The world’s best-selling business jet, Citation XLS+ is an improved variant of Citation XLS, one of the fastest business jets in the Citation family.
Cessna enhanced the Citation XLS+ aircrafts with FADEC engines controls, a completely revised nose design and also with improved Pratt & Whitney PW545C engines.
This aircraft is the first of the XL line that includes Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics and a four tube EFIS display, being different of the three tube Honeywell displays in the XL and XLS.

  • 2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation XLS+
  • Year:
    2008- 2010
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545C
  • Top Speed:
    507 mph
  • Price:
    3.77 per mile
The best-selling business jet

This mid-sized jet is a blend between the comfort of a true midsize with the flying ease and the capability of a straight-wing aircraft, having the best new technology.
The aircraft cabin length measures 18.7 feet and it can fly up to 1,858 nautical miles; it can also take off in 3,560 feet and climb to cruise altitude in just 15 minutes, performance statistics evocative of light private jets. Having the 5.7 feet high interior, the XLS+ can flight with nine passengers in a cabin that’s quiet and draft-free, thanks to the triple-sealed entry door and triple-pane windows.
As well, this airplane can take off and land at slower speeds on shorter runways, because of the straight-wing handling attributes.
At any rate, the XLS+ has exceptional handling capabilities, consistent delivery of smooth, quick flights and reliable systems.

Cessna Citation XLS+ Exterior

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation XLS+ High Resolution Exterior
- image 345930

Combining the big cabin comfort and luxury of a midsize jet with the flexibility and freedom of a light jet, Citation XLS+ demonstrates an excellent functioning and the largest external luggage area in its class.
Responding to the customers desires, also being advanced in technology, this aircraft is the world’s best-selling one.
The nose design was completely redesign, being related with its superior capacity.
The handling characteristics of this aircraft, like: the excellent takeoff performance, requiring only 3,560 feet (1,085 m) for takeoff at maximum takeoff weight, are shown by the straight-wing design.
Having 80 cubic feet (2.27 m3) of space and a weight capacity of 700 pounds (318 kg), the storage area it’s greater than the other aircrafts.

Dimensions Citation XLS+
Height 17 ft 2 in (5.23 m)
Length 52 ft 6 in (16 m)
Wingspan 56 ft 4 in (17.17 m)

Cessna Citation XLS+ Interior

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation XLS+ High Resolution Interior
- image 345933

The world’s best-selling business jet, Cessna Citation XLS+ has a large cabin with a length of 18.7 feet.
Other performances of this aircraft are: it can take off in 3,560 feet and climb to cruise altitude in just 15 minutes, it can fly up to 1,858 nautical miles, suggestive performances for the light private jets.

Having a new revolutionary cabin this aircraft will make your air travel more comfortable and enjoyable. Thanks to the reconfigured sidewalls, the seats offer two more inches of much- valued width.
Also the lavatory was redesign, becoming larger and the new headrest design and armrests that are less disturbing for passengers walking the aisle. The result is a cross-section that provides passengers with superior head and shoulder room.
The big passengers will be happy now, because the cross-section is larger than the other aircrafts.

Cabin Configuration

The 5.7 feet high interior of the XLS+ holds nine passengers in a cabin that’s quiet and draft-free, due to the triple-sealed entry door and triple-pane windows.
The large, redesigned XLS+ lavatory offers the ninth belted-seat in the standard seating configuration.

Interior Highlights

You will enjoy the air travel, relaxed having the necessary freedom also because this aircraft is bigger, having 19 feet length.
In addition, the standard auxiliary power unit (APU) keeps a comfortable cabin temperature while the airplane is on the ground – even before the engines function.
The luxury refreshment center contains an ice chest with wine caddy, provisions for bottled water and a heated-liquid container.

Dimensions Citation XLS+
Height 68 in (1.73 m)
Width 66 in (1.68 m)
Length 18 ft 6 in (5.64 m)
Standard Seating Capacity 9
Baggage Capacity 90 cubic ft (2.5 cubic m)

Cessna Citation XLS+ Avionics

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation XLS+ High Resolution Interior
- image 345931

The avionics system is a direct consequence of customer feedback and requirements, and completely pilot-friendly. 
The fully-integrated Pro Line 21 avionics suite features four, big 8x10 screens for command effortlessness and convenience.
Also this aircraft has fully integrated Collins FMS-3000, dual CDUs, Diagnostic System, Pilot Electronic Checklist function, Performance Database and Dual comm/nav.

XM Weather

The pilots will enjoy the XM Broadcast Graphical Weather and a file server that will give charts and maps.

Ergonomic Design

This aircraft has some facilities like:

  • the ready access and viewing of the bottom portion of the panel;
  • the toggles have been changed with Sovereign-style light-up switches;
  • the pedestal has been redesigned for easier access and preservation;
  • the flap control and pitch trim mechanisms have been reconstitute for improved maintainability;

Airframe FADEC systems are integrated with the avionics suite and are viewable through the MFD with the capacity to download reports.
Automatic engine trend recording with report download functionality is also contained.

Cessna Citation XLS+ Engine

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation XLS+ High Resolution Exterior
- image 345928

Two Pratt & Whitney PW545C engines help the aircraft to cruise at more than 500 mph (815 km/hr), to fly more than 2,130 statute miles (3,441 km) with four passengers on board and also to use airfields as short as 3,560 feet (1,085 m) at maximum takeoff weight.

TopSpeed 507 mph

And having the full-authority digital engine controls (FADEC) on the XLS+, pilot workload is significantly reduced during the busiest phases of air travel.
Producing a static takeoff thrust of 4,119 pounds (18.32 kN) at sea level, the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545C engines give you more confidence in flight.
Hydraulically put into action, target-type thrust reversers are assigned to each engine and an APU is built-in for engine start and other advantages.

Cessna Citation XLS+ Safety

2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation XLS+ High Resolution Exterior
- image 345937

There are a lot of reasons why the Citation sold more aircrafts than anyone else in history. The exceptional performance and payload are the most important characteristics but we can add the interior comfort, reliability, value and the peace of mind that comes standard with every Cessna aircraft.
Safety commences with a durable and stable airframe that is stress-tested five times the aircraft’s regular lifetime.
The Citation aircraft landed more than 18 million times and have logged more than 20 million flight hours that means good performances.

Cockpit commonality

The familiarity to the controls and the ease of pilot operation will give you more confidence to take your family and to have a nice trip.
The blend of the latest thinking in human factors engineering, the ergonomics and user experience design to create environments, will make your trip safer, simpler and more enjoyable.

Proven parts

“Any new part, structure or material has to earn its way onto our aircraft.”
What that means for Cessna customers is that this jet has been tested exhaustively to demonstrate its stability and trustworthiness.
Now, the pilot operation will not require much effort, because you’ll notice certain "rightness" to the flight deck, a sense of familiarity to the controls and that make flying safer, simpler and more pleasurable.
The best devotion to offer some of the safest aircraft in the world comes only from Cessna.


Performance Citation XLS+
Single Pilot Certified No
Maximum Cruise Speed 441 ktas (817 km/h)
Certified Ceiling 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Airport Performance
Takeoff Distance 3,560 ft (1,085 m)
Landing Distance 3,180 ft (969 m)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level 3,500 fpm (1,067 mpm)
Range 1,858 nm (3,441 km)


Maximum Weights Citation XLS+
Ramp Weight 20,400 lb (9,253 kg)
Takeoff Weight 20,200 lb (9,163 kg)
Landing Weight 18,700 lb (8,482 kg)
Zero Fuel Weight 15,100 lb (6,849 kg)
Usable Fuel Capacity 6,740 lb (3,057 kg)
Typically-Equipped Empty Weight 12,760 lb (5,788 kg)
Useful Load 7,640 lb (3,465 kg)
Maximum Payload 2,340 lb (1,061 kg)
Full-Fuel Payload 900 lb (408 kg)
2008 - 2010 Cessna Citation XLS+ High Resolution Exterior
- image 345928

Powerplant Citation XLS+
Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
Model (Number) PW545C (2)
Power Output (thrust) 4,119 lb (18.32 kN)
Time Between Overhauls 5,000 hr

Pricing and Cost

Operating Costs Citation XLS+
Cost per Mile $3.77
Cost per Hour $1,530
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