Burgess Marine, the UK’s largest independent ship repairer, is preparing to build Glider Yachts’ SS18 prototype after the latter secured the necessary funding to green light the project.

It’s been a long time coming for Glider Yachts, which suffered through the same problems any young and enterprising firm goes through at some point in its life. According to company chairman Nick Buckland OBE, the company spent the past seven years designing and developing its fleet of Glider Yachts, including the SS18.

But designing and developing the yachts are different from having the money to actually build them. So give credit to the company for persevering all these years before finally receiving the needed funds from a consortium of private investors.

Now, the company has a £100 million contract with Burgess Marine and the latter is set to begin production of the SS18 in time for its highly anticipated debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2015.

The revolutionary multihull cruiser will be powered by four Rotax 4TEC engines, each with coming with 260 horsepower of output. Combine all that and the SS18 is capable of producing as much as 1,040 horsepower, allowing the SS18 to reach top speeds in excess of 60 knots.

The cruiser’s performance capabilities are impressive enough on its own. But it’s far from being the only impressive thing about the SS18.

As I mentioned, Glider Yachts spent close to seven years designing the concept and for what it’s worth, the company made good use of that time by creating a proprietary design that includes shallow-draft hulls that would allow beach landings and anchoring in shallow bays. The SS18 will also feature a state-of-the-art stability control system that should provide smooth cruising even in sub-optimal water conditions. The yacht also has a luxurious side to it, highlighted by leather seats, carbon fiber fixtures, and a fully integrated navigational and engine management system.

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You can’t help but admire a company that soldiers on through thick and thin, all in the name of realizing a vision it started seven years ago. It’s a cool reminder of the power of patience, perseverance, and all-around determination.

Glider Yachts started with a dream and look where it’s at now. It’s got a £100 million contract with Burgess Marine to begin building the SS18 multihull cruiser that could redefine the way we think of luxury yachts moving forward. That might be a stretch to say right now, but once the SS18 is built and showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2015, there’s going to be no shortage of interested deep-pocketed buyers willing to pay the £475,000 asking price Glider Yachts is putting on the SS18.

Granted, the cruiser will still undergo a series of test sessions and sea trials to see if the SS18 will live up to its self-created hype and, more importantly, justify the price tag it’s going to have once Glider Yachts puts them up for sale.

I’m very interested to see how the development of this multihull cruiser goes. There’s a lot at stake for Glider Yachts here because if the SS18 proves to be successful, the company said that it’s moving forward with plans to offer a range of models that offer hull lengths of up to 265 feet and top speeds of up to 80 knots.

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