X10 packs a much bigger boat into its 21 feet. It’s nimble, handles like you won’t believe and leaves a wicked wake—plus it’s loaded with extras and intelligently designed to comfortably fit 14 people. A boat this size with this setup shouldn’t be possible, but we’re not interested in conforming to convention.

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2015 MasterCraft X10 Key Features:

2015 MasterCraft X10
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Master Class

AFT Lounge

Give your guests a seat in first class. The aft lounge is deep, plush and features premium accent lighting to give your boat a gorgeous glow for evening cruising.

Open Bow

2015 MasterCraft X10
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Every tactile surface was designed for convenience, comfort and durability.

Transom Storage

2015 MasterCraft X10
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The high volume transom storage was built to consume everything and give you access from two sides.

Coffin Storage

2015 MasterCraft X10
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Easy opening lids with flip hinges offer effortless access to the high capacity coffin storage.

Command Center

2015 MasterCraft X10
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Call the shots with a fingertip. The X10 cockpit has a beautiful and simple design emphasizing visibility and usability.


Boat length 21’ 3" / 6.48 M
Beam 98" / 2.49 M
Interior width 83.5" / 2.12 M
Weight 4550 LBS / 1996 KG
Fuel capacity 50 G / 189 L
Draft 30" / .76 M
Capacity 1956 LBS / 887 KG
Boat height 115"
Hull Vector Drive
Seating 14 People
Color options Infinite
Storage 78 cu Ft / 2.21 cu M
Wake Thick - Rampy Wake w/ Crisp Lip
Surf - Powerful Wake Shape
Activity Wakeboard - Recreation (18-22 mph)
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