A lot of the younger generation may not know this, but before BMW became the auto giant that it is today, the company was one of the foremost airplane engine manufacturers in the world. Proof of that heritage lies in the one image that has made BMW the household name it is today: their logo, which if you also didn’t know, has been interpreted as a rotating propeller blade with the sky as the backdrop.

And now that we’ve given a nice crash course on the history of BMW, we’re here to report that the company has gone back to its original roots in the air when it was announced that BMW Group Designworks USA designed and trimmed the interior passenger cabins of a number of Embraer planes. The interior of the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 planes of Embraer, which is a Brazilian plane manufacturer, was designed by BMW using leather, wood, and metal ornaments that are unmistakeably reflected in BMW’s image.

It’s quite commendable for a company that first made waves in the aviation industry to return to its roots every so often. It just goes to show that BMW knows where it came from and understands the history and significance of its past, a past that paved the way for BMW to become the brand that it is today.


Source: Automotto

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