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Vintage Boating in Monaco at RM Sotheby's 2016 Auction

Vintage Boating in Monaco at RM Sotheby’s 2016 Auction

What I’d Buy if I Were Rich

RM Sotheby’s traveling auction house was in Monaco this past weekend with plenty of items up for grabs, to include two boats of very different vintages and their own unique intrinsic values. I grew up near a marina chock full of wooden runabouts finished bright and remember watching the owners endlessly toil away at the maintenance chores to keep the boats looking sharp. Having spent many happy hours racing sailboats and watching the big offshore powerboats, I also have an appreciation for the racing machines. Needless to say, looking at the pair of watercraft that changed hands this past Saturday was kind of like going home for me, so let’s check out what some lucky folks snapped up this weekend.

Continue reading for my look at the boats at RM Sotheby’s auction.

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Sea Flow II Could Fetch $500K At Sothebys Auction

Sea Flow II Could Fetch $500K At Sothebys Auction

A pair of boats with long and storied histories behind them could end up headlining a Sotheby’s auction in Detroit, Michigan on July 25, 2015.

The two boats, a 1938 Hacker-Craft 28 and a 1912 May LaFever, are both expected to fetch at least $200,000 and could fetch higher if bidding for these two prized items completely gets out of hand.

The 1938 Hacker-Craft, named Sea Flow II, is likely to fetch the bigger bid of the two boats. Sotheby’s has estimated the boat to fetch up to $425,000 on account of its history that dates back just before the Second World War and the known belief that it’s only one of two models that remain afloat to this day. The boat was also treated to a full restoration, which means that whoever puts in the highest bid would still be able to use it.

Meanwhile, the May LaFever traces its roots back to 1912, the same year as the Titanic’s doomed maiden voyage, in Geneva, New York. According to its documents, the boat spent its early on the Adirondack lakes in New York before being taken out of service in the late 1930s. The boat remained in storage for over 60 years but recently underwent its own extensive restoration. Soon after, the boat has made appearances in a number of classic boat shows all over the US, even winning a handful of awards in some of these shows. Sotheby’s has valued the boat at around $200,000, but that estimate could end up being a conservative number as interest behind its story and history continues to gain momentum.

Both boats will join more than 50 vintage and modern cars at the auction, which is scheduled to take place on July 25, 2015 at The Inn at St. John’s in the Motor City.

Continue reading to read more about these two prized classic boats and their expected auction prices.

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JFK's Old Racing Boat Headed To The Auction Block

JFK’s Old Racing Boat Headed To The Auction Block

A 22-foot sailing boat once owned by former US president John F. Kennedy is headed to the auction block at the Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas. As you can expect, the boat doesn’t come cheap as the starting price for bids is at $100,000.

The historical boat, called the Flash II, traces its historical ties with Kennedy back in the 1930s when the assassinated former US president and his brother, Joe, raced the vessel in a number of regattas during the decade, including several victories in the Nantuckey Sound Fleet racing circuit.

Kennedy eventually took ownership of the boat in 1940 but was forced to sell it when he joined the Navy during World War II. Since then, the boat has had several owners, not to mention several encounters with law enforcement authorities, before ending up in the hands of current owner Frank Harvey, who bought the boat back in 2005.

After a decade of ownership, Harvey’s putting the boat back on the market where it will be part of Heritage Auctions’ lot during the auction on May 18, 2015 in Dallas, Texas, the same city where its one-time owner was assassinated.

According to Mark Prendergast of Heritage Auctions, the boat is not only sea-ready, but is also a unique piece of American maritime history, thanks in large part to its ties with one of the most beloved US presidents of all time.

If that connection is established ahead of the auction date, you can be sure that its starting price of $100,000 is going to get blown out of the water, no pun intended.

Continue reading to read more about John F. Kennedy’s auction-bound former sailboat.

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