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Adler Suprema

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2017 Adler Suprema

2017 Adler Suprema

The first 76 ft flybridge yacht ever built with a HMS (Hybrid Marine Solutions) hybrid engine.

The Adler Suprema is an extraordinary yacht that combines Italian design with Austrian and German engineering – a truly European masterpiece that will make you feel at home wherever you are around the world.Generous living spaces, one of the largest flybridges in its class and luxurious comfort down to the last detail ensure that your stay will remain the most memorable of experiences, while the powerful and yet efficient HMS hybrid engine prompts you to exhaust its range of over 3,500 NM provided by a 5,200 liter fuel tank. Truly the best way to explore the seven seas. However you choose to spend your day – enjoying an adventure cruise or silently entering a lonesome bay to relax – you will appreciate the unique atmosphere aboard, in your private living room at sea.

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