• CGI Finance Preparing To Launch Boat Financing And Quote-Gathering Website

CGI Finance, known for its business in marine financing and refinancing for new or used boats, has announced plans to open a new website that will specifically cater to buyers looking for a quick and accurate quote on their boat financing needs.

It’s a new endeavor that fits into the company’s core business of providing financing for customers looking to get into the admittedly expensive maritime market. In fact, CGI Finance is considered as the largest boat financing company in the other side of the Atlantic and counts Princess Yachts, Bavaria, Jeanneau, and Beneteau among its clients.
While the creation of this new business site doesn’t really speak well of the boat market, specifically the number of lenders getting out of the market in recent years, CGI Finance is determined to make a stand of sorts, drawing the proverbial line in the sand as if to say that this is one lending company that’s not going to be scared of the perceived erratic conditions of the boat industry.

Part of the firm’s plan is to offer terms ranging from four to 15 years with both fixed and variable APR options. Anybody who looks for a quote on a specific boat will receive details with longest terms and lowest deposits available. Interested buyers can then adjust these terms to suit their preferences before the revised quote is sent to them.

It sounds like a pretty straightforward business, but CGI knows well enough that the boat market is a lot more complicated than that. Still, the company was able to assist and get amenable financing for 73,000 clients in 2014. With the launch of the new website, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see that number increase significantly.

Continue reading to read more about CGI Finance’s plans for its new boat financing quote website.

Why it matters

I can understand why a lot of lenders jumped ship last year because of their inability to offer stable financing options to customers. See, boats are expensive. They’re really, really expensive. It’s complicated enough to get amenable financing options for cars, but when it’s boats, the sheer price tag attached to these maritime vessels brings the complication meter to a whole new level.

That said, CGI Finance didn’t earn its status as the largest boat financing company in Europe for nothing. Its upstanding business practices has earned the trust of some of the most luxurious boat builders in the world.

That kind of trust has laid the foundation to excellent partnerships and when a boat company can implicitly say that it can trust a boat financing firm, that goes a long way in convincing prospective owners to go with said firm for their boat financing needs.
CGI Finance’s new website won’t necessarily hammer out the finer details of a boat financing agreement. But it can provide a safe jumping point for prospective customers who are looking for quick and accurate quotes of the boat that they’ve got their eyes on.

If for nothing else, this new system will address the needs of potential owners to get their boat purchases in order without encountering any of the hassles normally attached to the entire process of buying a boat.

Source: CGI Finance

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