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    Cessna Skyhawk
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  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • - 2010 Cessna Skyhawk
  • Year:
    0- 2010
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Lycoming IO-360-L2A
  • Top Speed:
    140 mph
  • Price:

Cessna Skyhawk, the world’s most popular aircraft, is a four-seat, single-engine, high-wing and also this aircraft stands out by its longevity and popularity.

Cessna Company has delivered more than 43,000 aircrafts, that is a good record.

In 1956 were delivered the first production models and Skyhawk is the most successful mass produced light aircraft in the company’s history.

The main competitors for Cessna Skyhawk are: The Beechcraft Musketeer, the Grumman AA-5 series, the Piper Cherokee and recently, the Diamond DA40.

- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Exterior
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Cessna Skyhawk

But Cessna Skyhawk still remains the safest general aviation aircraft ever built.
This aircraft not only makes the flying dream sound real, it’s also an ideal instrument trainer.

Having a more powerful engine of 180 horsepower and a high-performance McCauley propeller with polished chrome spinner - the Skyhawk SP is faster than the original Skyhawk.
Another important piece of this aircraft is a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.

You don’t have to worry about the storage area because this is very spacious.
Cessna Skyhawk has made real the dream of flying for many pilots, this airplain becoming their favorite instrument trainer.

- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Exterior
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Cessna Skyhawk


With the help of customer feedback we can affirm that the aircraft is endowed with the most refined exterior design.
The large wings offer some advantages to Skyhawk, great visibility, stability, sun blocking and weather protection, a simple preflight inspection and also easy access to pilots, passengers and cargo doors.
Peace of mind is the word that characterizes the exterior design. The main landing gear and the sweptback tail were revised and now will help you to a smooth perfect landing.
Maneuverability is another feature of this aircraft thanks to the disc brakes hydraulically actuated and to the steerable nose-wheel design.
The lamps have a higher intensity and operate at far less power draw.

Dimensions Skyhawk Skyhawk SP
Height 8 ft 11 in (2.72 m) 8 ft 11 in (2.72 m)
Length 27 ft 2 in (8.28 m) 27 ft 2 in (8.28 m)
Wingspan 36 ft 1 in (11 m) 36 ft 1 in (11 m)
- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Interior
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Cessna Skyhawk


Hard, aluminum shell - Finely-shaped

Comfort and refinement are the essential characteristics of the Cessna Skyhawk interior. The shining interior colors make everyone to have a nice, relaxing trip. That being said, both the pilot and passengers will enjoy the landscapes and also the ride of their lifetime.

Cabin Configuration :

If you are flying either with your family or for business interest the Cessna Skyhawk is the best decision you can take.
There are four seats; those for pilot and copilot are with inflatable seatbelts and shoulder harness.

- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Exterior
- image 341278
Cessna Skyhawk

Interior Highlights

For your flight to be a great one, a 12-volt power converter will keep up some devices that you really need, for exemple a laptop.
To have a better vision of the landscape with the necessary comfort, the interior of the aircraft has also other important pieces like: on-demand cabin lighting, sun visors, an external luggage compartment, complete with locking door that makes the flight more relaxing and enjoyable.


Dimensions | Skyhawk | Skyhawk SP

Height | 48 in (1.22 m) | 48 in (1.22 m)
Width | 39.5 in (1 m) | 39.5 in (1 m)
Length | 11 ft 10 in (3.61 m) | 11 ft 10 in (3.61 m)

Standard Seating Capacity | Skyhawk - 4 | Skyhawk SP - 4
Baggage Capacity | 30 cubic ft (0.8 cubic m) | 30 cubic ft (0.8 cubic m)

- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Interior
- image 341283
Cessna Skyhawk


The final aesthetic development was in 1960, since then, this airframe configuration has remained almost unchanged, except for updates in avionics and engines, including the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit in 2005.
The pilot will enjoy the best technology like: the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit with integrated Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™).
The G1000 also is equipped with a fully integrated transponder, a dual Nav/Comm/WAAS/GPS, two large, 10.4-inch high-resolution active-matrix LCDs, that present the real-time flight-critical data, including traffic information, heading data, digital altitude, topographic data and relative terrain mapping.
And the list is incomplete.
We have to consider the autopilot controls, the crew alerting, the engine indication and the digital audio panel, all of which will bring the security and the confidence you need to buy this aircraft.

Flight Control System:

Having some innovative features including overspeed protection, airspeed hold and coupled VNAV, Garmin GFC 700 fully integrated flight control system, provides precise lateral and vertical guidance and also maximum safety, reliability on your aircraft.

- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Exterior
- image 341261
Cessna Skyhawk

Synthetic Vision (SVT)

The weather and the aircraft position is a major problem for many aircrafts.
With the Garmin’s G1000® Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) you can see the aircraft’s position in real-time 3-D images showing you outstanding situational awareness.
Also you can observe many aspects like: synthetic terrain, flight-path markers, flight hazards and highway-in-the-sky, all on one easy-to-read avionics panel. All these make flying easier and safer.

XM Weather

The XM Weather program includes textual and graphical METARS, NEXRAD radar, TAFs; you will also get others graphical products like: lightning, freezing levels, and TFRs, cloud tops. The XM Satellite automatically sends this useful information, well structured, to your aircraft.

- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Exterior
- image 341264
Cessna Skyhawk


Proven powerplant.
Powered by a Lycoming IO-360-L2A, producing 180 horsepower (134 kW), the Skyhawk SP has a max speed of 126 knots (234 km/hr), a 730 fpm (223 mpm) rate of climb and a max cruise speed of 124 knots (230 km/hr).
In other words the aircraft climbs faster and the pilot and passengers will receive a nice joyride.
The Lycoming IO-360-L2A - Cessna Skyhawk SP engine improves pilot visibility and better avionics continued to attract sales in record numbers. The buyers are very happy especially for the attractive price that this aircraft has.

- 2010 Cessna Skyhawk High Resolution Exterior
- image 341275
Cessna Skyhawk


Cessna efforts offer some amenities for pilots like a favorable insurance and the best comfort.
Every new Cessna Skyhawk is designed and gifted to offer on the trust that passengers place in you every single flight. The two seats of Skyhawk are equipped with AMSAFE belts that deploy an airbag within milliseconds of detecting a 16 G-force impact.

The facilities abound.

You could have a better vision of the landscape and in the same time a comfortable flight, because you have some facilities: on-demand cabin lighting, Tinted Rosen sun visors, a floor-mounted chart and cup holder console.
All these make flying safer and easier. So, climb on in and you will get all these!

Performance | Skyhawk | Skyhawk SP

Single Pilot Certified | Yes | Yes
Maximum Cruise Speed |122 ktas (226 km/h) | 126 ktas (233 km/h)
Certified Ceiling | 13,500 ft (4,115 m) | 14,000 ft (4,267 m)

Airport Performance

Takeoff Distance | 1,685 ft (514 m) |1,633 ft (498 m)
Landing Distance | 1,295 ft (395 m) | 1,335 ft (407 m)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level | 721 fpm (220 mpm) | 730 fpm (223 mpm)
Range | 696 nm (1,289 km) | 610 nm (1,130 km)

Maximum Weights| Skyhawk | Skyhawk SP

Ramp Weight | 2,457 lb (1,114 kg) | 2,558 lb (1,160 kg)
Takeoff Weight | 2,450 lb (1,111 kg) | 2,550 lb (1,157 kg)
Landing Weight | 2,450 lb (1,111 kg) | 2,550 lb (1,157 kg)
Zero Fuel Weight | N/A lb (N/A kg) | N/A lb (N/A kg)
Usable Fuel Capacity | 318 lb (144 kg) | 318 lb (144 kg)
Typically-Equipped Empty Weight | 1,691 lb (767 kg) | 1,717 lb (779 kg)
Useful Load | 766 lb (347 kg) | 841 lb (381 kg)
Maximum Payload | 759 lb (344 kg) | 833 lb (378 kg)
Full-Fuel Payload | 448 lb (203 kg) | 523 lb (237 kg)

Powerplant | Skyhawk | Skyhawk SP

Manufacturer | Textron Lycoming| Textron Lycoming
Model (Number) | IO-360-L2A (1) | IO-360-L2A (1)
Time Between Overhauls| 2,000 hr| 2,000 hr

Pricing and Cost

Skyhawk Price is $265,500
Skyhawk SP Price is $297,000
Operating Costs | Skyhawk| Skyhawk SP
Cost per Mile | $0.92| $0.94
Cost per Hour| $97 | $102

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