengers.
The finely appointed interior offers executive seating that turns round as well as tracking inboard, fore and aft to makes possible in-flight conferences.
Here you will find everything you require for a business conference.

Interior Highlights

The large, magnificent refreshment center possesses a 16-inch (.41-m) catering tray, with plenty of room to spare for cold and hot beverages.
You may recline all seats to horizontal or to a comfortable position and track laterally inboard for additional head and shoulder room, in this way the passengers will enjoy the ride more.
You can use a laptop or other productivity tools because a 110-volt power supply is provided.

Dimensions Citation Encore+
Height 57 in (1.45 m)
Width 58 in (1.47 m)
Length 17 ft 4 in (5.28 m)
Standard Seating Capacity 8
Baggage Capacity 70 cubic ft (2 cubic m)

Citation Encore + Avionics

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation Encore + High Resolution Exterior
- image 345577

Cessna engineers found new ways to reduce the pilot workload, especially for this they create the Encore+ cockpit, which increase efficiency and boost situational awareness – culminating in the selection of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight deck.
A Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 system is used instead the Encore’s Honeywell Primus 100.
The improved Pro Line boasts single-channel autopilot has a dual channel flight guidance system, 3D navigation Flight Management System FMS-3000 and Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS) radios.

The flight deck brings new levels of sophistication to the Encore+ cockpit also the FADEC (full-authority digital engine controls) reduces pilot workload during climb, takeoff and cruise.

Pro Line 21

Citation Encore+ having a fully integrated system will takes pilots and passengers anywhere and everywhere with confidence – including far into the future.
Combining all primary flight, engine, navigation and sensor data in large, easy-to-scan active-matrix LCDs, the Pro Line 21 system is one of the industry’s best for information organization and intuitive, at-a-glance situational awareness.

Integrated Systems

Including Two 8 x 10-inch (.20 x .25 m) Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) team with an enhanced central Multi-Function Display (MFD), dual Radio Tuning Units (RTUs) and Collins FMS-3000 Flight Management System (FMS) to streamline and automate input functions previously accessed via individual panel-mounted units.
The Citation Encore+ has included the maintenance diagnostics and electronic checklist facility. Optional services involve VHF datalink and high-frequency radio communications.

Citation Encore + Engine

Topspeed 492 mph

Propulsion for the Encore+ is produced by twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535B engines prepared with dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADEC).
The Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535B engines confirm an architecture similar to the Encore’s PW535A engine, and is rated at 3,400 pounds of thrust.
The aircraft’s capability under high or hot conditions is among the best in the business-jet world.
Other characteristics of Encore+ are: it can climb directly to 45,000 feet (13,716 m) in 27 minutes, cruise at nearly 500 mph (793 km/hour) - a mile above most weather and practically two miles higher than the leading turboprop, can cover 2,059 statute miles (3,262 km), having five passengers, plus crew and full fuel and also it can land smoothly utilizing the aircraft’s trailing-link gear system.
What you accurately expect from the industry-acknowledged best light jet of all time, the Citation Encore+ can offers you, this ultimate level of performance that represents a competitive edge for business.
Producing 3,400 pounds (15.12 kN) of thrust at sea level, up to 81°F (27°C), the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535B turbofan engines are installed on the Encore+, distinguishing a high-efficiency exhaust nozzle, the PW535B has a 2.55:1 bypass ratio.

Citation Encore + Safety

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation Encore + High Resolution Exterior
- image 345579

Safety is always at the forefront.

There are a lot of reasons why the Citation sold more airplanes than anyone else in history.
The exceptional performance and payload are the main characteristics but also we can add the interior comfort, reliability, value and the peace of mind that comes standard with every Cessna aircraft.
Safety begins with a durable and stable airframe. This airframe is stress-tested five times the aircraft’s regular lifetime.
The Citation aircraft landed more than 18 million times and have logged more than 20 million flight hours that means good performances.

Cockpit commonality

The familiarity to the controls and the ease of pilot operation will give you more confidence to take your family and to have a nice trip.
The blend of the latest thinking in human factors engineering, the ergonomics and user experience design to create environments, will make your trip safer, simpler and more pleasurable.

Proven parts

Any new part, structure or material has to earn its way onto our aircraft.
What that means for Cessna customers is that this jet has been tested exhaustively to demonstrate its stability and trustworthiness.
Now, the pilot operation will not require much effort, because you’ll notice certain "rightness" to the flight deck, a sense of familiarity to the controls and that make flying safer, simpler and more pleasurable.
The best devotion to offer some of the safest aircraft in the world comes only from Cessna.


Performance Citation Encore+
Single Pilot Certified No
Maximum Cruise Speed 428 ktas (793 km/h)
Certified Ceiling 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Airport Performance
Takeoff Distance 3,520 ft (1,073 m)
Landing Distance 2,770 ft (844 m)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level 4,620 fpm (1,408 mpm)
Range 1,780 nm (3,297 km)


Maximum Weights Citation Encore+
Ramp Weight 17,030 lb (7,725 kg)
Takeoff Weight 16,830 lb (7,634 kg)
Landing Weight 15,200 lb (6,895 kg)
Zero Fuel Weight 12,850 lb (5,829 kg)
Usable Fuel Capacity 5,400 lb (2,449 kg)
Typically-Equipped Empty Weight 10,540 lb (4,781 kg)
Useful Load 6,490 lb (2,944 kg)
Maximum Payload 2,310 lb (1,048 kg)
Full-Fuel Payload 1,090 lb (494 kg)
2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation Encore + High Resolution Exterior
- image 345582

Powerplant Citation Encore+
Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Model (Number) PW535B (2)
Power Output (thrust) 3,400 lb (15.12 kN)
Time Between Overhauls 5,000 hr

Pricing and Cost

Operating Costs Citation Encore+
Cost per Mile $3.17
Cost per Hour $1,253
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