The all-new X23 expands your horizons in a big way. Smooth riding meets easy driving thanks to a sleek and deep hull. All in, there’s 23 luxurious feet to spread out and let the shred out with 15 people on your guest list.

Serving up a bounty of recreation is cake thanks to the X23’s epic 3000 pounds of ballast and the exclusive Gen 2 Surf System; in its wake the X23 churns out the longest and most customized surf waves in the industry. Innovative sundeck seating puts a new perspective on fun, and keeps vests, towels, rope and other essentials in easy reach. So get behind the X23 and live large all summer.

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2015 MasterCraft X23 Key Features:

2015 MasterCraft X23
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Ride Shotgun

The pickle fork bow opens things up with loads of room for up to four adults.

Bow Down

2015 MasterCraft X23
- image 626306

Lift the seats in the bow lounge for easy-to-access forward storage.

Lounge Storage

There’s even more carpet-lined storage underneath the passenger seat. Flip it up, drop it in.

Coffin Cargo

2015 MasterCraft X23
- image 626307

Lift the lounge seating for easy access to deep coffin storage.

Space To Spare

The rear wraparound lounge offers plenty of room to stretch out and puncture-resistant vinyl seating meant to last longer.

Look Both Ways

2015 MasterCraft X23
- image 626311

Look forward to what’s next or back at the action with the convertible rear seat. Your view is up to you.

Front Row Seats

All-new rear-facing sundeck seating provides a place to power down and take it all in. Raise the headrest for comfort or rock it low in stealth mode.

Under The Seat

2015 MasterCraft X23
- image 626312

Under seat rear transom storage gives you easy and effortless access to your gear. Flip it up, grab the goods and hop in.

Board Up

Keep your surfboard secure, out of the way and scratch free with tower-mounted racks.

Rest Up

2015 MasterCraft X23
- image 626316

Tired arms no more. The forward lounge has flip down arm rests when you want them.

The Coolest

2015 MasterCraft X23 High Resolution
- image 626319

The under seat Igloo cooler helps you keep the hydration levels high.

All Powerful

The captain’s chair puts it all right at hand. Grab the four-point steering wheel, tune your wake on the optional touchscreen and open it up.


Boat length 22’ 9" / 6.93 M
Beam 102" / 2.59 M
Interior width 86" / 2.18 M
Weight 5500 LBS / 2495 KG
Fuel capacity 57 G / 216 L
Draft 28" / 0.71 M
Capacity 2126 LBS / 964 KG
Boat height 120.5" / 3.06 M
Seating 15 PEOPLE
Color options INFINITE
Storage 104 cu Ft / 2.94 cu M
Wake Surf - Powerful Wake Shape
Activity Wakeboard - Recreation (18-22 mph)
Wake Surfing (10-12 mph)
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