For the launch of Bordeaux 60, CNB and the Group’s various networks joined forces with internationally well-known talents –Philippe Briand as naval architect and Hugon Couëdel Design for ergonomics and interior design. The brief given to the design team emphasized the wish to create a 60’ with large yacht appeal, seaworthy and easy to sail with a limited crew.

CNB launches Bordeaux 60' at Cannes Boat Show
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Bordeaux 60

For a base price of 1,089,817 USD ex Tax, while meeting the CNB fundamentals: sturdy construction Cat A CE norm, exceptional seaworthy hull, first class materials and detailed execution, the project brings a brilliant, modern and dynamic answer to the original brief specification:

  • Space and volume in cockpit and saloon
  • Clear and bright saloon with peripheral vision
  • Careful fitting-out of the cabins
  • Clear deck layout for undisturbed moves and maneuvers made easier

The Bordeaux 60 is exhibited for the first time at Cannes Boat Show 2007 in Septembre.

Source: Cannes Boat Show

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