There might come a day when shelling out over $20,000 on a ridiculous purchase might not be a big deal for us. Unfortunately, today isn’t one of those days. That’s why as much as we’re intrigued about it, we’re not about to spend €20,000 - $26,300! - on a bicycle.

In defense to this product, though, it’s no ordinary bicycle. It’s commissioned by Lamborghini and comes with plenty of carbon fiber components. It’s also fitted with low-profile performance tires and has tight gearing ratios. Plus, only 30 will be made by Italian manufacturer BMC, which makes it a limited quality item.’s still a bicycle.

Paying that much money for a bicycle isn’t exactly our definition of a sane purchase. Even more so when you consider that for that price, you can actually a buy a sports coupe like the Scion FR-S. Add on a few more thousands and you can score an entry-level Ford Mustang!

We have no doubts that there could very well be a market for a bike like this - limited as it may be. But take us out of that small population, because as much as we’re enamored by the way it looks, we’re not about to spend $25,000 on a bicycle.


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