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Introducing the Bavaria Vision 42, available in 2015; the first addition to the Vision series and little sister to the popular Vision 46. Bavaria Yachts designed the Vision line in partnership with Farr Yacht Design and Design Unlimited to serve as a relaxed cruising platform with some dock appeal. They wound up with a sleek-looking boat that follows traditional cruiser design, but with a decidedly modern flair. Many of the best features are under the hood, as it were, and serve to make the boat as handy as possible during sail evolutions or close-quarters maneuvers – attributes right at the top of my list when I think of truly relaxed sailing.

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Hull and Exterior

2015 Bavaria VISION 42 High Resolution Exterior
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The hull bears a nearly-plumb stem, with a fine entry that flares out to accommodate the 13-foot, 3-inch beam within the slab sides. In spite of the round chine, the great width provides some form stability, and test captains report that she feels stiff on the wind. Buyers can choose the shoal-draft keel with a 5-foot, 4-inch overall draft, or the deep keel at 6 feet, 9 inches. The stock hull comes in white with gray stripes, but you can have the hull shot with gray gel coat for a more naval look if you prefer a slightly less-conspicuous profile.

Deck construction incorporates plate-aluminum laminates in key areas to stiffen both the deck and the hull. The cabin rises from the deck in a graceful arc that keeps windage low while still allowing for an impressive 6 feet, 6 inches of headroom in the main saloon. All Vision 42s come standard with teak decking on the cockpit and helmsman seats. Most of the rest of the deck can be covered in teak as well, and you can pick and choose locations al la carte. I like teak, I really do, but much of my appreciation comes not from the beauty of the wood, but because I understand the dedication required to maintain it properly – it’s a never-ending process. Keep this in mind while you drool over the teak options.

Interior Design

2015 Bavaria VISION 42 Interior
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While I don’t like too much wood on deck, I love it below. Bavaria doesn’t disappoint, with plenty of joinery finished bright from Design Unlimited.

Mahogany millwork comes standard, but for a “few dollars more,” you can upgrade to the teak or oak interior.

The cabinetry gives the interior a warm, earthy glow, while the stark white overhead keeps it looking bright and airy. Mahogany millwork comes standard, but for a “few dollars more,” you can upgrade to the teak or oak interior.

The 42 comes with a double-bed cabin set up in the eyes of the bow, and an aft cabin with a convertible dual-twin or king-size bed. The main head/WC is set to starboard, just aft of midships, and you can opt to swap a wardrobe in the forward (master’s) cabin for a second head.

There seems to be a nice, functional flow to the galley layout – the sink island, two-burner range plus oven and top-loading refrigerator/freezer units make a nice, compact kitchen triangle.

As you might expect on a boat, counter space is rather minimal, but at least the “bar” end of the “L” gives a nice, uninterrupted chunk of counter for room to work. Quarters are tight in the galley, which is perfect when you have to wedge yourself in place to work in, shall we say, lively conditions.

Rigging and Propulsion

2015 Bavaria VISION 42 Exterior
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I am torn when it comes to rigging. While I appreciate what roller furling provides as far as convenience, I am keenly away of what happens to the sail shape when you try to use it as reefing gear to depower the rig for heavy weather.

While I appreciate what roller furling provides as far as convenience, I am keenly away of what happens to the sail shape when you try to use it as reefing gear to depower the rig for heavy weather.

I prefer old-fashioned reef points and headsail changes when it’s time to shift gears; but then, I’m an old racer and my method is not what you would call relaxed. Bavaria gives us a choice between the good old, full-batten main with two reef points and lazy jacks, or a more modern High-Tech furling mast for easy mainsail furling, so no matter what your school of thought, you can have a rig you are comfortable with.

Lewmar winches handle the genoa sheets within reach of the helm for easy short-handed sailing. For even easier short-handed sailing, you can spring for the optional powered mainsheet and jib trim that puts control of the sail-handling winches at the helmsman’s fingertips. Electrically driven winches take up and pay out slack smoothly, for the ultimate in sweat-free sail evolutions. For me, this feature is like a dream come true – I could handle the sails myself and I wouldn’t have to holler at a single crewmember all day! I’ve always told my wife that sailboats run on sweat, not wind; but the electrically driven winches go a long way to making that statement obsolete.

Handling the sails from the helm in a seaman-like manner makes you look like a pro, but nothing makes you look like a Boss like good close-quarters maneuvering skills.

One of the available options for the propulsion will make it easy for you to make it look easy next time you dock, even in poor conditions. A jogstick controls engine throttle and gear, and maneuvering thrusters fore and aft for precise control over forward/aft momentum, yaw and sideslip.

Auxiliary propulsion and battery-charging duties fall to the Volvo-Penta D2-40 diesel engine. This little four-cylinder, four-stroke plant cranks out 38 horsepower, and it runs a 115-amp alternator. The Volvo-Penta Saildrive technology converts engine power into drive and features a low-resistance lower unit and foldaway prop that collapses into a hydrodynamic shape when at rest, so the running gear doesn’t sap your headway when it’s not in use.


The standard boat with a white hull can be delivered for as low as $266,697, but if you want the really sexy features you can get her for a sail-away price of $330,000. Bavaria offers upgrade packages as well as a la carte options, so you can easily bundle the features you want on the finished product.


Length Overall: 42 Feet
Length Hull: 41 Feet
Length Waterline (LWL): 37 Feet, 5 Inches
Beam Overall: 13 Feet, 3 Inches
Draft Standard: 6 Feet, 9 Inches
Draft Option - Shoal Keel: 5 Feet, 4 Inches
Light Weight Displacement: 21,605 Pounds
Engine: Volvo-Penta D2-40 Saildrive
Fuel Tank: 55 U.S. Gallons
Water Tank: 96 U.S. Gallons
Cabins: 2
Berths: 4
Height In Main Saloon: 6 Feet, 6 Inches
Sail Area: 947 Square Feet
Height Of Mast Above Waterline: 62 Feet
Passengers: 10/16
CE Category: A/B
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