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The Bugatti PG Bike. The world's most exclusive cycle

The Bugatti PG Bike. The world’s most exclusive cycle

and the lightest. It is lighter that a watermelon

To become a worthy successor of the great Bugatti Veyron, it takes a great deal of commitment and sacrifice, even by the people who made it in the first place. Luckily, the French chaps have pulled off a great feat and gave the world the Bugatti Chiron. A car, a piece of machinery that has no comparison to anything on the road. And also that it proves that the wealthy live a different way of life than the rest of us.

The French brand is at it once again in reminding us that we’re still peasants. But this time it has nothing to do with horse-power or four wheels. Instead, it is a two-wheeled cycle that Bugatti is making in collaboration with PG, the premier cycle guys from the Netherlands. It does, however, share a few things from the car – It is a piece of art, has a lot of carbon fiber and it costs money. Sh*t loads of it.

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Triumph launches the 2018 XCX Mountain Bike

Triumph launches the 2018 XCX Mountain Bike

Could just be the most affordable Triumph

Triumph Motorcycles never fails to surprise us whenever there is a new launch and this time it was an all-new hardtail mountain bike. No, it is not a motorcycle, and it’s not even an e-bike. But is all powered by proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Why are they making one? Maybe they just got bored of churning winning combinations of modern-retro motorcycles under their Bonneville banner and thought of having a new challenge to conquer.

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